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Boston Ft. Warren

The ghost of Lt. Lanier's wife haunts the prison. She attempted to help 600 Confederate Soldiers escape. She accidentally shot her husband, he later died from that wound. She was hanged by Union Soldiers. You can see footsteps in the snow, rocks roll across the floor .

Middle Street

Private residence haunted by an old resident from the early 1700's.

Cape Cod Captin Grey's Smorgasbord Inn

A young girl has been seen walking through the hallways. Footsteps can be heard and objects have been physically moved. This house dates back to the 1700's.

Cape Cod Bay

A phantom boat has been seen off the coast here. There's been reports of 2 apparitions seen on the boat.

Old Salem Old Jailhouse

Giles Corey has been seen here right before something bad is about to happen to the town. He was pressed to death during the witch trials for being a witch. His last words talked about putting a curse on the whole town!

Rope Mansion

Judge Nathaniel Rope and his wife, Abigail, still roam the halls in their old home. while returning home from school and died. Reports of squealing tires and various sounds of a car crashing have been heard while driving on this road.

Smith College Martha Wilson House

On the first floor, unexplained footsteps have been heard pacing back and forth, doors slamming shut all at once, and windows open when nobody is there.

Sessions House

Served as a passage in the Underground Railroad. Started as old farmhouse, known to be haunted before becoming part of the college. Contained secret tunnel in basement where escaping slaves were killed when it collapsed; their ghosts reported to haunt the house.

Scituate Near First Cliff

in the spring a ghost ship is seen. It starts out robust and luxurious but right before your eyes it's sails become all torn.

Salem The Hawthorne Hotel

is supposedly haunted. The elevator especially.

Cohasset The Town Hall

In the cells in the basement people have heard groans and chains. Some poltergiest activity. There is also cold spots.

Pembroke Moonlight Inn

is haunted by a specter named Lysander. Cold spots are felt and tables have been known to tip over. Waiters give you the story of the ghost on place mats.

Rehoboth Route 44

Haunted by a red-headed hitchhiker who terrorizes motorists who drive by on dark lonely nights. Has been known to do frightening acts.

Salem YMCA The old pool

The old pool was built above the original pool. Many lifeguards at the old pool have seen movements and heard noises by the stairwell leading to the old pool. It is rumored to be from a swimmer that died there.

Boston University

Shelton Hall, which is now a residence hall, was once a Sheraton Hotel. Playwright Eugene O'Neill lived in room 401 and supposedly died in his room in 1953 and now haunts that floor. The floor is now reserved for students majoring in writing.

Wareham Main Street

Several homes along this street have long histories of haunting activity . One house called Fearing Tavern in particular Things like objects moving.

Attleboro St. Stephen's Cemetery

There are many reports of a ghost named Doris, who was a 2 year old girl, her mother, Albertine, and her father, Eugene. Children's footsteps on the pavement apparitions appear and disappear.

Scituate Minot Lighthouse

haunted by lighthouse keepers after original lighthouse was destroyed by a storm, while main light house keeper stood on shore & watched after going for provisions.

Salem Jail

Haunted by the spirits of civil war prisoners who were held there.

Marblehead Coastline

On the Marble head Coastline a group of British Pirates robbed a wealthy woman on the beach. One ring she wore (an Emerald) would not come off. The Pirate took her back to the ship to see if the others could get it off. When that failed, they took her back to the beach where the brutally stabbed her and cut of her finger. people have heard her screaming in the late of night or the early morning.

Fort Banks

Haunted by a ghost called Willie who died in a cannon accident.

Boston Charlesgate

Originally a hotel of ill repute, then a dorm for Emerson College, is currently selling condos. Haunted by persistent flappers, drug-addicted dandies, and an old man with a beard. Parapsychologists filmed ghostly horses in lower basement, which once served as the stables.

Boston Fort Warren

haunted by a lady in black believed to be the wife of Lt. Andrew Lanier.

Cambridge YMCA

a green ghost of a man that dies there in the 1930's is seen there.

Concord Colonial Inn

a gray ghost haunts room 24.

Nantucket Coffin House

An elderly man sits in a rocking chair by the fire place.

Salem Hospital

ghost of a woman that died in childbirth there is seen in the halls.

Auburn Stone Tavern

is haunted by the ghost of an unknown child.

Ashland John Stone Tavern

is haunted by a little girl.

Quincy The Tea Room

its were physics tell fortunes and they say that a very young women between the age 20-25 that wears a white dress and is all dressed up, calls on people and appears in front of a fire place.

The Boston Common

has been know to be the site of two ghostly women, dressed in nineteenth century tea dresses, who smile at passers-by kindly, but vanish when approached.

Maudslay State Park

known to have had hauntings for many years.

Salem The Ward House

is haunted by the ghosts of the evil Sheriff George Corwin and witchcraft victim Giles Cory. Corwin is buried in the cellar.

Magnolia Hammond Castle

It is believed that the Ghost of Mr. Hammond, his wife and a Mr. Hammonds lover, are seen from time to time by workers of the museum and it's guests.

Boston The Pilot House

This building once served as a type of dormitory in when it was built in the 1839. It was for Pilots or Captains of ships that were on overnight stay in Boston Harbor. There have been reports on doors slamming, a women in white who haunts the kitchen on the first floor, the sounds of several men laughing an talking, clinking glasses, as if they were playing cards and drinking late at night.

Washington October Mountain State Forest

A ghost girl in a white dress has been seen walking near the site of the William C. Whitney Estate which is now part of October Mountain State Forest.

Emerson Majestic Theatre

Built in 1903, the Majestic has been noted as one of the most haunted theatres in the district. A mayor of the city died in the theatre during a performance and today he is still seen in his seat. There is also a little girl and a married couple dressed in turn of the century clothes that haunt the now un-used balcony.

Wheaton College

has a number of ghosts, some in dormitories, some in classroom buildings, and one in the library. The library ghost is that of a former librarian. She roams the stacks at night and though no one has ever seen the specter, people often report "feeling watched" in the stacks late at night. She supposedly would mess with the card catalog.

Beverly Ocean View at Ellis Square Formerly the Old Brisco School

Staff reports seeing fleeting images on the top penthouse floor, and staff have also reported seeing images in the upstairs mirrors near the dining hall. Many staff refuses to go up there alone at night when the floor is empty.

Marblehead The Blue Door Inn

This inn has 2 or more ghosts. one is a young man who died on the property while living in the house. The other is a woman "Rosemary" is thought to be the caretaker of the house. Both ghost are non-malevolent and have been seen and heard from many times.

Cohasset Jerusalem Rd

Apparent sighting of a little girl crossing the street in front of a cliff where she fell some years before. When approached, the little girl disappears.

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