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Addy Sea Inn

Rooms 1, 6 and 11 are haunted by unknown spirits.

Bowers Beach

There are supposedly 3 ghosts that haunt this town.

Fort Delaware

Used in the Civil War as a prisoner of war camp, Fort Delaware housed over 33,000 Confederates. The footsteps, moans, and cries heard by employees and visitors alike suggest that not all have left "The Andersonville of the North."

The Blue Coat Inn

A helpful spirit or two haunt this establishment, a young boy and an older man. The owners believe they are the spirits of Revolutionary War Drummer Boy and his commander, Colonel John Haslett.

Dickinson Mansion

John Dickinson haunts his former home. Supposedly, he can still be heard writing in the den. Also, in the afternoon, the sheets are sometimes found unmade in his old room.


Used as part of the Underground Railroad. Since 1906 it has become the Governor's mansion. It is said that 3 men and 1 girl supposedly haunt this place.

David Finney Inn

David Finney haunts the 3rd floor. Windows are opened, and objects are moved. It seems as though dogs with not go on the 3rd floor.

Ellendale State Forest

A headless figure has been seen walking along the highway. No one knows who he is, but there is high rate of accidents along the road.

Rockwood Mansion

Moving orbs have been seen here. Many "eerie" sounds have been heard here as well.

The Governor's Mansion

This building is quite haunted. Residents have reported, among others: a bewigged 18th century gentleman; a "tippling ghost" that will empty wineglasses left in a certain place; a chain-rattling ghost in the basement (supposedly the place was a stop on the underground railroad; and it's said that some slaves were sold out and recaptured); and a little girl in a red dress who plays in the gardens.

Plachette Playhouse

was last used over a year ago as a dance hall/play house. Haunted by at least nine ghosts including the former general in charge of Pee Patch Island, which is less than a mile away over the water, and one malicious demon. Skeptics are never disappointed and just driving by you have a good chance of seeing something peering out at you from one of the second story windows that face the road.

Seaford -Maggie's Bridge-

You can see Maggie walk down the creek, strange things happen to your car.

Sussex County Cypress Swamp

The road alone leading to the swamp is creepy but it also has been said that late at night you can hear voices coming from the woods.

David Finney Inn

third floor is haunted by unknown ghost

Amstel House

haunted by unknown spirit that also haunts his son's house down the street.

Rockwood Mansion

balls of light and strange sounds are observed here

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