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The Rest of CLV's Story

     On another trip unfortunately we found something. It was around one in the morning and we were running down this hill in the woodland area surrounding the castle. We had to cut through this area in order to get to and from the castle, it was actually safer than the walkway (which was full of drug addicts), it also added a different kind of fear factor. As we ran down the hill we saw an eerie fog starting to build so we decided to go around it in order to avoid injury, since the hill is so steep. Next thing I new we were in an area which we had never been in before. We were all completely lost and some of the people with us were beginning to panic. No matter how fast we ran the fog was always behind us and beginning to consume everything. We found a path that was still visible and ran through it. My friend was having trouble keeping up so I would scream out to him so he could follow my voice if the gap became too big. At one point he stopped responding to me so I stopped running. Everyone was running at full speed so the distance between me and the guys in the front was great, then in seconds I was completely alone. I called out to my friend but did not hear anything so I began to back track through the path slowly since I could not see anything past my hand. Finally I reached him and he was on the floor covering his head with his arms. I tried helping him up but he would not move. It was mid summer I was sweating like a dog from all of the running, but he was freezing and very tight. I must of fired twenty questions at him and all he said was she has me man, tell her to let me go!! I asked what the fu*k are you talking about as he lied there with his eyes shut. I looked at his feet and saw a strap from a duffel bag tangled on his foot. I helped him out of it then started to pull on the strap to uncover the duffel bag, which was covered by leaves and dirt. A smell came for the duffel bag that was so horrible that it made me nauseated and dizzy instantly. I knew that there was something in the bag but the smell was too much to take We ran off shortly.

     Then in the next few days stories started circulating around the neighborhood that a girl was found stuffed into a duffel bag. I never opened that bag so for sure I didnít know what was in it but the freaky thing was how my friend said she and her. I asked him what happened that night why he said what he said he claimed to have no recollection of it.

     The woodland area surrounding the Cloisters I believe is haunted. Over the years many people have been murdered there or bodies have been dumped there. I donít know if there are any bad sprits roaming there, but I know for sure that there are some pissed off ones.