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Kimmie's Poems

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Align the soul and the spirit;
Next, add dreams with faith;
then receive the gifts you'll find.

Sun & Moon

The stars and the sun and moon - have seen history progress...
decade after decade, visions of:
all the grief, pain and duress.
They've witnessed all the "miracles" too,
both the wondrous and the small
Moments that have led to great historic "risings";
as well as ones that history books would describe these moments "of great fall"...
All of these things to behold -and yet,
still standing stern and silent.
What is the powerful magic that our earth has
- to remain so "neutral" and "compliant" ?


New and fresh fallen snow...
untouched by the fingers of time The mental "imprint" will linger ...
Introducing the new season,
proper and classic:
world refined.

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