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Clinton Comanche Rd.

A man has been seen wearing a top hat. If you give him a ride he will leave you a small gift.

Des Moines University Ave.

There have been reports of a moving 'fog' that smells like kerosene.

University of Iowa

The ghosts of 3 college girls haunt this area. In dorms, girls have reported feeling as if something is telling them to 'talk to each other'. In the married students dorms there have been reports of dishes flying out of the sink and unexplainable nightmares. The 3 girls killed themselves after finding out they were in love with the same guy


A glowing entity has been seen in the library of this building.

Weaver House

this house has a table the seems to be haunted.

Grand Opera House

voices , footsteps and apparitions are present here.

Iowa City Oakland Cemetery

Annie Oliver's ghost walks this place and there is also The Black Angel, a statue that curses those who touch it.

Leflur house

It's located in Morningside near the collage and it has been in a magazine. There has been sightings of a Red glow in the upstairs. The workmen who did some remodeling there would always find there tools in the basement in the mornings. The birds they tried to keep would always die on them and the dog would never go into the house. In the middle of July the attic would be so cold that you could see your breath. The house has been surrounded by death. There has been many murders there. There has been a count of seven entities there.

Simpson College

In the late 1800s, a woman fell down the staircase of College Hall. She was apparently walking from the third floor when she tripped, broke her neck during the fall, and died instantly. On every Friday the 13th, it is said you can see her reflection or "shadow" in the third floor window while stepping on the college seal exactly at midnight.

University of Northern Iowa, Lawther Hall

is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a soldier named Aggie, who died there when the building was being used as an infirmary. Students in this residential hall have reported strange noises, cold spots, and movement of objects.

The Strayer-Wood Theatre

is also haunted by a ghost known affectionately by the theatre students as "Zelda", who apparently haunted the old theatre building before moving with the department into the new structure. Many theatre students have reported strange noises, including mysterious piano music (when no one else was in the building), and equipment has mysteriously worked by itself.

Iowa State University

in the Memorial Union is a hall that pays tribute to graduates of Iowa State that died in various wars. There is a low, eerie moan that can constantly be heard in this hall. No one can figure out any logical reasons for this moan (and the college is flooded with engineering and architectural majors). Rumor has it that the moan is the voice of the only woman to graduate from ISU and die in WWI.

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Pleasant Ridge is more commonly known as 13 stairs, because of the 13 stairs leading up a hill into the cemetery. Voices have been recorded on tape (EVP) that were not heard while there. Also, people have been touched by unseen things. Visitors have seen things human like shapes appear and disappear.


4 shadowy figures said to have been seen along Conover road, against a stand of evergreen trees. Supposedly a family died there years ago.

Coed College, Voorhees Hall

A room is said to be filled with a ghost named "Helen's spirit. The room is completely sealed; nobody knows how it got that way. Lights flicker on and off, seen from under the door.

Parkers Grove

There is a gravestone with a carving of a face here and when you go there at night, you can see the face cry and his eyes are wet!!

Wal-Mart Store on Flammang Dr Crossroads shopping center.

Haunted by the ghost of a small boy of about twelve years of age named Jeremiah. He loves to play small pranks on people such as moving merchandise from one spot in the store to another, tugging on employee's smocks, tapping on your shoulder, and causing mischief. He was seen one time by an employee who described him as small, very pale and thin, wearing black trousers with suspenders, white shirt, and an Amish looking straw hat.

Coe college

There have been reports that a ghost named "Helen" haunts the place. She died of influenza in the epidemic of 1918 and her parents donated a grandfather clock, which used to be in her dorm. Students say sometimes at night the her spirit leaves the clock, plays the piano in the parlor and stands by kids beds and pulls covers off of them.

Ridge Hauntings

Marquette is surrounded by bluffs on three sides, and the river on one side. It is rumored that the Indian mounds atop these hills are haunted. No one thought much of it until the hauntings started to happen closer and closer to peoples homes. At night, you can hear the ghastly moan of the lost souls of the Indians. There is much speculation of these happenings because there was a U.S. military trail about two miles north of Marquette used to transport Indians from fort Atkinson in Wisconsin, to Fort Atkinson in Iowa.

Sranger House

It has been said that the white figure of a young woman can be scene sitting in front of a window at midnight. I have not seen it yet, but I know many people who have.

Palmer College of Chiropractic

One of the lecture halls which were built in the middle 1800's is residence to several ghosts which have been known to fly around the ceiling, causing the hanging lamps to swing back and forth. There are no air vents nor fans even near the ceiling. The occurrence happens on a regular basis and has been witnessed by many classes of soon to be chiropractors.


The ghost of the Quarry, a 5th grade that was killed 30 years ago haunts the Quarry forest. He calls to you from every corner of the forest and follows you around until you leave the forest. Also there are symbols carved into a wooden bridge in the forest.


Just north of town is a small graveyard with an even smaller graveyard fenced off toward the back. It is said that when the Gypsy wagon trains would pass through town back in the 1800's, and one of their flock was sick and dying, instead of taking them further on the journey and not having Gypsy hollowed ground to bury them in they would just bury them there, while still alive. Many ghostly figures have been seen hanging around, and if you cross the small fence and walk on the hollowed ground you will be cursed. This is a favorite haunt for the local teens.

Cherokee American Theatre East Main St.

It has been said by the employees that work in this old movie theatre that the former owner, Mr. Goldie, haunts it. A previous theatre manager related a story about an incident that occurred to him, when he was all-alone in the theatre. Apparently on day as he was walking across the stage he looked out at the seats where the customers would sit. And he saw one seat about 3-4 rows from the front and 2 seats in rocking slowly all by itself. There are other stories to be told of the hauntings there, but all you need to come, and visit with the staff at the American Theatre.

Stage Coach House

The old stagecoach house and stables near Coffins Grove Park are said to be haunted by members of the Baker family who ran the stagecoach house and are buried in the family cemetery nearby.

Camp Ingawanas

A rumor around here says that the spirit of a 12-year-old boy haunts this Boy Scout camp. Apparently while playing one day, he was swinging when he jumped, and hit his head on a 5-inch rock. Some say he was killed instantly, some slow and painfully. This happened 3 years ago. Anyway, a swing moving at the same height never higher never lower. Even creepier, there is never a breeze when this happens some say. I've only been going for a year, but it's been the same condition as they say. Some have even heard a giggle.

Davis County Mars Hill

It's the only extant log church in Iowa now. There is a graveyard to the right of the church. Rumors are that is a hot spot for seeing UFOs, but other things have gone on there too--Black Mass has been held in the abandoned church; evidence has been left behind, like inverted pentagrams in red paint or blood on the floor. I've been there and there is a positively suffocating force there--it's like you can't breathe and you get the impression there are tons of eyes watching you. Very creepy! And, just down the hill from the church is Crybaby Bridge, where at midnight if you turn off your car on the bridge, you can hear the sounds of babies and small children crying.

Drake University Observatory

The Drake University Observatory is said to be haunted by Dr. Robert Morehouse. He was the first Chairman of the Astronomy and Physics Department and his claim to fame was discovering a comet in the 1920's. His remains, along with those of his wife, are interred in the wall of the entryway. Students have reported many strange things happening in the basement, such as a feeling of being watched and an unknown force correcting the calculations in their observation logs.

The Ham House

This building is said to be one of the most haunted places in Dubuque. It was once a large private residence, but is now a museum. People have experienced classic encounters such as cold breezes, strange voices and chills running down people's spines. Several of the caretakers have reported objects mysteriously out of place and lights flickering. There have even been reports of eerie cries coming from the servant's house, the master bedroom, and the nursery.

Carlos O'Kellys

Many odd things occur including unplugged blenders going off, flickering lights, and plates falling off of racks for no apparent reason.

Evergreen Cemetery

A woman's voice can be heard

Mt. Pleasant Hwy 218 on Kentucky Rd.-Birthday Bridge

Supposedly years ago a girl hung herself from the bridge on her birthday if you go out there at night you can see her and on her birthday see her hanging.

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