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Athens State College

a student who died in McCandless Hall is still seen there.

Auburn University Chapel

A confederate solider, Sidney Grimlet, has been seen here. This Chapel was a confederate hospital, along with the old main building which was later burnt and Samford Hall was built in it's place.

Becker Hall

Deceased basketball players still meet for a late night game.

Bellemont Mansion

There have many been sightings of the spirits of the slaves. It is a tourist attraction now with the shackles still on the cellar walls.

Birmingham Private Residence

A young lady drown in a nearby river. Every Saturday night, if you don't leave a plate of food out for her, she will leave puddles of water throughout the kitchen.

Bush Upton's House

used to be a Civil War Hospital. You can see wounded soldiers and they sometimes get angry and throw things. Windows stay broken things in the house. It is said you can put a plate at the top of the stairs and by the time you get downstairs it will be broken.

Carlisle Hall

Anne Carlisle haunts the tower there where she died.

Carter Mansion

is haunted by the ghost of Sally Carter who died a violent death at 16 years old and is buried on the estate. She has been sited walking the grounds and some say she is responsible for toppling her headstone on occasion.

Cedarhurst Mansion

This mansion was built in 1823. A girl with dark hair haunts here.

Cry baby Hollow

Ghost of a baby wails through the trees on cold nights and will sometimes scratch on the bottoms of cars that park there. Mysterious 'breathing" sounds sometimes heard as well.

Dead Children's Playground (next to Mapel Hill Cemetery

The ghosts of children often are seen swinging in swing sets or sometimes the swings are moving as if someone were in them. The children are seen very late at night or early the next day like from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am. Go here to hear about it on Unsolved Mysteries.

Decatur High School

Many have reported seeing apparitions and hearing footsteps while attending this school.

De Soto Falls

Elderly lady died at the age of 108. She and her dog still haunt this area.

Huntingdon College

The Red Lady haunts the old Pratt dorm. She was a student and no wanted to be her friend. She always wore all red. After several unsuccessful attempts to make friends she hung herself and she still haunts the campus. Another ghost on campus is called The Ghost on the Green. He shot himself on the green and he still walks there at night. You can't see him but you can feel him messing with you.

Seaman's Bethel Chapel Theater

The basement is haunted by the ghost of a small child who plays in the costume shop. The fly loft is haunted by the ghost of a seaman in a captain's coat.

Whatley House

was built on an old slave quarters. There is a cemetery under the house. Biggest complaints are noises and things being moved around.

Old Bryce Hospital

Writings on the walls, strange noises, and cold spots are some of the phenomena that occur in this old mental institution. This building was abandoned in the mid-60's after being used for more than 100 yrs. The ghost of mental patients tortured, beaten, and killed in the institution still roam the halls.

Tse Ho Tso Middle School

The school gym is haunted by several children who had died in a fire. The girls locker room is a very active place, benches move, lockers open and close violently, showers, faucets, and toilets turn on and off. You can also hear giggles, and voices from the departed.

Nancy Mountain

Nancy walks up and down the hill to the ferry in hopes to meet her son and husband returning from the war. She is seen walking with a lantern in one hand and a bucket of water in the other.

Gains wood Plantation

The ghost of E. Carter haunts this house as well as other ghosts. Ms. Carter was the sister of a housekeeper in the late 1800's. The smell of Colonel Gaines' pipe is hinted near his study and the rush of skirts is heard going down the main stairs from the birthing room. Some have felt an occasional push.

Grancer Harrison's Dance Hall

the sounds of music and dancing are still heard in the abandoned dance hall

Gurney's Manufacturing

A little boy fell down an elevator shaft and didn't survive. It's said that his mother looks for him.

Hill Elementary School

The former principal and founder of the school still haunts the school. She died outside the school after being struck by lightning. Some think she stays there to guard the school from any harm.

Kent Robertson park

A young boy died there one summer. They named the park after him and made a memory stone. He still is heard in the park at night and the woods.

Maple Hill Cemetery

An old lady passed away and was put in the family burial crypt. Her family placed her antique rocking chair in the crypt with her. Most anytime when you stand outside the crypt, you can hear the rocking chair moving back and forth.

Mill Bridge

this is a very old bridge, one lane, steel overhead, located on the Country Club road north of Jasper, Al. It has been haunted by the ghost of Moon Mullins for many, many years. Several people over the years have reported seeing and hearing strange noises and apparitions on the bridge.

Mill Creek Bridge

the bridge collapsed when two men in an asphalt truck went over it, their ghosts still haunt the new bridge.

Old public library

Was site of old city hall & morgue in early 1900's. Faces are seen peering out windows, figures moving about, and books moving by themselves.

Owsley County Elementary School

A girl was killed by another student in the gym and she still runs up and down the gym bleachers. She also haunts the bathrooms and can be seen in a mirror after school hours and in the girls locker room.

Pickens County Courthouse

haunted of ghost of Henry Wells.

Sturdivant Hall

People often state they have seen people wandering the building. It is a very old historical building built early 1800's.

is said to be haunted by the ghost of two children who were killed there in a car accident. The bridge is now closed and is located in the middle of the woods. Supposedly, if you put candy on the bridge after dusk, the kids will come and take it.

Sloss Furnace

Old Iron Plant, now a popular location for concerts. The ghost of a worker who was killed at the plant has been seen walking around the catwalks above the main floor.

Space Camp

counselors tell the story there about a man who was working on the sleeping quarters at the facility. One day they were using explosives to make large holes in the ground for the below ground quarters. The explosives went off early and he was buried alive by dirt and rubble. Until this day in the halls and in some rooms there they can still hear his cries for help echoing and loud moans late at night.

Tallapoosa Co. on Prospect Rd. off of Hwy 49

There is an old church & cemetery. You can feel the presence of something near you even though you are alone. Sometimes in the upper front window you can see a misty substance in the form of a body. Inside the church, you can feel what's left of the floor vibrate. The tombstones are interesting also.

Thirteen Bridges Road

One of the many legends says that during the civil war, a small battle was fought there and soldiers can still be seen.

Troy State University

Noises heard in Pace Hall and sightings of a female figure.

University Chapel

Haunted by a Confederate soldier .

University of Montevallo

has several haunts. It is said to be some sort of magnetic center, something like the Bermuda triangle. There is tunnels running all under the campus that were used in the civil war and now are now used as steam chases. The theatre department in Reynolds hall was a civil war hospital where there was a massacre and many of the rooms were stacked with bodies. On the forth floor of Main girls Dorm was a girl burned to death while trying to cook fudge on a Bunsen burner. They have replaced the door several time but her image keeps returning in the door every time the door is replace.

Warrior River Bridge

John Monnasco died after an tractor trailer hit his car on warrior River Bridge. He now haunts the bridge and throws sticks and rocks at the trucks that pass go on the bridge

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