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Dudley town

Many restless spirits have been reported here. There has been a long history of misfortune in the town.

Huguenot House

After the building was moved, a woman has been seen dressed in blue.

Haddam Mount Tom

Strange 'booming' sounds have been recorded here since 1765. An Indian legend says that is caused by an evil spirit.

Union Cemetery

A 'white lady' is often seen. Some reports says that there are small dark apparitions 'leaping' at her ankles.

Yale University

An unknown ghost plays an organ in Woolsy Hall.

Ledge Lighthouse

A man who committed suicide by jumping off the lighthouse haunts this lighthouse. He killed himself because his wife left him for another man.

Red Brook Inn

Both guests and employees have experienced cold spots and voices in this 240 year old building.

Stanford 1780 House

Shadows are seen, music is played on the 2nd floor. An Indian man has been seen in the kitchen.

Pasco's restaurant

movement of objects, closing doors, cold spots, etc.

Carousel Gardens

haunted by a woman who used to live there. It was a mansion converted into a restaurant in the mid 60's. Now the story is, that she lived there with her brother for many years, but they rarely spoke, and they say, for this reason, she haunts this place.

Kent mansion

The abandoned mansion has been seen with lights on and with shadows in the windows. Even in the carriage house.

Green Lady Cemetery, Covey Road

Images of green mist and the "Green Lady" formerly Elisabeth who died next to the cemetery in swampland-she drown and supposedly her husband would not or could not save her. She is seen walking on the dirt road the cemetery is located on in a green mist.

Dudley Town

A deserted town that is said to have gone mad and died off, located in Cornwall, CT. After a long walk through the woods the path opens up to reveal old foundations and cellar holes from a lifetime ago. Here it is said that glowing orbs of light can be seen swirling around, and on occasion have even occurred during the day. There are many reports of odd happenings occurring to those that visit Dudley Town.

Stepney Cemetery

ghost photos have been taken there for quite some time.

Chart House

Its an old restaurant that has the spirit of a woman, who is described as friendly, residing there. The employees like to tell stories about her, she does stuff like shut off lights if they've been left on, closing doors at closing time, that kind of thing.


Old Trinity Church Photos of ghosts. Cults. Strange happenings. Three ghosts of young ladies have been sited there. There have been reported sightings, of "things" both human-like, and "other".

Indian Wells State Park

Supposedly haunted by "white lady". Some say she was killed there on her wedding day, hence, the "white lady" title. Others insist she is one of several children/young people killed by a train while playing cards on the train tracks during the '30s'

Bristol Church of Eternal Light

Formerly one of the three original churches built in Bristol by the Sessions family, church was built late 1800 to early 1900, (not sure of date). has been on national T.V. show , a ghost hunter filmed ghost balls or spirit balls. There are also reports of a former church goer who was struck by lightning on the front steps. There have also been reports of an apparition seen in the bell tower.

Lampston Corner (Route 69)

An area between Burlington and Bristol CT. on rte 69, as the story goes the village was whipped out by small pox. People who have gone up there say they have seen strange apparitions.

Albertus Magnus College

Several of the mansions converted to dorms are said to be haunted. One of them is haunted by a woman in a green dress and a small boy around the age of 8-10. The boy tends to be looking for a playmate, for when alive he was often locked in the attic. He moves objects, changes the orientation of other objects, and stands in the hallway watching you.

Cyrenius H. Booth Library

The only public library in Newtown on Main Street is haunted by Mary Hawley, the daughter of Booth, whom the library was named after. The building used to be her home, and her room is on the top floor, which they used to let people view, but have locked since they put an addition on. Experiences ranged from feelings to shadowy figures in the corner of one's sight to actual encounters with what is supposedly Mary's ghost. Nothing has been said about her since the addition was put on, but then again, no one has been in her room either.

Wallingford-Whirlwind Road

Lady in White back in the 1930's a woman was left at the alter on her wedding day. She was so depressed that she drowned herself. Motorists have seen her on the side of the road totally soaked and asking for a ride but when their backs would be turned she'd disappear .a few police officers have seen the woman

Bethel High School

There have been sightings of apparitions on the second floor and in the basement. Cold Spots have been experienced in the basement also. There have been numerous suicides associated with the school. At one point the school was called Suicide High

The Lighthouse Inn

Various haunted rooms, and two ghostly Victorian women who roam the hallways at night.

Stratford Booth Memorial Park

A large area of negative energy is known to be haunted by a man who can be seen if photographed in a large white house in the top window.

Fort Nathan Hale

Along the beach where a battle took place, there are under ground bunkers. They are blocked off with gates, but inside the bunkers there have been sightings of glowing green orbs. Along the beach and the outside of the bunkers ghostly figures of soldiers have also been seen.

Easton Union cemetery "Red eyes"

is also a well-known haunt. As the stories go, a man was walking along a road next to union cemetery when he noticed a pair of red eyes staring at him through the darkness. Upon this observation, he turned and ran and heard footsteps following him.


The grave of a girl named "Maud" is located along this road. When riding in a car and her name is uttered by her gravesite, the car is supposed to either stall or crash. Orbs have also been seen by observers. Also, a man running through the woods at the same speed of the car was seen by a passenger in my vehicle.

Hack Settlement/Pomfret

The ruins of the settlement that later grew into Pomfret, along with the old cemetery used by the small settlement, hide in the CT woods but hold many surprises for those who take the time to find them. Reports include human voices, animal sounds, children's' laughter, sightings of a baby reclining in the branches of a tree, and orbs of light.


The Black Dog of Meriden is said to roam the streets of Meriden. Appears as a sleek black dog, resembling a Labrador retriever, though much more menacing. The dog is said to appear extremely evil and will stare you down. If a person sees the black dog once, it is considered good luck. Seeing the Dog twice is a warning of impending death. If the dog stares you in the eye for a third time, it is said you will die very soon.

Talcott House Old Bed and Breakfast Inn

on the shoreline of Connecticut. Past innkeeper experienced activity. Beds unmade by themselves, old ragtime music in the vents, piano playing a tune by itself. A wealthy man who died in a fire originally owned the house. Townspeople claim of suspicious activities. The house recently caught on fire again during renovations in the middle of the night.

Bacon Academy High School

The catwalk in the auditorium is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell to his death while the school was being built. People have witnessed lights being turned on and off when no one is up there.

Salem Town Hall

The Salem Town Hall is haunted by the spirit of a man who hanged himself on the radio tower. The ghost walks the hallways, slams doors, shuts off lights, locks doors, and walks up the old steps which have been removed. Barometers rise and cold spots have been reported.

Greenladys Graveyard

This place has an old gravesite dated back to the 1800"s. This commentary isn't even located on any maps. It has a haunting of a woman whom was deserted during the war. She also was named the green lady. Its been known for her to come out on foggy nights. She wanders the grave.

Seymour - Great Hill Road

A few years back, a man was killed on his motorcycle while going around a sharp turn down Great Hill road. Its been reported that a man was driving down this road headed for this specific turn, and he saw the ghost of the motorcycle on his motorcycle only to see the cycle raise his hand to slow down and the man's car stalled.

Guntown Cemetery

Residents and even the Warrens attest to the ghostly activity that occurs here.

Old Civil War Cemetery

In an old Civil War centenary found 3 miles in on a dirt road through dense forest off a main road, one can find a green lady haunting the site in the upper-right corner of the cemetery. She is seen during a full moon

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