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Help Save Ridge Home

      What I need to save Ridge Home is money or supplies donations or even more man power.

      Why am I doing this? Why does an abonded building need saved? Ridge Home means a lot to me because I feel ties to my grandmother there. She died when I was young, and I never really got to know her. This building has gone through so much. It is about 40 years old but looks twice that. People tresspass and break windows, there is spray paint all over the place, and people are disturbing it even more now. There is another reason is Espbeos (sp is off) it is exposed all over Ridge Home and extreamly dangerous. It causes cancer and with the ammount exposed it maybe 10 times more harmful than before it was shut down.

      If something isn't done about Ridge Home it will be torn down because the cops are tired of comming down there all the time because of tresspassing people, the fire dept. is tired of people setting fires there and them having to come down. So they are planning to tear it all down and building commercial places in the area. Which is NOT a good idea, there is way too much negative engergy at Ridge Home to tear it down and build over it!

      SO pleaase if you can donate anything, man power, a dollar would even help, or supplies, it would be greatly apperciated and remember what goes around comes around... Thanks.

      Just fill out the form below and I will contact you to let you know where to send donations. Thanks again! *Also as I have told those of you who have sent donations or questions, if I can't get enough money or supplies, I will send your money or what not back to you, so please remember a return address!*

What you can donate:
Any questions?:

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