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Freaky Links
Here are some more sites that are about hauntings. They are all good sites, so I suggest that you check them out.

A collection of spooky and scary sites. If your site 
is about Vampires, Demons, Halloween, Paranormal, Ghosts or anything that will send a shiver down your spine, come and add your Site to our Link Engine.

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Focusing on a traditional approach to shamanism 
involving spirits, spirit disease, soul loss, 
paranormal research & investigations, ghosts & 
hauntings, totem animals, dreams, and dream 
therapy & counseling, nightmares.


Ghost Hunting in Central Florida.  Exploring the I-4 

Offers custom channeling ouija boards for talking with 
ghosts, pendulums, pendulum board, a death chart board and more

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Photos of ruins and great pictures!
This site I have to give five stars! ***** It is a GREAT site with pictures of ruins and abandoned buildings. It is one of the best sites on the subject that I have found! I recomend it to anyone who loves places like these as much as I do!

Trippers Site
The Restless Souls Page
This site contains true ghost stories, pictures, haunted locations, and more...
Ogden Ghost Hunters Organization
Haunted Utah Tours
Ghosts of N. Portland
Click Here To Enter National Haunted Registry
Site about DIA