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The Rest of Foxyangel's Story

     His friend, Angie had been asleep on the couch we she woke up to a man sitting beside her. It wasn't my uncle. She asked who he was and why he was there in the house. The man just looked at her and got up and DISAPPEARED! She told my uncle when he got home and he said that she must have been dreaming. Well, a few weeks later, "he" appeared again. Angie said that she could see "him" in the kitchen. My uhncle went in to the kitchen, when Angie screamed and said that "he" was staring at her directly in the face!

     So after that my uncle called a specialist to come and investigate. The lady knew nothing of my dad and i ever staying there. She walked around the house and went into the kitchen when she seen "him". She asked "him" why he was there and what he wanted. She said that "he" just looked at her as if she knew exactly why. She said that "he" kept changing his expression but that he was a darkskined man from a diferent time. She couldn't tell if he was black, mexican or indian.

     They then went in to the room where i had stayed, and immediatly she asked my uncle if a young girl had stayed in this room. My uncle replyed yes and said that it was his niece. The specialist said that the ghost liked me and watched and protected over me, and was sad when I had left. And that he now prefers to stay in that room or the kitchen where he can see the fruit trees. Needless to say my uncle sold the house and moved out of Nampa.

     I don't recall felling anything strange but I do remember that when ever my dad or uncle came into my room they always said that it was cold even though the heater was up to 75 and it was never cold to me.