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Barrington White Cemetery

Since the 1820's, odd 'orbs' have been seen by the fence and occasionally over the road. It is also reported that a 'ghost car' appears in the cemetery and vanishes a few blocks away.

Chicago Biography Theater

The ghost of John Dillinger has been seen running behind the theater where he was killed.

Evergreen Cemetery

A brunette girl who is buried here has been seen touring Chicago. She has been reported taking the bus.

Ft. Dearborn

Since road workers uncovered several bodies under the road, many have seen floating apparitions.

Grace land Cemetery

The ghost of Inez Clarke is said to leave her statue and play in the thunderstorms. Dexter Grave's marked with a hooded figure that is supposed to cause harm. Guarding the tomb of Ludwig Wolff is said to be a green eyed 'ghoulish' looking creature that will howl at the full moon.

St. Andrew's Pub

Reports of being touched and cold spots are common in this pub. The owner reports that glasses and other items are moved from the bar. It is believe that the ghost is a man who fell off a bar stool and died.

Water Tower

A man who was hanged from the tower is said to look out the windows.

Decatur Lincoln Theater

The 'One-Armed Red' has supposedly haunted this theater for over 50 years. It is said the Red lost his balance while working on a steel beam and lost one of his arms when it got caught between to supports. You can hear his footsteps, hear his voice and sometimes see a figure of the one armed man.

Voorhies Castle

After the sudden death of Nels Larson's wife, he took his family and moved. He left everything, the table was still set for dinner. Some reports say that Nels kept a retarded child locked in chains in the house. People have reported seeing a woman standing in the tower and hearing chains rattle on the upper floors. This private residence has changed hand numerous times over the years.

Godfrey Lewis and Clark Community College

Former head mistress is blamed for elevators operating, footsteps and mysterious perfume smells.

Hillside Mt. Carmel Cemetery

Al Capone is said to appear to those who disrespect his plot.

Justice Resurrection Cemetery

The infamous 'Resurrection Mary' haunts this cemetery. She is said to sometimes appear to those driving passed the cemetery, only to disappear if the driver gives her a ride to her former house.

McLeansboro Lakey's Creek

A headless horseman is said to haunt this area for the past 150 years.

Moline 23rd Avenue

A woman is seen wearing 1920's clothing pointing her finger at cars that pass by. She has appeared in peoples houses, yards, in the middle of the street and on the sidewalk.


President Lincoln has been reported over his grave.

Woodstock Opera House

"Elvira" is said to haunt the balcony, since 1890. She supposedly sits in seat # DD-113 and she will boo or bang objects during rehearsals.

Biography Theater

the ghost of John Dillinger is seen running in the alley behind this building where he was killed.

Chicago Holy Family Church

parishioners have seen a white apparition here.

Cahokia Mounds

Ghost of Indians and strange shadows and balls of light.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

This is the sight of a load of supernatural occurrences like : a "ghost house " , balls of light , the ghost of a woman and a young child who stand near the shore of a pond where a satanic cult dug up their bones and threw them in the pond . It's an old German cemetery with most of it's headstones dating to early 1900 or even 1800's .

Clarendon Hills The Country House restaurant

It is said that a young women with her child came into the bar one night upset and alone. She became angry when she asked the bartender if she could leave the baby in his care while she went out do some things. He refused, fearing that she was going to abandon her child. She then stormed out of the restraint and sped away in her car. A few miles down the road, the women and her child were found dead in a car accident. Nobody knows whether she intentionally rammed her car into the tree, or is was just an accident. Many people, (mainly the employees) have felt or seen the ghost. She haunts the upstairs storage area where the lockers and dry supplies are. She has locked people inside the room, flickered lights on and off, and broke many dishes and glasses.

Allerton Park Allerton Mansion

There have been reports of a mysterious lady in white. She, according to witnesses and old photos of people that use to go there as guest of Mr. Robert Allerton, is a guest that frequently visited there. She has been seen walking along the pond in the back of the mansion, and in "her" room putting on hats and gloves. She's been heard coming down the stairs and pacing the hall in front of "her" room. This is all I know, I've been to the house many times and I've always noticed a strange feeling in the air. BTW the gardens there are wonderful.

Chicago Red Lion Bar

Just ask some of the "regulars" of the noises, footsteps and voices they hear there on a regular basis.


The depot by the rail road tracks There is a ghosts seen holding and swinging a lantern.

Fort Sheridan

numerous hauntings. The military base ( which is open to the public) is famous for many ghost stories. First of the base is REALLY old. MANY cases of people hearing voices in halls or laughing. Even police written documents of seeing ghosts or other supernatural sights. Especially the water tower story, in which a young lady died in water tower and now she haunts it. In base there are even many EXORCISED BUILDINGS! Where you can even see bricked off rooms where people that died in, the people who haunted the place, THEY ACTUALLY EXORCISED ROOMS BRICKING THEM OFF!

The First Methodist Church of Evanston

The sanctuary is haunted by the ghost of a man in a black business suit. He has the way of not being involved with anyone in the room that all ghosts have. He walks down the side aisle in the sanctuary, coming out from behind one pillar and walking behind the next, but if you look behind the pillar, no one will be there. There are no doors or windows that he could have gone through, and no one in a black business suit was in the room. It is unknown who he is or why he is haunting the church.

Gurnee The Gate

It is a clearing where a little school house was. The house is torn down. The road into the property is blocked off. All that stands is a huge black iron gate. The legend has it that, a crazy man broke into the school house and killed all the children. After decapitating a few of the children the man walked out to the gate and staked the children's head on the sharp points of the black iron fence. The community decided to tear down the house after the tragic act, but The Gate still remains as a memory. And it's told that you can hear children crying, and see heads on the gate every now and then. But just being there looking at The Gate is enough.

Woodstock Opera House

ghost sits in same seat in balcony and is never occupied. it is always left empty for the ghost during any performance. The ghost is seen walking halls and in the upper windows periodically looking out.

Shawneetown The Old Slave House

a tourist attraction for history buffs and ghost hunters alike, once a slave owner's mansion, built in the early 1800's by a man named Crenshaw, the house is now haunted by ghosts of the former slaves, bound there due to the terrible suffering they had to endure at the hands of this cruel man, as well as the ghost of Mrs. Crenshaw, who haunts the second floor. Apparently, her husband not only abused the slaves, but her as well, and there is suspicion she may have had an affair with one of the male slaves.

Mendon Payton's Place

Many years ago, a farmer, who had gone insane, killed his wife and three kids with an ax and then proceeded to the barn to hang himself. Everyone that ventures to the spot where the killings took place, sees strange things. The pathway that the farmer took to the barn, often glows red and sometimes the building that holds the bodies isn't there. The sound of something running through the corn fields is heard also. If one ventures to the barn where the farmer hung himself, sometimes they will see a pitchfork (with no one holding it) bailing hay out of the barn. And sometimes, someone or thing can be seen moving around in the barn.

Bullvalley The house with no corners

This house was built in the 1800's. The family that lived in it all died in the upstairs, the only part of the house with corners. The reason for the downstairs and outer parimeter not having corners was for the purpose of ghosts and spirits to have no place to hide. Late at night, in the dark of the upstairs windows, figures can be seen moving about. Sounds of steps can also be heard faintly. On the second floor is the door to nowhere that is up on the house leading to no deck nor any stairway.

Elkhart Cemetery

the cemetery where Governor Ogelsby is buried. The ghost of his wife visits his tomb. She will be seen sitting outside his tomb for a few minutes when a group of Indian ghosts come up and chase her off across the bridge leading over the road by the cemetery.

Indian Head Park

About a half block into the woods off the side of German Church Road. The old gravel driveway can barely be seen now that most of it is covered with dirt and grass. You find yourself walking up a slight hill and all of a sudden you find yourself standing on top a an old foundation. The house was torn down and all that is left is the foundation. Behind it is the bog. The bog where the two girls were thrown into after they were drugged, raped, and murdered. The Grime sisters were their names. It is said that the two sisters haunt the wooded area near the house.

Chicago Jane Addams Hull House

Now a museum, said to have been the home of a devil baby. Sightings are still reported, as well as sightings of ghosts and Monks.

Lake Forest Schweppe Mansion

was unoccupied for 50 years after the owner committed suicide, while mourning the death of his wife, Laura Schweppe. The ghost of the family's servant haunts the mansion's hallways and corridors, while the ghosts of the owners haunt the bedrooms. One of the windows of the master bedroom that never needed to be cleaned, while all the others collect dust over the years.

The University of Illinois

The English building is supposed to be haunted. The story is that it was once a girl's dormitory, and a girl killed herself there. Supposedly her spirit haunts the building.

Worth Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

a grave sight of a young girl that omits the smell of roses even though there are no rose bushes to be found anywhere near the grave sight. The grave sight is said to have supernatural powers of healing and occurrences .

Lemont St. James Sag Cemetery

Also known as "Monk's Castle," an old cemetery where monks, a phantom carriage and Lady in white have been seen.

Illinois State University

At an old library in Williams Hall there is said to be the ghost of the original librarian, Angie Milner, haunting the isles. There have been many occasions where books have been mysteriously pushed one by one onto the floor and people have seen a white object out of the corner of their eye. The library was scanned and measured and the results were that there was some type of energy or spirit was present.

Chicago Monks Castle

Suppose to be a religious order that if you try to get onto their land, they will chase you. One particular story was about a bunch of kids going in at night and sneaking around (around 1983 - 1985), they said they saw something in the woods that had glowing red eyes that started to chase them. They made it across the gate, as one of the girls sat down on the curb by the street light, a monk grabbed her, and she was never heard from again.

Cicero Warren Park

Inside the administration building on the top floor people have heard (after hours) what sounds like moaning and footsteps and an actual sighting of a misty apparition, plus doors opening and once a glass window being totally shattered.

Quincy Madison School

In the early 1900's, a house stood in the place where the school is today. A woman, living alone was murdered, and the killers were never found. It is told that she was dragged down the large staircase, then stabbed until her screams stopped. They then hid her body in the closet at the base of the stairs. The bloodstains were never able to be removed completely.

Crystal Lake

There is a cemetery on Lake Street near the dole mansion this place has been there since the town was first settled. About 5 or 6 yrs. ago a girl committed suicide there. She spread gasoline all over her body and lit herself on fire at the main gate and while in flames she walked to the back of the cemetery. Where she chose her place of death. It was in the far right corner of the yard under a large tree. It has been said that no grass will grow in that area and on certain nights you can see the flames along with a brilliant blue light coming from the cemetery.


A ghost inhabits the local, abandoned candy factory on the West Side of the railroad tracks. She is said to have been killed during a normal day at work. The roof has caved in and covered the spot where she was supposedly killed. When circled, it is possible to see a face or silhouette of the woman in a doorway of window. At night it is also possible to hear her cries just before she died.

Charles Munger Road & Wayne St.

A haunted road were many car lights have been seen and then disappeared. Also old insane asylum which is haunted.

Forest Park Jewish Waldheim Cemetery

A beautiful young spirit with brunette hair is said to hang out at the cemetery gates and at times hitch rides to 'Melody Mills Ballroom' just down the street

Olney Mt.Pleasant Cemetery

An old church stands at the front of the cemetery. This church is said to be haunted. When the front door is knocked on sounds are heard within the church, sometimes choirs, footsteps and strange lights. On some nights funeral sessions are seen at the church. Although no funerals have taken place there since the 50's.

Forest Park Woodlawn Cemetery

In 1918 a train wreck took the lives of the members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus. People report hearing sounds of wild animals coming from the cemetery

Chicago The Dome Room

A nightclub that is very haunted. The building that it occupies once housed a morgue with hundreds of dead bodies. It was also a sewing house that burned in the Great Chicago Fire and claimed many women's lives. Phenomenon occurs there nightly. There have been many eyewitnesses to ghosts and many other things.

Lockport Canal St. Junkyard

A ghost of a little girl can be seen in the junkyard.

Chicago Mt Carmel

Spirit of Julia Buccola Petta is said to wander the cemetery grounds. On one occasion when a young boy was left behind in the cemetery, the family saw the boy take the hand of a lady in a white gown upon their return to retrieve the boy. When they got closer the lady disappeared.


Pleasanthill's Cemetery At night, if you go all the way back to the small creek, you here bells, and the sound of a gate opening and closing. There is a spirit there that haunts the cemetery more than others. The name of the spirit is Ahab Gullet. His tombstone reads: "Friends beware as you pass by, as you are now so once was I. As I am you soon shall be, prepare for death and follow me." If you read this aloud, spirits will appear before you.

St.Charles On Prairie St

At night you can see bright white figure standing on a curb looking for someone. About five minutes later a shadowy car pulls up and they both vanish.

Eastern Illinois University

Pemberton hall is said to be haunted by a woman who was tragically murdered by the janitor in the early 1900's. It is said that the ghost lives on the abandoned fourth floor.

Harpo Studios, formerly the Chicago armory

Was the sight of a makeshift morgue after the Easton tragedy. There were 1,500 people that died in the incident, and they're bodies brought to the armory for identification. Numerous stories of the armory, now Harpo Studios, being haunted.

Chicago Archer Woods Cemetery

A driverless old-fashioned hearse drawn by a team of mad horses can sometimes be seen coming out of the woods.

Chicago The Dome Room

Sci-Fi Channel's Sightings actually aired this location as being "the most haunted hot spot in America" about two months ago. The Dome Room is a gothic after hours dance club that is an annex of the Excalibur club in downtown Chicago. It once served as a library that burned to the ground in the Great Chicago Fire. Many lives were claimed in that historical fire. It also served as a morgue for hundreds of dead bodies that were the result of large ship accident. A man with red hair in a tuxedo is often seen in the central bar area of the club. There is also the spirit of a little girl that is often seen upstairs. Candles light by themselves, objects move, and apparitions are seen.

Highland House of Plenty Restaurant

People have claimed to hear strange noises, and seen a weird light from the basement.

Zion Cemetery

A bit of blue light giving a silhouette of gravestone once u see it and go to it, it fades out but u can spot it from a distance and on nights of no moon u can see the light in a church just down the road, the folk tale is that a phantom car is seen, it is on Fulton county back road called Babylon and it is off of county highway 17 going east.

Colona Kauzlarich House

There had been shadows in the halls and things turning on and off without being touched.

Charleston Pemberton Hall

is an all girls dormitory, where a young college girl was allegedly brutally murdered, before winter break, by a psychotic janitor. Clocks turn back in time, voices are heard in the halls and doors mysteriously lock after the young girls enter. The murder supposedly took place on the fourth floor, which is now boarded up.

Bartonville State Hospital

They say the residents of the Bartonville State Hospital haunt the grounds and can be seen at various times.

Springfield Theatre Center

Joe supposedly haunts the theatre! He was one of the best actors there one night when he was coming out of the building he was pulled be hind an alley and was murdered! He has haunted the theatre ever since.

old Illinois State hospital

The old Illinois State hospital is said to be haunted. Investigators report balls of light and sounds.

Fort de Chartes

Between 11 pm and midnight, on every 4th of July that falls on a Friday, a phantom funeral procession forms. There are about 40 wagons and additional riders on horseback who escort a casket lying on a wagon. This was first witnessed in 1889. Next chance--2003!


The ghost tracks are the alleged resting place of a young boy killed by a train on the tracks. It is said that if you roll over the tracks and stop just after you cross them and put your car in neutral, the boy will push the car back over the tracks, up a hill, to save you from his fate. If you put baby powder on your bumper, after he pushes you, you can see his fingerprints.

Lawford Theater

Cold chills have been felt behind the curtains before opening night performances. It is said that this is the presence of past actors coming back to watch a play one more time. Also, if you take a trip alone to the basement you might see an apparition of a stage manager disappear before your eyes!!!!!!!

Elgin Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery

Documentation of patients being tortured in the turn of the century era before science understood insanity. They then were buried five in a grave with the name of the body on top marking that grave. All kinds of supernatural activity here ranging from orbs to apparitions

Lake Zurich/Barrington Cuba Road

Cuba road is a long, old road that spreads from Buffalo Grove through Lake Zurich and into Barrington. Late at night there have been many people to pass an old, abandoned house on the far east end of Cuba and see a congregation of people standing around a large white flame in the field near the house, then suddenly the flame disappears in a flash of white light and all of the people seen so clearly standing around the white flame have disappeared.

Glenview The Grove

In the Kennicot house, it has been reported that the headless body of a woman appears to be walking down the front staircase. She is dressed in the style of the 1800's. The same period as when the family lived in the house. A if from an oil seen moving about the house. When police have gone to investigate, there is no one there and no sign of forced entry. Although, it was on one such call that the police saw the headless woman.

Pemberton Hall at Eastern Illinois University

A woman was raped and killed in the dorm a long time ago. She is said to haunt the hall ever since. Wet footprints on the floor or bloody footprints. The floor where she was killed is closed off but mysterious music still plays from a piano she once played on.

Milliken University

There are a number of ghosts who hang around the 150 year old campus. In the main theater, there is a ghost called "Track girl" for whom the performers leave candy before a show to ensure that all things will be well.

New Athens Tunnel Hill

Kids party at this area and sometimes when your sitting all by yourself you hear growling and feel something rub up against your leg. Sometimes around midnight you can see a silhouette of a dog. It is now called the crazy tunnel dog.

Alsip Cemetery's

Alsip was once a huge brickyard for Chicago, as well as a planned cemetery. A really large one, supposedly dubbed The City of Chicago Cemetery. Many of the older houses have pre-dug graves within. Since not all of Alsip was used as a cemetery, the plan was debunked. However, Alsip has Illinois' largest cemetery count. There have been cases of ghosts, poltergeist activity (objects moved around homes), voices, etc. Besides its own graveyards, Alsip also borders several famous ones such as Holy Sepulcher.

Chicago Archer Woods Cemetery

The cemetery gates are never locked, so entry is easily accessible. As you walk into the Cemetery You follow a path that leads around in a circle. As you leave the cemetery it is said that a white filmy form floats among the trees near the gates. She is called the sobbing woman and you can also hear her sobs and wails. The strange part is that you only see her as you exit never when you enter.

Streator Moon Creek Cemetery

This cemetery is located just South of the city and has been known to have a "hatchet lady". Many years ago, her daughter died. The tragedy caused her to go insane and each night of a full moon a spirit is seen running around the cemetery, tossing hatchets. Also, colored mists were seen back in the 1980s. People's vehicles have also been known to die as soon as they drive through the gate. Mysterious fires have also started when visitors have been present.

Cicero Chodl Auditorium

A teacher\director is said to haunt the theater. According to legend he died of a heart attack the opening night of West Side Story and never got to see the production. Students have claimed to see and feel a presence in the theatre especially later at night after long rehearsals . West Side Story hasn't been put on out of respect but once since his death.

Crystal Lake Park in Covered Bridge Trails

There is a stream behind the park that has some odd activity around it. Strange shadows have been seen there and a ball of light.

Mary Knoll Seminary

Old Dilapidated building haunted by a ghost priest.

Leland Tower Hotel

The Leland Tower, 21 stories and the tallest building in Aurora is said to be haunted. Numerous suicides have taken place by guests jumping from upper floors into the Fox River. At night bad smells come from the elevator banks and the elevators seem to moan.

Aurora Mount Olivet Cemetery

Women in 1950's clothing are seen in the cemetery standing by a 1958 Lincoln Continental. They seem to melt and fade away.

Graceland Cemetery

is one of Chicago's oldest graveyards and boasts several hauntings. The most famous is the spirit of Inez Clark. Inez was just shy of seven years old when she was struck by lightening at a family picnic. Her parents, distraught over the loss, had a life-size statue of the child erected at her grave site. The statue is enclosed in glass, protecting it from the elements. On rainy nights, when thunder is rolling, the statue reportedly disappears from the glass box, and a young girl can be seen roaming the cemetery grounds.

Highland Park High School

Many years ago, a small boy was crossing the street directly across from the high school and was hit by a truck. He died instantly. Just a few years ago, there was a janitor walking around the school on Halloween night and noticed a small boy standing across the street. The janitor went outside and saw a giant freight truck coming toward the boy. The little boy started in to the street and the janitor ran after him telling him to stop. Just as the janitor jumped at the little boy to get him out of the way, he disappeared.

Bradley University Theatre

The mysterious man in the brown suit haunts the catwalks of the main theatre. He is believed to have hanged himself when the theatre was still a gymnasium. There is even a strange lady in white that haunts the box office area. She has been known to cause lights to turn on and off. She seems to have a particular dislike for females and has been seen drifting throughout the main stage area.

Chicago Options Exchange Building

In 1979 two traders had a disagreement over a trade. They decided to settle the matter outside by the horse statue/fountain. One of the men was so badly injured that he died before the paramedics could save him. To this day, janitors say they can hear what sounds like two men arguing after everyone has left.

Padua Hall at Quincy University

The fourth floor of Padua Hall is haunted by a former student that committed suicide by jumping out of the window. The floor was eventually closed down, but reopened earlier this year. People have reported hearing the boy screaming.

Tanner Hall at Western Illinois University

In this building, there is a ghost on the twelfth floor. In 1972 a young man ran into the elevator door during a water fight. He fell to his death in the elevator shaft down to the fourth floor. Many occurrences such as people being touched and seeing a mysterious male on the floor have been reported.

St. Charles Hotel Baker

Various interpretations have been given for the mysterious moans and noises coming from the hotel's sixth floor. Once serving as the employee dorm, it is now a large storage area. Some say that the floor is haunted by a chambermaid who drowned herself in the nearby Fox River, sometime in the 1970`s. She is rumored to have been left at the altar. Investigators found evidence, but no trace of the woman was uncovered.

Utica Oak Hill Cemetery

If you stand near the mausoleum in the cemetery and listen carefully, you can hear a faint moaning.

Cherry Valley Bloods Point Road

There is a bridge down this road with a train track running under it. At one time, a school bus full of children ran off the bridge, causing everyone to die. If you put your car in neutral in the middle of the bridge, you will be guided to safety on the other side. There is also a traffic light that keeps moving, never staying in the same place.

Urbana Woodlawn Cemetery

Legend states that the road beside Woodlawn Cemetery is haunted by a ghost that locals call "The Blue Man." Witnesses have seen him walking the road, swinging a lantern from side to side. Most of the sightings seem to occur at twilight.

Morton College

This school is haunted by the spirit of a girl named Emily who was murdered. Before the school was built, her body was found on the site after being killed on Laramie Bridge. She has been spotted on the roof at night by security guards. She is rarely seen by the students. Emily has been heard in the theater, however. She usually appears during plays that involve violence and murder.


Avon Theater The ghost of the original owner has been seen by many people roaming this old theater.

Peoria Players Theatre

is supposedly haunted by Normie the friendly ghost. He died on stage during a performance a long time ago. This is possible because Players is the third oldest theatre in the country (I think). Normie has been seen backstage several times and has even helped a few people out with lighting. The toilets have flushed themselves He supposedly likes the women's dressing room too. A painting of him hangs in the bathroom.

Alton Lovejoy monument cemetery

In the cemetery is buried a little girl that died suddenly from a mysterious illness and she walks around the cemetery and darts behind the gravestones like she is playing hide and seek. You can also see the ghost of Elijah P. Lovejoy walking around his monument. If you go into the cemetery at night you will constantly walk into chill spots and it could be 90 degrees out.

Naval Training Center/Camp Barry

This U.S.O. was originally the barracks for naval boot-campers. It is said that one of the young man hung himself in the stairwell. Workers complained of their names being called out and seeing a figure of a man in one of the upstairs rooms. The U.S.O. has been closed down and re-opened in a different part of the naval base.

Olney Green Lantern Road

The legend is so old that nobody really knows what happened to the man but, as the story goes, if you travel down this road late at night you will see a green shining lantern/light quickly float behind your car, your car lights will shut off and the car will die, then a man in a trench coat ends up holding the lantern and walks out in front of you to the cemetery and disappears in the woods, where as, your car starts up again.

Kewanee Amityville House

An old lady died here of a very painful disease shortly before a man hung himself at the same residence. Even though the house has been burned, at certain nights you can hear the blood curdling screams of the old lady, and see the rope from which the man hung himself. The deaths are true and even documented.

Belleville Pasta House

It is said to be haunted by a family that was killed when it was a hotel many years ago. If you are there late enough you can hear a woman and child scream.

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