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Appledore Island Golden Girl Point

An attractive young girl stands towards the sea saying "He will come back again". She is thought to be one of Blackbeards lovers, who protects his buried treasure.

Boothbay Opera House

A room on 2nd floor is haunted by an unknown presence.

Blaidsell House

Rocks levitate then change into a ball of light finally turning into the shape of a woman. It has been witnessed by a crowd of 50. This is a private home.

Cosgrove House

A fire killed the residents in 1954. It is said that if you take pictures of the empty lot, where the house stood, you will be able to see the house in the picture.

Clapp House

When Charles Clapp's wife died in 1820, she wanted the house they lived in torn down and bed destroyed. It is thought that she did this to save herself from coming back as a ghost, she didn't think about her husband though. He has been seen watching over his land.

Captain Fairfield Inn

The ghost of Captain Fairfield has been seen here.

Old Straw House

haunted by Hannah Straw who is buried under the kitchen floor.

Goose River Bridge

haunted by "the pitcher man", he offers passersby a pitcher of beer before he disappears before them. The man was killed there in 1783.

Ogunquit Playhouse

Revolutionary War soldiers seen here at times.

Oak Grove Academy

Kids murdered, hung from meat hooks. Killer never found. Lights flicker although there is no electricity, ghosts seen on roof and tower, film appears on vehicle and will not come off until you are within a couple miles of the building. Voices call out names of murdered children.

Devil's Footprint

Construction people working on road, rock would not move, Man climbed onto rock and said "I will give my soul to the devil if only this rock will move." Next day, Rock was moved, guy was gone. Imprint of Devil's Footprint and Man's footprints. Try to chisel it away but it returns.

The Chute Road Cemetery

In the early morning hours sometimes the locals claim to see two young girls playing in front of the old chute road cemetery. Legend has it that there are two sisters who have tomb stones there but are not buried there because their bodies were never found. They believe the girls might have died in an old well or mine shaft.

The old Brunswick High School

a ghost by name of Mimi, given to her by janitors, walking the halls, slamming doors, moving objects. No one knows who she really is or why she haunting the building.

Bucksport Cemetery

The grave of John Bucksport has a footprint cracked into the tombstone. The tombstone has been replaced many times but the foot always reappears a short time later. John Bucksport ordered the death of his mistress, claiming she was a witch. She promised to return and dance on his grave. It is believed to be her foot (and leg) that continues to appear on the tombstone.

Skowhegan Cinema

Handprints found frequently on movie screen. This haunting has been recorded by experts and published in books. Regarded as one of the fifty most haunted sites in the US.

The Old Brunswick High School

There have been three people that have died on BHS grounds. Doors slamming, and moving objects.

Lucerne Inn

Shadows on the wall, footsteps, a woman and a child talking outside of the door when there is no one there, some one always watching over you.

The University of Maine at Farmington

It is said that the Ghost of Lilian Nortica ( a famous singer of opera) roams the auditorium that was given to the university in her name. Some evenings you are able to still hear her sing in the stage area. As well the Mallet hall dorm is said to be haunted by a dorm mother who hung herself. To this day, people have not been able to stay in the room that once was hers.

Pickard Theater Bowdoin College

One theater technician reported feeling cold and seeing a swinging lamp in a room with no outside ventilation (the scenery construction shop at the top of the theater).

Portland School of Art

There have been reports made by students and instructors of hearing a young woman crying. While trying to seek out the source of the woman's anguished crying, a faint outline of a young lady in a long dress is seen briefly as she scurries away.

Anderson Rd.

Chief Poulin and his tribe massacred settlers going to tend fields- locals hear the Indian cries and women crying sometimes in the night Chief Poulin was killed and his men buried him in the roots of a tree on Sebago Lake so the white men would not find him

Actress Jane Morgan's home

Former home of Actress Jane Morgan. Lights flicker on and off. Windows open and close.

Glen Ellen Country Club

In the kitchen, an ice scoop has been known to fly off the ice machine by itself. This usually happens during a busy dinner party. The outside tennis courts are haunted. The sounds of people playing a game of ball have been heard when no one was out there. In the Bay State, people talking have been heard even though no one is up there. Supposedly, a girl witnessed someone standing behind her while she was looking in the bathroom mirror.

University of Maine

Beta Theta Pi fraternity house. Built in 1879, there have been occasional sightings of a woman in a white dress, believed to be an old housemother who died there in the early 1900's. There are strange noises as well. Members say her name was Evelyn.

South Berwick

Legend has it that people riding on their horses at night right up until cars were around would be terrorized by an old hag who would jump out in front of them. Believing that they had run her over, in a panic they would turn around only to find her gone.

Catherine's Hill

Local legend has it that the ghost of Catherine can be seen walking along the roadside in a white gown on foggy nights looking for help. She supposedly died in the early 70's while traveling home from a formal event in the town of Ellsworth. She crashed into the tree at the crest of the hill, and she died of exposure when no one stopped to help her.

Hockamock Hollow

Also known as Stache foods is supposedly haunted by one of the former owners. Objects disappearing and reappearing in a different spot, faucets turning on and off by themselves

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