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Dave's Spirit

This is what was written on the email I recived:

On Sept. 11, 1981 my brother died in a car accident. After his funeral we were gathered at my mom's house. My uncle was taking pictures of family with his Polaroid instamatic camera. He set his camera down on the coffee table when it went off and spit out this picture "on it's own". He had never before taken a picture of my brother with this camera, he lived a great distance from us and rarely visited any time previously. We all thought it was weird how the camera did this, but in our grief never gave it much thought. Later on my mom was straightening up the living room and picked up this photo in shock. There was my brother's face, sideways on the photo. There appears to be ectoplasm directly behind his face, directly underneath his face is my grandma's lap (white area). My brother was 17 when he died, dark completion, handsome, dark hair. The oval shape around the photo was from my mom having it framed on her wall for years. She finally took it down to keep it from further sun fading. We are a deeply spiritual family, and have had numerous occasions of spirit visitations in the past. We have other old photo's with spirit mist in them, but this one is very special. Ironic is that the 20th anniversary of his death marked a day last year (9/11/01) that the world will never forget. Hope my photo and story can be of use to you, it was nice sharing it with you. I will swear on my brothers grave that this photo is not faked at all.



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