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Last Call for Gregory Sikorsky

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Greg Sikorsky's Lastcall 9-11-2001.

Greg we shall remember you.
I don't know you by person, but I heard a lot about you.
You were a great man.
You are Loved by your family,
Loved by your brothers from Hillcrest FD
Loved by Engine 46
And Loved by Dominic your Dalmatian mascot

Thanks to Kenneth Sikorsky Greg's brother.

Name:Gregory Sikorsky


Residence:Spring Valley, NY, United States

Occupation: Firefighter, New York Fire Department
Engine Co. 47 assigned to Squad 41 Rescue Co.

Location: World Trade Center 43rd floor

Status: Gregory is found on March 21 2002

Memorialbook: View Gregory's memorialbook
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Special thanks to Kenneth Sikorsky Greg's Brother
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