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Purple Hottie:Trunks Palace

Okay, more bad news, my email took a crap and deleted my services so email me at please. Any emails inthe last 3 weeks sorry i didn't recieve!! Thanks and sorry again! and i try to read email at least once a month!

More bad news, i feel like i have no time for this site, and my enjoyment of DBZ has faded. Though Trunks will always be a fav character, i can't kept up with the needs of you people! Sorry i love trunks just as much as the next, but i can't kept the updates up. So i will no longer be updateding, BUT i won't close the site. Cause i know that people enjoy visiting. So i'm sorry, and i'm thinking about letting someone take over the site, but it'd have to be someone i trust. i doubt i will but whatever...sorry and thanks for coming, it's been a great run....


Any Anime: Gallery!!

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