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Banshee's Poems

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I can no longer shine
in a place I can't escape,
even though I'm blind,
I've saved my soul too late;
even if I had a mirror
I couldn't face the reflection,
my heart, it holds the fear of
facing imperfection;
If a shadow of lies
could block out the light,
I'm afraid my skies
would always be night,
but what have I done,
and how have I suffered...
for you.
I'm living alone,
living in my dream,
cause reality's strong,
I'd rather live allusionally;
naked, in a well,
I can't tell
if there's anymore hope
for me to suceed;
I'm falling...
every breath
is breathed for you...
to still be alive...
to still be mine...
I'm falling...
from what it true,
living with you;
hopeless, lying on a cloud
that rains on all I've saved,
cold and wet,
I sleep on a shroud
that gently covers my grave;
I'm desperate,
but what does it take
to keep a memory alive forever;
descending, into a pit of snakes...
how high are the stakes of never;
wind shatters the glass
of my blood stained window,
from in here the world is broken,
just like my past...
I feel the wind blow;
all I can feel
is my mind
transcending endlessly...
searching to find
a place I can sleep.

My Today's Grave

The sun is set
on today's grave,
tomorrow has yet
to become enslaved,
and I steal a prayer
from the lips of a saint,
a prayer of hope...
a prayer too faint;
I listen
for a story,
told of pain and glory,
and only as the tears subside
do I hear more heartless lies;
In the arms of an angel
I can peacfully sleep,
but in my lonely wander,
I feel my heart weep;
A tear for you
to say goobye,
waiting for nothing...
only my time,
as the sun sets
on my heart's grave,
for my tomorrow
has died today.

Forever Lily Weeps
As a lily dies
with the emerald hands,
I can't let them go
even though I can't stand
the way they wrinkle
in all of my plans,
while in he mist
they fly in their land;
and with it I try
to feel the heart's shame,
and to my death
they pull all the pain,
and with the fairy's blood
they will remain...
I cannot keep seeking
the same old domain;
and as a weep
they shy on my grave,
and leave but a lily
for the true slave,
to bring a dear charm
on diamond seas wave...
and a blinded heart
to show me m way.

Dollface Queen
Porcelin eyes
stare into abyss,
almost never suffered,
decieveing bliss,
tied down,
dollface humanity,
God of profanity;
tounge tied...
never lie,
say tomorrow
I will try;
Endless optimism
over cynicism,
LOVE the discourage
and heroicism;
lost yourself,
but you won
everything else;
must hide,
Cover up,
and confide...
Dollface Queen,
dollface thing;
scared, doomed,
on the surface,
can't be deeper,
the grave's purpose.

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