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Detroit Nain Rouge

Also known as 'red dwarf', it has been seen for over 200 years. This grinning 'ghoul' is seen before tragedy hit the town.

General Motors Plant

A ghost of a black man saved a man's life by pushing him out of harm's way. The ghost reportedly resembles a man who was killed in a similar accident years before.

Grand Rapids Phillip's Mansion

A former family supposedly haunts this mansion. There have been numerous reports of apparitions and orb type lights seen floating throughout.

Paradise Shelldrake

This old abandoned town has many ghosts still residing here. Including, an old sea captain on the docks, a logger in the Smith House and a lady in a blue veil in the Biehl house.

Wyandotte Sister Isles

Three Indian maidens were banished to these isles because they were disrespectful and constantly quarreling. They are often still heard crying.

Coldwater Halstead House

haunted by the ghosts 2 children who are seen on the stairs.

General Motors Plant

a man was saved from being crushed by a ghost of man that died that way in 1944.

Michigan Bell Telephone Company

haunted by the Randall's , whose home stood on the ground where this building is today.

Holly hotel

various happenings. ghosts of people, guests, things that go bump in the night.

Flint Cornwall building

the old Cornwall family is said to still walk the place. You can see them in the window of the old office from 3rd street.

Wyandotte Fifteenth Street House

there is an apparition of a young girl who appears in the window in the front of the house. As the story goes, there was a man that would leave for work at the same time every day, and every day his little girl would wave goodbye to him from the window. One day she was not there to wave goodbye, so he figured she had overslept and went to leave, when he began to back up he heard a scream, when he got out of the car to take a look he found that she was running his lunch out to him and was hit by the car, while he was backing up.

Fife Lake Battenfield House

Previous residence of one of MI well known mass murderers who was found to have poisoned several family members because she liked to attend social events and used the murders to provide the social contact she craved. Two of the murders occurred in this house. Hauntings include burning flames seen on upstairs newel post which left no heat or burn.

Ypsilanti Denton Road Bridge

The story goes that a group of kids were playing chicken near Denton Road bridge, and one of them proved to be chicken. His car swerved off the road when they reached the bridge, and crashed into the river below. Many people claim to see a light come out of river and chase their vehicle to the end of the road, if they stop at the center of the bridge at night.

The Town of Sheldrake

is about four miles north of Paradise, Michigan. You can't find Sheldrake on any map, because it if a VERY small town. Few people live there, but none of them will talk about the hauntings. People that live there year-round will see more than any tourist. Lights turning on by themselves, window shades opening without anyone around, and an old sea captain who will disappear when boats pass. They had many fires and boat accidents.

Detroit Coca-cola Plant

a supervisor was shot by a disgruntled employee in the 50s. He is sometime seen yelling at workers and keeping the line running when the supervisors are gone.

Ypsilanti Ladies' Library

This historic structure was once the home of the Starkweather family, but was donated to the city by Maryanne Starkweather upon her death, to be used as a library. It was renovated for office space about 15 years ago. Many claim to have seen Maryanne in the upper halls of building, or have hear footsteps above them when working after hours - long after the building was closed up for the day.

Roberts Landing road

Two adults and 1 child walk the Roberts Landing road at sunset. Said to have been returning home from a party when their home was destroyed by fire. They keep returning in their car, which is also seen.

The Harrison Cemetery

the site in question is the "glowing tombstone" , at a distance you can see one tombstone glow in the dark. The tombstone glows until you get to the edge of the cemetery, then it goes dark. You cant really pinpoint the actual tomb and there's no lights around to illuminate it either. Some say its made out of phosphorous and others say its mercury vapor reflecting off a shiny tombstone. but it doesn't explain why it goes dark when you get within 500 feet. the only close house to it is 1/4 mile away. The cemetery is named after Bazel Harrison, who led 21 of the first settlers of the Prarie Ronde Kalamazoo county. Both him and his wife martha are buried there.

Vander Cook Lake Castle

A white mist is seen as you approach the castle.

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

in the old part (smoking section now). Objects moving on their own.

Niles Bond Street Mansion

The bond street family cemetery is across the road. A little girl who lived with her parents in the mansion died of fright in the 1800's after her bedside candle was blown out by a draft in the middle of the night. She is buried in a tomb in the cemetery. It is said that her mother had an underground pathway built under the road to her daughters tomb and she would visit the tomb every night. They say to this day,you can see the woman's ghost walk across the road and weep at her daughters grave and every night a mysterious light will shine in the upstairs bedroom window and then suddenly go out.

Kalamazoo Old State Hospital

Red lights, noises and even writing on the walls take place here between 11-12 at night. People who live near it say different things occur every night....even the image of a person in the window.

Willis The Pickle Barrel restaurant

has a various ghostly activity.

Mt. Pleasant The Ghost of Warriner Hall

long ago there was a young actress who frequented Warriner Hall (CMU campus). Evidently at some performance or rehearsal...she was downstairs from a friend of hers and decided to call up to this friend using the Dumbwaiter shaft that had been out of commission for some time. As she leaned her head in, the dumbwaiter came crashing down and beheaded her! Since the incedent, there have been a few sightings. A mysterious blue lighting accompanies her spirit, and she has never been seen by a crowd...generally she is seen by actors or stage hands working alone. She seems a bit of a prankster,dropping lights, or gels or ladders.

Hawks head cemetery

This is supposedly the burial ground for Al Capones mistress by the name of Flora. Many people have seen an apparition of a female in a transparent like white dress. Before she is seen you will here chimes coming from the back of the cemetery, she will then appear somewhere the first two driveways. Also If you just drive by the cemetary, there is dim red light that will appear along side of the middle driveway. Commonly known as a ghost-light...

Huron High School theatre.

Story goes some time in the late 70s a student named Mary (last name never mentioned) who, while working on some lighting fixtures alone one day, fell from the catwalks head first and died upon the stage. Sightings include actors and stagehands seeing a girl up in the catwalks wearing a light pink dress. Also, in the prop room where all the senior thespians spray paint their names on the wall shortly after Mary's death her name appeared in bold red paint above the doorway about seventeen feet from the floor and upside down.

Novi Home Sweet Home

A couple from the early 1800's is said to haunt their once home. There is a 12 ft oak banister right in the doorway where the man is said to appear. Also strange noises in the bathroom and dining areas. Although it is used as a restaurant, nobody ventures into the attic where lights and other sightings have been witnessed. The building is located at 9-mi and Novi road, yet it can't seem to stay open for business.

Fairchild Auditorium

There is a boy who roams the halls of the auditorium. Also, there have been stories of weird noises coming from the stage areas.

Pere Cheney Cemetery

Not far from Grayling is a cemetery from the late 1800's named after a small town that died out circa 1900. The cemetery has only a handful of tombstones, many of which have been vandalized or withered with age. There is reference to several mass graves there from a plague of small pox and a major fire that destroyed the town. The cemetery has produced several tales of problems with electrical devices such as cars and radios, as well as sightings of ghostly figures and childish laughter.

Soul Choix Point Upper Penn

It is said that the lighthouse there is haunted by one of the old keepers. there has been some work done and the put 12 cigars on the table and sealed off the room for the night, the next morning, with the seal undisturbed the cigars were found throughout the room including one in the pocket of the keepers uniform which was on display in the room.

Olivet College

Small Liberal Arts College and town founded in 1844. Countless accounts of sightings and objects coming out of the wall. One picture shows a face coming out of the wall of local society house. Multiple eyewitnesses accounts of objects moving around in college areas as well as throughout the town. Phantom music has been noted coming from empty dorms when security was the only one in the dorm (Shipherd's Hall). There are many different pictures and eye witness accounts as the college and town are over 150 years old.

Ada Cemetery

Ada witch. Sometimes you can see a misty blue figure floating within a 3-mile radius of the Ada Cemetery on 2 Mile between Egypt Valley and Honey Creek.

Bower's Harbor Inn

The restaurant on Old Mission Peninsula is a well-known haunt. The house was supposedly left to Genevieve by her late-husband. Meantime, it's said, all of his other assets were inherited by a mistress. Heart-broken and betrayed, Genevieve later died in the house and is said to still walk the stairs, open windows, blow out candles and appear in an antique mirror in the ladies' second-floor restroom.

Farmington Cemetery

On Grand River just past Farmington road there is a cemetery that is haunted. If you are leaving through the west gate, which is on a hill, and you put your car in neutral, your car is mysteriously "pushed" up the hill and out of the gate of the Cemetery.

Oak Hill Cemetery

At appox. midnight every Sunday night a statue of the Virgin Mary seems to weep this story is over 60 years old everybody in Battle Creek has heard of this story. We all call her (CRYING MARY)

North of Eagale River

in the UP You can see a large light at the end of Robins Road off Highway 45. The light changes colors and moves closer. If you try to move to it will disappear. A blue light has been seen coming up the road, and then when you leave you will see what they call "The Hitchiker." If you try to pick him up he will disappear. No one has ever seen his face. At the spotting of the light were you park your car people have seen many people walking around. Best known is the Indian princess. People have heard train whistles and deafening screams. The legend has it is there was a conductor who hung himself on the train and the red light you see is the lantern.

Greenfiled village at Henry ford museum

Henry ford museum has a car from the time President Kennedy was Shot. In the evening on the anniversary he has been spotted standing next to his car waving to the security officers and leaving a single red rose on the hood of the car. Often felt a cold wind and was also told he said that there was two men that Oswell was not the man that shot him there was another man out side the building that was standing on the lawn where there was trees and shot him.

New Baltimore Morrow Road

It is said that this area is ancient burial grounds of the Indians. There are houses that cannot be built there and one spirit in particular that is around. She is said to be wearing a white blood covered gown carrying her dead baby. Also a green light will chase people away.

Westland Eloise Insane Asylum

The ghosts of many of the tormented patients walk the halls of this asylum that was converted into an office building. Voices are heard by the workers and teenagers who go to this location for a thrill. Many picture of paranormal things have been captured at this location. Lights are turned on and off. Growls and moans are heard by the playground built for the use of the office workers' kids.

Cheboygan Hikyes Tomb

An old farmer went insane and killed his family and then himself. If you go out to the site at night you feel overwhelmed by fright. And never take a stone from the tomb you will be dealt with in a not so nice matter. 2 people drove over the tomb on purpose and there truck just died for no reason. There friends in a car behind them had the steering wheel jerked and they crashed into a tree.

Northern Michigan University

The Forrest Roberts Theatre is inhabited by an old janitor who died of a heart attack in the elevator. He has been seen by dozens of people in various parts of the theatre.

Straville Marrow Rd

You first go there around 2 a.m., park near the bridge (visible from road), roll down your windows, take keys out of ignition, set them on the dash board, and wait, but be aware once you see him (a glowing transparent light coming out of the woods) its not only but a second that he's inside your car before you can get your keys and start the car.

Presque Isle Light House

Wife of past keeper haunts. She killed her husband for revenge on his cheating. She terrifies the visitors of the historical monument .

Marshall International House

There is a lady in red who is seen, just by a glimpse, that walks the halls. It is said that she will not let anyone leave the door open to one of the sleeping rooms. It is felt that this must have been her own room when she was still alive. Some times she is seen standing in one of the windows late at night.

Newaygo High School

There was once a girl who was bit by a poisonous snake when she was in a patch of trees behind the school smoking a cigarette. There she died and some people have seen her leaning against a tree in those same woods.

Kelloggsville High School

A young girl in the 9th grade died in the math classroom, because of a brain tumor back in the 1960's.Her presence can be felt all the time and weird stuff happens randomly in that upstairs room. Marquette Landmark Inn A room in the hotel is believed to be haunted by Amelia Erhart.

Fox and Hounds Restaurant

It is one of the most expensive restaurants on the states, every night around 11:30 pm, the cooks notice that all the pots and pans fall out of the shelves. They noticed this for about 12 times then put them on the ground. The next morning they are back on the top shelves.

Forester Cemetery

Young Boys Running around Graves around 12:00 on almost every Wednesday Thought to be because of a Fire that killed some school children.

Hawks County Road 451

Site of the 1970's triple murder by two insane adolescents from Onaway, the Halfway Station, is said to still be haunted. The Station, halfway between Hawks and Millersburg, is fearfully avoided by teens today on "booze cruises," due to the folklore that the two murderers appear behind you after circling the station 3 x's after midnight.

MSU - Mayo Hall

1.) Strange presence felt in the basement corridor linking the two wings of the dormitory. 2.) Female figure seen in the west lounge, near the piano, said to be Mary Mayo herself. 3.) "Red Room" on fourth floor - allegedly used by students in quasi-Satanic rituals. From the third floor gable room, it is possible to see the window to the locked fourth floor.

Lansing Capitol Building Rotunda

Haunted by ghost of man who was killed while painting it.

Detroit "The Whitney "

originally the home of David Whitney now a very swank restaurant. Reports of table settings moving, doors opening and closing, elevator being operated when there is no one there, cold spots and sightings of a male spirit (possibly David Whitney)

St. Stephens School

Around 1970,a mysterious fire broke out in the downstairs gymnasium and trapped a young girl named Susan in the girl's bathroom. Students reported hearing screams and hollers coming from a stall in the girls locker-room, and seeing no one there.

Manistee Ramsdell Theatre

This theatre is thought to be haunted. Actors and custodians have all experienced such phenomenon as doors closing behind them and lighting fixtures falling to the ground near the stage and throughout the rest of the building. In one promotional picture from a few years ago, the distinct image of the founder, T.J. Ramsdell, appears to be floating in the air near the balcony seats.

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

This Old Soldiers Home first opened in 1886 and its early residents were Civil War veterans. To the present day, ghostly men are seen on the grounds wearing Civil War garb.

Silverbrook Cemetery

Legend states that a witch is buried in this cemetery. She is believed to have lived during the late 1800s. Many people have claimed to hear her cries throughout the cemetery at night. Sometimes it echoes through the temple that is located in the middle of the cemetery.

The Old Abbott Mansion

This old house located on Abbott Road is said to have many mysterious things occurring there. Legend says that when the last of the Abbott family was on their death bed, they sold the property on one condition. The home had to be torn down and the property used as farm land. Needless to say, it was not. People that have been inside the house report shades that rise and lower themselves, lights turning off and on , and a gruesome face appearing in one of the windows. There have also been complaints about the French doors locking from the opposite side, a loud banging on the floor at 3:00 am, and mysterious dusty footprints that appear on every other step leading upstairs. The puzzling thing about the footprints is that only a visitor to the house seems able to wipe them away. There was even a tenant whose pet dog died in such a gruesome manner that police felt as if a human hand could not have done such damage. Cats seem to remain unharmed. You will never see any birds or other wild animals near the house though. The young son of a tenant once left his T-shirt lying on the floor and a mysterious light started glowing around it. Shortly thereafter, the child was accidentally shot and killed.

Forester Lake Huron

A young girl named Minnie Quay is said to haunt the shores of this lake. When Minnie was around 15 years of age, she fell in love with a sailor. Unfortunately, Minnie's parents disapproved and would not let her see him. The sailor later died at sea. Minnie was so upset upon hearing of his death that she dressed herself in all white and jumped off the pier into the cold waters of Lake Huron. Her body is buried in the nearby cemetery. People have claimed to see her ghost walking the beach, crying for her lost love.

Portland Old School Manor

A fourteen year old girl was crushed behind the bleachers of the old high school gym. Her ghost is said to roam the hallways.

William Ganong Cemetery

This cemetery is also known as Butler Cemetery. It is an extremely old cemetery and said to be one of the scariest in Michigan. Orbs and smoke have been reported here, along with documented photos of eyes and specters crossing the street into the cemetery. Frequent car accidents have occurred directly in front of the cemetery as well.

Riverside Cemetery

A mysterious lady in white has been spotted in this cemetery.

Saint Agatha High School

People have reported hearing footsteps and keys rattling at dusk. Sometimes you can see the apparition of the former principal who died there. In the corridor, between the high school and the gym, a strange feeling has been experienced by many in which the hair will stand up on your arms and back of your neck.

Holmes Hall at Michigan State University

On the sixth floor of the west building, students have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator. Immediately after the door closes it reopens, revealing an empty elevator. Appliances have also been known to come on by themselves.

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