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Hawaii Island Kona

Reports of seeing a small boy have been seen by tourists.

Honolulu Alakea Street

Believed to be haunted by 'Night Marchers' who are said to come out at night and play games. It is said that it is very uncommon for visitors to the Island to see this phenomena.

Hilton Hotel

A woman is a red dress is seen throughout the halls. The name of the woman is unknown.

Hotel St.

This is the site of an ancient village. The ghosts of former residents are seen searching for their homes.

Iolani Palace

Supposedly on summer night a young woman can be seen by the fountain. State Capitol Building. The ghost of Queen Liluokalani has been reported here.

Maui Island Kula O Ka Maomao

Legend says that this is a "plain of spirits and mirage". Strange images have been reported often.

Oahu Island Mount Tantalus

It is said that Madame Pele was seen 2 days before the eruption of Mauna Loa that destroyed the village of Kapoho.

State Capitol Building

ghost of Queen Liluokalani haunts this building.

Honolulu Morgan's Corner

"Fireballs" of light pop up behind boulders and a silhouette of a boy hanging from a tree by his neck.

Oahu-Ko'olau Beach Park

Night marchers are normally sighted at this beach park

The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters

Built over an ancient Hawaiian Heiau (place of worship and/or human sacrifice). Also in about the early 80's a school bus full of children crashed at the same area where the Heiau was located. The Manifestations in this building are that an old man in his late 50's sits watching you from a top corner seat in theater # 14. Also in the bathroom right next to the theater you can hear the voices of the children and the bus driver.

Sacred Hearts Academy

By the stairs behind the chapel a nun haunts the stairs where she fell down and died. It gets really cold and you can feel a hand brush against you, or breath on your face.

University of Hawaii, Mokihana Dormitory

A young man committed suicide by hanging himself in the closet in the early 1980's. People report hearing and seeing this young man roaming the halls of Mokihana Dorm.

Pupukea Heiau

Many people report hearing the sounds of ancient conch shells blowing, sightings of "night marchers" or ancient Hawaiian images walking through the temple. Go there are sundown and observe the surroundings!

Lagoon Hotel

This hotel use to be popular until people started to see ghosts there. This hotel was built on an old Hawaiian burial ground and it is said that that is where Pele lives the goddess of the wind.

Hickam Air Force Base

The Pacaf Headquarters building is a historical site of WWII because of the bullets holes on outside from the bombing a Pearl Harbor. Inside many soldiers were killed. Moans of dying soldiers can be heard, and bombing sounds. Doors opening and closing on there own and ghosts of dead soldiers are known to roam the halls dressed in fatigues from that era.

Honolulu Waialae, Kahala

Behind the storage building used to be a huge graveyard. A Drive in was built over half of the graveyard. One day a woman went into the bathroom and saw a reflection of an old woman in a black dress standing behind her with no feet coming out at the bottom. When the woman turned around to look behind her no one was there. She ran out terrified and was committed to the mental hospital. There are real police reports of this incident. Eventually the drive in closed down and the other half of the graveyard next to the drive-in along with the drive-in is now a neighborhood of luxury homes.

Pali Drive's Morgan's Corner

At that area in Morgan's corner, there is a trail near Morgan's corner that looks like a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there was 3 ghosts walking around there. 2 men and 1 woman. The person doesn't know what happen but at the end of the tunnel somewhere on the wall shows a metal door. And there are also tire marks on the trail. The tunnel is really dark and you need a flashlight in order to see, it is also a long tunnel.

Paradise Park

Paradise Park is a trail leading into the mountains. It is surrounded by deep foliage on both sides. Many people have reported hearing a Banshee or some other specter screaming on the trail.

O'ahu Schofield Barracks

People have reported hearing their name whispered and a choking sensation.

Oahu, Laie Polynesian Cultural Center

Each village here seems to have its own specialty. The Fiji village drums play by themselves and the Marquesas village has a ghostly crying baby. People have also reported seeing a woman floating face in the main lagoon.

King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel

Legend says that the top floor of this hotel is haunted. People have reported hearing footsteps, chanting, and battle cries along the corridors. Some witnesses even claim seeing ancient Hawaiian warrior apparitions. The reason for this haunting seems lie in the fact that this is where King Kamehameha lived out the end of his life. His bones are buried somewhere near or under this hotel. The exact location is a secret and only known only by his descendants.

Chaminade University

A sophomore at the school was killed in a car accident a few years ago. Sometimes at night you can hear him skateboarding around the dorm room. He is most often heard on Halloween because that was his favorite holiday.

Ford Island

This small island is in the center of Pearl Harbor and the Naval Complex. Island residents have reported strange occurrences including voices and footsteps from empty rooms, finding objects moved or stacked, lights and appliances suddenly turning on at night, a strange pale glowing "fog-like" apparition floating through the houses often accompanied with a strange odor. A few residents have reported seeing figures of people walking amid the buildings and trees on the north side of the island which would suddenly disappear.


Across Nanakuli Ave The shadow of an arrow that has no source is shown on a wall.

Kaunakakai, Wailau

Hear stones being thrown in the water. Children playing by the river & people calling your names

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