Nai Paint Unicorns

You walk into a huge meadow with sunflowers growing everywhere. As you walk along a path, you see a message posted to a tree.
The little creatures,
that you will soon see,
are Paint Unicorns.
Please take care, and do
not disturb. Leave this place
as it was when you came.
After reading the sign, you are very curious to see these unicorns. You walk for a few more minutes, and hear a low nickering over the next hill. You approach slowly and see five little unicorns prancing about. The first two look very festive, like they are dressed up for Chirstmas. The third is dark and looks dangerous, but you are sure that it isn't. The fourth looks a little unsure of it's self, and you reember hearing somthing about Nyx getting an abandoned Paint recently. The last one looks a bit like an opal. After a while, you decide to leave them in peace.

Meaning:Winter BreezeJingle BellsMidnight LightningMoonshine ThreadCrystal Mirage
Glory:NoneNoneCora FinienEilli HavalaIava Quiesta
From:The Silver UnicornThe Silver UnicornThe Silver UnicornThe Silver UnicornThe Silver Unicorn