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What is Coming?

This site is still under construction. Although the answers to all these issues are all in the author's personal notes, it takes time to enter everything and many of the articles you see on the "T_U_L_I_P" pages are still being worked over to ensure easy reading and easy understanding. In addition to the TULIP articles, you can also expect the following to be coming soon to this site, plus much more: Links - more links to sites proving the error of Calvinism

Calvinist deceptions - illustrating how Calvinist deceptions work. A handbook guide to Calvinist deception techniques and how these tricks deceive people.

Refutations - decisive refutations of selected works by Calvinists.

The Root Causes of Calvinist Errors - illustrating the basic reason and turning points where Calvinists have gone wrong.

Is Calvinism a Cult? - This article discusses whether Calvinism should be classified as a cult.

Ammunition Depot - a quick reference guide for dealing with Calvinists.

Calvinist Vocabulary - beware of Calvinist word games. Here is how they work.

John Calvin's Works: Links to works by John Calvin for your reference.

Other Calvinist doctrines - other spin-off doctrines peculiar to Calvinists.

The Calvinist Mind