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Angeline's Grave in Prescott

For years many people have seen the ghost of Angeline, a small girl, that died in the 1800's from a plague, while traveling in a wagon train headed west. Several sightings of Angeline and experiences such as tiny handprints on the outside windows of cars, bad mishaps for those that try to steal her headstone, she has even been sighted near the area a few miles from her grave in search of her mother. Her grave is the only grave in the direct location area; it is fenced, has a headstone and a single tree and is located near Lynx Lake and Diamond Valley right outside of Prescott.

Big Nose Kate's

James Kidd has been seen running around the area.

Bird Cage Theater

Once a stage, bar, casino and a dance hall, it was closed only after 9 years in business. People have reported hearing singing and talking in empty rooms. A young boy who died of yellow fever and a former owner have been seen.

Bisbee Bed & Breakfast

Reported a presence in both the Blue Room and in Room 13, as well as in several other locations throughout the house. The Grandma Room is where various guests have reported what appeared to be an older woman watching over them during the night. Although the sightings made guests nervous, it was thought to be a benevolent spirit offering its presence as a protection.

Carleton House

One downstairs room was the morgue for the hospital. Things stacked and placed in this room are unaccountably scattered all over the place shortly afterwards. Things hanging on the walls fall crashing to the floor and the nails holding them are pulled out of the wall by an invisible force. Doorbells ring so persistently for no observable reason that occupants of the house have disconnect them. Many residents and neighbors have seen the whitish apparition of a woman moving through the house and standing at the front door. One corner of a room which was a ward in the original hospital stays markedly colder than all other parts of the house, regardless of the weather, and contains a chandelier that seems to refuse to operate at night but functions just fine in the daylight.

Canyon de Shelly

Indians say that in a certain red rock there holds a psychic energy which possesses certain healing powers.

Centennial Hall

Two spirits are known to haunt this theater. One is a woman wearing a long white dress from an earlier time. The woman has been seen to frequent the upper balcony seats in an area that was once a balcony but is now sealed off, as well as the green room. She is very protective over her space and has been known to push employees down the halls and stairs. The man seems to be the counter balance and helps anyone who has been injured by the woman. The man is a more recent specter, thought to be a patron who died of a heart attack within the last 50 years.

Davis Bilingual School

A female figure has appeared repeatedly in a classroom. She has appears at dawn only. Various adults have reported feeling someone touching them on their shoulder. Doors that were checked to make sure they were locked have opened on their own. Students report hearing weird and eerie music. The most recent one, students saw a water faucet turn on slowly then full blast.

Deer Valley High School

Random Romeo haunting that has lasted 20 years. Auditorium patrons and players have experienced many occurrences of the supernatural. Kids crying in the back hall, a longing wail of affection for a lost lover, and the untimely shorting out of lighting and sound equipment.

Fort Hauchuca middle school

is haunted by a girl named Linda Landy. Linda was walking home from softball practice one day and she was hit by a car and killed. She attended Smith Middle School in the late 70's. If you look in the tinted windows of the library some times you be able to see her walking around.

Gadsden Hotel

A prankster Indian boy plays on the Mezzanine and the headless Pancho Villa walks the tunnels in the basement. The basement of the hotel has been identified as the most haunted section of the building. The luminous form of a man glides across the wall.

Globe Hardware Store

is haunted by the night watch man. He rearranges products at night, knocks over things and makes the upstairs floorboards creak at night. He used to live in the upstairs room.

Flagstaff Museum Club

Voice of a woman thought to be the wife of a former owner talks to people after hours.

KC Moores Bar and Grill

Woman haunts the upstairs banquet room and an unknown man or woman has been seen in downstairs bar area, This a very old building in old town Tempe used to be a house built in the 30's or 40's

Mary Elizabeth Post Elementary School

Students often hear and see visions of Mary Post. There is also a picture of Mary above the exit doors.

Monte Vista Hotel

The ghost of a bellboy and of a unknown female have been seen.

NACOG Head Start Administration Building

Ghost of a woman has been seen in the halls. Faucets turn on and off by themselves. Doors lock even though the keys don't work in them anymore. Telephones ring to front office with no one there on the other end.

Nellie Cashman's Restaurant

Customers here have reported countless instances of playful pranks since frontier days. Expect the usual crashing sounds and objects that move on their own.

North Morton Hall

One of the most notorious haunts in Flagstaff. A girl killed herself in the dormitory many years ago before Christmas break and seems she never left. Lights going on and off, odors, and even sightings.

Oatman Hotel

The spirits of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable have chosen to dwell throughout eternity together in Room 15 of this hotel. Built in the early 1900s boom era of this former gold mining town. Carole and Clark spent the first night of their honeymoon here on the second floor. Many guests and staff testify that it is not uncommon to hear whispering and laughter coming from the empty room. There is also a Theatre Room Museum on the second floor, where dust on the beds reveals the outlines of sleeping guests, leaving adjacent areas intact and undisturbed. A former chambermaid's ghost has also been sighted.

Old Episcopal Church

An unidentified white misty figure has been seen in doorways and the area surrounding the church.

Oliver House

This bed and breakfast is said to be haunted by 5 ghosts. The most common phenomena seems to be strange footsteps and the running of water in nonexistent water pipes.

Phantom Train

Many people have reported hearing a steam engine whistling in the distance, along with the dim glow of a yellow light. There have never been railroad tracks in the area.

Phoenix Pioneer

The house of the first governor of Arizona can be found here. The house is haunted by his young daughter who died of pneumonia long ago. People who have been there at night have experienced sudden coldness, the sight of things moving by themselves, and whispering voices.


A man has been seen by many people riding on his horse from mountain to mountain, apparently he is looking for his hidden gold.

Riordan House State Park

haunted by Carolina and Anna Riodan

San Carlos Hotel

A woman had jumped 8 stories from the roof of the hotel. You can still hear her and see a white cloudy figure of a woman in the hotel. Unrelated to the woman, children can be heard laughing and running through the hallways.

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Apparitions and other phenomena have been experienced by a number of parishioners and at least two pastors.

The Copper Queen Hotel

Haunted by a dark figureless apparition . She has been seen wandering the halls of the 3rd floor.

Tombstone Graveyard

Reports of strange lights and ghost sightings in and around the cemetery. Many famous outlaws and citizens are buried here.

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

There are two predominate places within the prison that the spirits were active. The dark cell hosts a ghost that likes to pinch and is attracted to children and the color red. There are supposedly two spirits in the visitors' museum. A woman who sings quite early in the morning and a poltergeist who likes to play with the money.

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