Aura , Pride, FireLight and AmbientWonder

You walk into a flower filled meadow. The light scent of roses filles your nose. Nyx walks up beind you. Loveily isn't it? she asks. You nod yes. Come with me, I have to show you something. she says and grabs your hand. The two of you run throu the flowers. Suddenly you stop. A few feet away, you see a pair of Serinas They appear to be very much in love. That is Aura and Pride. Aura is the blueish stallion and Pride is the mare with wings and antlers. They were both abandoned by thier first bonds, and I couldn't just take in one without the other. It broke my heart to even seperate them the first night. . .I could only bring one home at a time you see. Nyx sighed and watched the pair for a bit longer. Suddenly, another Serian came bounding over the hill. She looked a lot like Pride and Aura. That is FireLight. I recently found her and she is Pride and Aura's daughter! I had to bring her here to live with her parents. Folowing close behind FireLight bounded a tiny foal. That is AmbientWonder, but we call her Amy. She is also Pride and Aura's daughter, but looks nothing like FireLight, but that could all change as she grows. Nyx sighs contently before saying that you should leave them in peace.

Name: Aura Pride FireLight AmbientWonder (Amy)
Gender: Stallion Mare Mare Filly
Parents: Unknown Unknown Pride x Aura Pride x Aura
Circle Star Fire Star Fire None None
Mate: Pride Aura None None
Offspring: FireLight & AmbientWonder FireLight & AmbientWonder None None

FireLight's Foal Pic