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Henderson State College

Known to the students as "the Black Lady", she is seen during Homecoming week. It is said that she committed suicide when she found out that her love was taking another to the dance.

Crescent Hotel

A gentlemen, named Michael, died while building the hotel in 1885. He fell from the roof and landed where room # 218 now sits. He's been known to play with lights and pound on the walls.

Harrison Crooked Creek

Ella Barham was brutally murdered here on November 21, 1912. Her murderer was hanged, but her restless spirit has been reportedly seen here.

Harrison Old State House

Ex-Speaker of the House, John Wilson, stabbed and killed Rep. Anthony in the 2nd floor central hallway. Wilson has been witnessed in that hallway to this day.

Old Allen House

The daughter of the original owner committed suicide, by drinking cyanide in the 1940's. In the 1950's, the house was converted into apartments. Many residents report strange occurrences in almost every apartment.

Harding College

A young women playing a piano haunts this place. Her boyfriend had died in a bad accident, and then before the end of the semester, she died of "unknown" causes.

Warren Mark's Mill

A few Civil War soldiers haunt this Mill.

Dover Lights

The ghosts of Spanish Conquistadors search for their lost gold in a valley in the Ozark foothills.

Gurdon Railroad Tracks

Legend has it that a man carrying a lantern haunts the railroad tracks outside of Gurdon, Ak. Numerous people claim to have seen a bobbing light on the train tracks in this area. It has been wildly publicized, including a spot on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries.

Old Charlie Fowler Christian School

at night footsteps can be heard coming down the stairs. The old cafeteria has voices that can't be explained. It is believed to have been built on an old Indian burial ground. Water drips from the ceiling on the hottest driest days.

Baroid Mines

events include someone whispering your name, feeling someone push you and things being rearranged.

The Grand Motel

This motel was once a hospital/insane asylum it has had many different occurrences from the lights turning on with no electricity to the presence of hounds that are as tall as a man shoulders.

Hickory Valley Church

At night when you go in the church if you listen carefully you can hear people singing "Amazing Grace" and other old hymns, and if you bring a candle you can just about make out figures. Mostly of young children and some teenagers that have not crossed over yet...

Lyon College

One day there was a girl that killed herself in one of the dorms. And until this day you can still hear her in the room walking around. There has also been sights of other so-called ghosts that are still lurking in the halls, at night you can hear them calling out your name, saying, help me! help me!

War Eagle river shores

A confederate soldier appears to be guarding his territory as he walks along the shores of the river next to the War Eagle Mill.

Lyon College

Used to be an old orphanage and burnt down in the early 1900's. Said that late at night up in the chapel you can hear (what sounds like) a rocking chair going back and forth. Then down in the auditorium on a certain night the walls look like they are burning down. Around the chapel there are 4 posts and there's only a shadow of 3.


In a rest stop in between DeQueen & Horatio, Arkansas, there is a hill at the exit of the rest stop, if you stop at the stop sign & put your car in NEUTRAL, you get pulled UP the hill.


There is a cemetery called, "Avon". There is a well in the middle, that if you drop a rock in it at night, you can hear a baby cry. There have been some people say you can even see & hear the babies mother running through the grave yard, near the old burned down church. The story is told that a woman was in at the well, drawing out water, before it was a grave yard, getting water out-of-the well, she sat the child on the edge, & the baby fell in & drown.

Henderson State University

A much better example of campus ghosts would be Simon, who haunts the theater in Arkansas Hall. He is particularly fond of the balcony section, where he flips seats, giggles, and makes footsteps. He is also known to drop harmless objects, such as newspapers, onto the stage from the ceiling.

Highway 365

A few people have reported picking up a female hitchhiker on a stormy night. She asks them to drive her to her house. When they get to the house, the driver turns to say goodbye, and the girl is gone. The driver goes up to the house and asks about it and the woman at the door reports that this happens all of the time since her daughter was killed in a car accident close to home.

Clarksville American Legion Hall

It is said if you sleep under the American Legion Hall (camp) you will see and hear ghosts of the old stronghold.

Albert Pike Memorial Masonic Temple

Is haunted by the ghost of Albert Pike, a Confederate general and influential Freemason of the 19th Century.

Rogers - Radar Road

A sound resembling that of a galloping horse has been observed by nearby residents and other locals. It is thought to be a ghost from the Civil War era.

Sardis Pipeline Light

On dark and quiet nights, a flickering light appears out of the cedar tree tops. If you watch it long enough, it acts agitated and moves rapidly up and down the tree line. Some people leaving the site have experienced bumping on the back of their cars.

Little Rock - Woodson Ladural Road

Legend says that if you go down Woodson Ladural Road, you will see a motorcycle headed your way. All you can see is the headlight, but you can hear the sound of a motorcycle. The light will approach rapidly, then quickly disappear. The driver is believed to be a young man who was hit by a car load of drunk drivers and left to die. People claim he is back seeking revenge.

Witherspoon Hall at Arkansas Tech University

On the third floor at night, a piano plays by itself in the practice room. It is said to be the ghost of a former student.

Caraway Hall at Arkansas Tech University

People have reported noises in the attic, footsteps on the stairs, and whispering in the hallways. The structure is built on top of an old Cherokee Indian Burial Site. The mounds were disturbed when groundwork was being done for the foundation.

Tucker Coliseum at Arkansas Tech University

A basketball player was killed in a car accident here in 1981. If you go in when it is empty, you will see a seat pulled down in the stands. It is never the same one either. Basketballs are also found strewn all over the court on random mornings.

Rich Mountain

Ghost light of young girl that died trying to take care of her family. She is said to wander the mountain with a lantern looking for her family's cabin. She is actually buried in old pioneer cemetery on the mountain. It has been seen by local folks for many years.

Sardis Pipeline

A glowing light that flickers very rapidly bounces up and down a tree line. It always originates from the same cedar tree tops. If you watch it for a long period of time it seems to get very agitated, shooting up above the trees. Unknown reason for it being there. Some people have experienced a bumping on the back of their cars upon leaving the sight.

Jonesboro Keller's Chapel

There have been strange sounds heard of babies crying as a result of the 9 Keller babies dying and they buried there. Perfect circles of rings of fire have been sited. Wooden crosses with animal skeletons have been found there. If you turn your car off at the gates of the chapel it will not start for a few hours. Strange things have been spotted moving around the cemetery and strangest sounds coming from inside the chapel itself.

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