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Parlange Plantation

A young girl wearing a flowing wedding gown and veil is seen between 2 rows of Oak trees.

Beau regard House

General Toutant de Beaurgard and his troops are still seen act out the Battle of Shiloh in the hallway by the Ballroom at 2 am. You are able to see the ghosts go from full dressed Confederate Soldiers to a bloody mess.

Herman Grima House

This house inhabited by friendly helpful ghosts. They keep the powder room smelling like roses and light the fire in the fireplace on cold mornings.

Poverty Point State Commemorative Area

One of the oldest cities in America. There is a female apparition that is said to look like statues of the "Great Mother" from Europe. Although, the site is believed to be of Mayan origin. The site is named for a plantation that once stood here.

Parlange Plantation

a girl in a wedding dress can be scene running through the oak trees on the property.

Beauregard House

southern soldiers that were killed at Shiloh haunt this building were they spent their last night.

Lalaurie House

ghosts including a tall black figure, Madame Lalaurie, and other spirits haunt this place.

Griffin House

unexplained sounds and footsteps are heard here.

Myrtles Plantation

The ghost of a murderous slave is seen and heard, a mother and her two daughters are seen there, and I have personally seen and heard the daughters, a confederate soldier walks there, a crying woman, reenactment of the murder on the stairwell can be heard, the piano plays by itself, footsteps when not a living soul is around, voices, doors open and close by themselves and people who sleep there, like me, have been grabbed by someone and had their legs rubbed in a massaging motion or have been tucked into bed so tight that they can hardly get free.

Old State Penitentiary

Now housing Louisiana State Police Headquarters and Barracks this place is a veritable hotspot of ghostly activity. The old execution chambers and morgue now house offices and the main two story building is located over a basement of some sort which is always dark and seeps with water due to the high water table in Louisiana. Employees have experienced the sound of footsteps on numerous occasions which upon close examination could have no earthly explanation. Other phenomenon include radios turning themselves on and off and dark spaces which take on malignant life of their own.

Joseph Jefferson's Mansion

This mansion is haunted by Joseph Jefferson's (the founder of Jefferson's Island) ghost. Green balls of light fly through the air and chairs slide down the halls, even footsteps can be heard.

Saint Charles Borromeo College

This building was an old Ursuline Convent that was now used as a preliminary training center for the Society of Jesus religious order. An old priest is seen wandering the halls here.

St. Louis Cathedral

Occasionally on early morning rain storms, the spirit of Pere Dagobert can be heard singing the "kyrie". The voice travels from St. Lois Cathedral to St. Louis Cemetery #1. The procession was from a funeral mass He conducted in 1769 for a group of townspeople who led a rebellion against the Spanish occupation. They were executed for insurrection against the crown and their bodies were left to rot in Jackson Square as an example. Pere held a mass for them and had them buried to the delight of the townspeople.

Fort Jackson

Ghosts of soldiers who fought in the Civil War can be seen walking around the place at night.

Odin's Inn

There are cold spots, unexplained noises, a man appeared in the mirror, lights turning on and off and silhouettes or apparitions appear.

Stowe's Bar

was once a confederate hospital. Old equipment still stored upstairs (which is closed). On any given night footsteps can be heard from the first floor and the old beds can be heard sliding across the upper floor.

Old Ellerbe School

This is an old burned-down elementary school where children whose parents were wealthy went to school. Bells and faint screams can be heard at night.

Caddo Detention Center

Now a division of Caddo sheriffs department, once the areas maximum security prison. Security guards who were on watch before it was it reopened reported seeing figures walking amongst the corridors, slamming open cell doors shut, and producing cold spots. Some guards claim to have seen headless figures walking in front of security cameras. There are certain areas in the prison that wild nor domesticated animals will not enter, most specters are seen wearing the gray jumpsuits issued to prisoners.


Campus of Northwestern LA University (which used to be an old plantation). There has been reports of a ghost woman who walks around by the columns that still stand where the plantation used to be. The people on campus call her Isabella. She has also been sighted by the old woman's gym.

The Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Confederate Soldiers have been seen walking down halls cold spots in the ballroom. There is guestroom that people hear a little girl crying, when employees go in there is nobody there. Then of course there is basic stuff, Hotel guests that feel a presence at the end of their beds, upon turning on lights the sheets are rumpled as if someone were just sitting there.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 2.

The Gravestone of famed Voodoo Queen Marie LaVeau is said to have a crow looking over it. The spirit of Marie is said to inhabit the crow.

O'Flaherty's Irish Channel Pub

There are supposedly 4 or 5 ghosts here. One is a former owner who seems to be looking for something, although nobody knows what. One is another former owner of the premises who killed his secretary (servant?) when she wouldn't have an affair with him, and then killed himself. The secretary is also still in residence at the pub, too. Also, another woman who was married to one or two of the former owners of the property is also hanging around. The possible fifth ghost is that of a little boy who became separated from his mom in the French Quarter and died. According to his story, he was wandering, looking for his mother, when he wandered into O'Flaherty's, and at least one of the other ghosts seems to have taken him in.

Destrehan Plantation

The ghost of the master of the house is said to haunt this place to this day.

Biomedical Engineering Building

the old hospital - There is a presence that inhabits the 4th floor (which used to be where the operating room was). The elevator continuously travels to the 4th floor although no offices are located there. It goes from the 1st floor (the old morgue) to the 4th floor, although another floor has been selected. Noises have also been heard on the 3rd floor when no one is around.

Pirates Alley

The ghost of the famous pirate Jean LeFeit is sometimes seen around 3:00 a.m. walking up and down the alley named after him.

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