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My Fears

I have serious fears of inclosed spaces. It is so bad the when I drive, I have to have a window cracked, at all times! Flying insects such as moths, moths are the worst, flying beetles, but flies and butterflies don't bother me. Seriously I run from moths! I HATE them, I donno why but they do scare me! I also have a phobia of birds, they fly too. I donno what it is with fluttering. I went to a pet store one day and a bird was out, as soon as I saw it, I ducked and ran! I avoided it as best as I could! Also one more phobia, clowns, I can't take my son to the cirus, because of the clowns. I can't explain my phobias, but they are there...

I want to gather some data, just to see what people think, what is your fear? I have asked for age, and email, this won't be shown to anyone. I plan to post all the phobias that I get but your age and email will not be posted. Only if you give me permission I will only post ages, no emails. I don't want people being bothered for no reason. If you want to get intouch with anyone for any apperiant reason, then email me and I will send them to you. Thanks!

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Phobia Results:

Name: Shorty

Date: April 3, 2002

Phobia 1: Flying things

Comments on Phobia 1: I really HATE moths and birds! They litteraly send me running. My fiance thinks I'm nuts, but it is the fluttering and the thing that they can get cought in my hair!

Phobia 2: Clowns

Comments on Phobia 2: I don't know what it is... But I can't go near a clown, or even look at one!

Phobia 3: Inclosed spaces

Comments on Phobia 3: I feel like I can't breathe, I get panic attacks and it is horrible! My sister tried to "cure" me when we were little, by getting me into the dryer and shutting the door!


Name: Stephanie

Date: April 4, 2002

Phobia 1: Meat

Comments on Phobia 1: i am very picky about my meat it hasnt to gone just right

Phobia 2: snakes

Comments on Phobia 2: they scare me


Name: Rachel

Date: Apr. 22, 2002

Phobia 1: Being Alone

Comments on Phobia 1:the idea of being lost and alone terrifies me. To be honest, I'd rather be dead if there wasn't an important reason, or if there wasn't any hope of being found.

Phobia 2: Men Strangers

Comments on Phobia 2: I keep thinking ,that they're going to try and rape me. I am very cautious. It probably came from when I was about 7 and a boy at daycare that 6 would always try to touch me. In a bad way. We moved but it always sort of sent me a message: Men are Perverts.

Phobia 3: Hell, and Satan

Comments on Phobia 3: I am tortured by the meer fact that I could go to Hell. It is the place of all hopelessness I pray that i won't go there.


Name: demonsmurf

Date: 4/20

Phobia 1: people in general

Comments on Phobia 1: i cannot stand to be around them they make me nervous

Phobia 2: people behind me

Comments on Phobia 2: i cannot stand in a line or in a group or people i alwasy have to see whats around me no matter what, no one is allowed behind me


Name: Julia

Date: april 19

Phobia 1: fear of being loved

Comments on Phobia 1: I dont know if it is a real one but i really am...everytime i have a boyfriend i get all scared of me or him falling in love but then have them not love me/him back.

Phobia 2: fear of bugs

Comments on Phobia 2: ick....creepy

Phobia 3: fear of being in the dark alone

Comments on Phobia 3: i dont know why but i am afraid of being alone in the


Name: Mina

Date: 4/29/02

Phobia1: Fear of dirty looking, drunk men

Phobia 1 comments: Some guy, EVERY summer, keeps trying to sexually assault me or something!!!!!!!

Phobia 2: Being alone

Phobia 2 comments: I get panic attacks!


Name: Mander

Date: 05/03/02

Phobia 1: People holding guns

Phobia 1 Comments: I can't explain it!I just feel like running and hiding when I see people with guns! Even if they are just hunting!

Phobia 2: Servere weather

Phobia 2 Comments: such as: thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, gusty winds, some hail, etc...They just freak me out.

Phobia 3: Ticks

Phobia 3 Comments: When I find one on me, I feel like they are all over me! I hate them so much i am almost afraid to take one off my cat or something.

Other Comments: Some clowns scare me too.^___^


Name: Rika

Date: 5/16/02

Phobia 1: Vampires

Phobia 1 Comments: I hate them!! They suck people's blood and evrything. They may not be a phobia but im freaked out about them!

Phobia 2: Hell

Phobia 2 Comments: I'm so scared to go to hell. The very thought makes me cry. I just pray God will let me into heaven.


Name: Kris

Date: 5/24/02

Phobia 1: afraid of the dark

Phobia 1 Comments: I've ALWAYS been afraid of the dark. My Mother said I'd out grow it. Good Heavens, I'm almost 50 and I'm STILL waiting! :)


Name: Snow

Date: 5/21/02

Phobia 1: Mice & Rat's

Phobia 1 Comments: I was attacked by a rat when I was 19.I still can vividly see it,I'll turn my head for just a second and think I saw it. I'm on prescription meds for it.

Phobia 2: Moths

Phobia 2 Comments: I am scared of them getting caught in my hair. Not sure why, maybe cause it's waiste length and wavy.

Phobia 3: Driving on a bridge that goes over water

Phobia 3 Comments: I'm terrified that I will suddenly turn right and go right through the gaurd rail and into the river/lake.


Name: Doreen

Date: May/30/2002

Phobia 1: glossophobia


Name: Nichelle Walker

Date: 6/12/02

Phobia 1: Whales

Phobia 1 Comments: I am very afraid that if I go into the ocean a whale will eat me.

Phobia 2: water

Phobia 2 Comments: I am afraid of water


Name: nikki

Date: 14 june 2002

Phobia 1: clowns

Phobia 1 Comments: creepy little freaks. how anyone finds joy in those things is beyond me. i can't even think of them as people wearing make-up...they're a totally different catagory:animals, humans, and clowns.

Phobia 2: fast food

Phobia 2 Comments: i honestly fear that i am the one who will get the food that the disgruntled employee made.

Phobia 3: people around me

Phobia 3 Comments: i'm not a people person to begin with, but when there are alot of them i feak.


Name: Shorty8

Date: 6/16

Phobia 1: Clowns

Phobia 1 Comments: I don't know what it is about the clowns but my blood runs cold whenever I see one. My friends think it is halarious. They like it so much one of mybest friends drew a clown in my yearbook and laughed when he saw me covering it so I could read the entry.


Name: Kailybb

Date: 6/16

Phobia 1: Falling

Phobia 1 Comments: I don't mind the heights, it is falling at those heights that bothers me.




Thanks for your help!