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Eklutna Village National Park

Eskimo Ancestors can be found here in the National American Cemetery searching for their belongings.

Anchorage Downtown Old 4th Ave Movie Theatre.

Some see a Lady in the long, double mirrors that are hung up on the wall, between the Men's and Women's restrooms. Apparitions .

Birch Hill Cemetery

There is a ghost of a young girl in a white dress, from the early 1900's.

Gakona Lodge and Trading Post

Voices and footsteps have been heard here, as well as the smell of a mysterious tobacco smoke.

Eagle Hall

On the second floor of the building, some "friendly" ghosts have been seen and heard. Numerous cold spots have also been recorded here.

Golden North Hotel

rooms 23 & 14 are haunted by apparitions

The Old Jesse Lee Home

In the 1964 earthquake, dozens of children died in the Jesse Lee Home For Children. Hear a distant giggle. Other times we could hear children jump roping, or running around.

Mangy Moose Saloon

A ghost described as a very tall, thin man with a mustache haunts the bar and room # 18 .

The Little Karaoke place

The Korean owner of this place was killed by Chinese weightlifters in 1999. The owner's spirit is sometimes seen peeking out the window.

Ketchikan High School

In 1946 a student fell from a catwalk to his death. He haunts the theatre to this day, with crying and other noise, he is visible from the stage if you look up. He is well documented by the media and school officials and seen by the majority of the students. Even after the school was remodeled. He was nick named boochie.

Chena Hot Springs Road

This road is haunted by ghostly lights. Late at night two lights that resemble headlights follows passing cars. Sometimes it will start to fly and form one bright light and other times it will just look like a fast moving car or truck with bright blue, white and orange colored lights.

Ketchikan Graveyard

At night will drive up the main drive of the graveyard a headless woman appears for a brief instant, then as you turn a head is visible on the roadway.

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