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Leriger de la Plante

Clement Lerige, Seuir de La Plante came to New France in 1685 as an officer of the Troupes de la Marine, a section of the King's Navy. Clement was captured by the Iroquois in 1689 and was enslaved with them for 2 years. He learned to speak the Indian language and survived and eventually escaped. Clement married Marie Roy on September 8, 1700 at Ste Vierge, St. Lambert, Quebec. She was the daughter of Pierre Roy and Catherine Ducharme of St. Lambert. Catherine Ducharme was a Fille du Roi. The marriage was frowned on by the King who demoted Clement but later reversed his position and Clement served in the Troupes for more than fifty years.
Clement and Marie settled in Laprairie, Quebec and had 13 children; Louis, Marie Catherine, Pierre, Gilbert, Clement, Rene-Clement, Charlotte Marie, Francois Michel, Paul, Jean Baptiste, Antoine, Rene and Joseph Marie. Clement died December 5, 1742 in Laprairie and Marie died on December 31, 1757.

Clements last name has evolved into a variety of spellings for his descendants. Among these is Deriger dit Plante. This is the name that shows up in records in Essex County where Hubert Deriger Plante raised his family. Eventually the name became Laplante or simply Plante. Oddly enough the original name from France is Leriget.

A good website for information on this family is found at Clement Lerige de la Plante and his Descendants

Paul Leriger de la Plante was born March 3, 1714 at Laprairie, Quebec and baptised the same day. He was the ninth child born to Clement and Marie. At the age of 19 he married Barbe Dupuis daughter of Moise Dupuis and Marie Anne Christiansen on November 17, 1733 in Laprairie. Barbe was born June 12, 1715 also in Laprairie. The couple had 11 children; Charles-Clement, Jacques, Marie Catherine, Rosalie, Marie Catherine, Hilaire Basile, Francois, Pierre, Anne, Clement and Jean Baptiste. Barbe died January 30, 1750 in Lapraire and Paul remarried on January 24, 1752 to Agathe St. Yves and had nine more children.

Charles Leriger de la Plante was born March 13, 1734 Laprairie, Quebec and baptisted the same day. He married Marie Veronique Saint Yves daughter of Joseph & Suzanne Angelique Boutin on October 6, 1760 in Laprairie. Veronique was born October 11, 1742 and baptised October 16, 1742 in also in Laprairie. As did his father and grandfather Charles settled in Laprairie and had the following children; Louis, Veronique, Marie Charlotte and Charles. Veronique died sometime after 1766 and Charles remarried to Marie Josephe Madran.

Louis Leriger de LaPlante was born January 26, 1766 at St Phillipe, Laprairie, Quebec and baptised the same day. Born to Charles and his first wife Veronique Saint Yves. He first married Marie Josephte Robert daughter of Jacques and Marie Suzanne Roy, born on October 19, 1774 in Laprairie. Louis last name is recorded as lerige de Laplante for this marriage in the original entry of the Parish Registery. The couple had 4 children; Jean Baptiste, Louis Norbert, Paul and Basile. Josephte died sometime before January 1815 leaving a young family with Louis. On January 31, 1815 Louis remarried to Mairie Louise Smith daughter of Guillaume Smith and Marie Gertrude Lanctot. Louis last name is simply Laplante for the entry in the Parish Registry of St. Constant, Laprairie, Quebec for his second marriage. Louis and Louise had at least 2 more children; Salomee and Hubert (sometimes known as Gilbert).

Hubert Laplante was baptised May 23, 1818 in St Constant, Laprairie son of Louis Leriger de LaPlante and Louise Smith. The registery shows his last name as Laplante but his fathers last name is Leriger de la Plante. Hubert left Quebec and settled in Essex County Ontario where he became a farmer. The area where he settled, Amherstburg, is the site of Fort Malden who saw many battles in the late 1700's to early 1800's. It is not clear when or why Hubert came to the area but on January 11, 1842 at St. Jean the Baptiste Church in Amherstburg, Ontario at the age of 24 he married Olive Renaud daughter of Joachim Renaud and Archange Durocher. His last name is now being recorded as Deriger. The couple had 5 children; an infante who died, Marie, Victoria, Gilbert Hubert, Marie Salomee. Olive died 10 days after giving birth to Salome on May 20, 1850 at the age of 27. On May 5, 1851, Hubert once again married. His second wife was Angelique Drouillard daughter of Basil Drouillard and Angelique Jubenville. The Drouillard and Jubenville families are two of the oldest families in the Essex County area. Again Hubert is listed as Deriger for his second marriage in the church registery. Hubert and Angelique had 14 children. Hubert was a farmer and active in his community where he served as a Trustee for a new school built near his farm for the local children where the present day St. Theresa's School now stands. Hubert died on February 14, 1893 in Colchester Township at the age of 75 years old. His last name in his obituary is DERIGIA and in an article written in Amherstburg Echo in February 1880 his last name is spelled Derige. His children will use the names Deriger, LaPlante and Plant sometimes the same child will be recorded as having all of these last names in different records.

Left to Right
Emilie DeLisle (nee Brothers), Louis DeLisle, Marie Angele Deriger LaPlante, John Webb
Marie Angele in the long black dress stands beside her second husband John Webb on the right and Louis her son on the left. Louis wife Emilie is next to him.
Marie Angele Deriger dit Laplante was born on May 20, 1852 in Colchester Township, Essex County, Ontario. She was baptised on May 23, 1852 at St. Jean Baptiste Church, Amherstburg, Ontario, the oldest child of Hubert Deriger and Angelique Drouillard. On April 23, 1872 she married Richard Louis DeLisle at St. Jean Baptiste Church, Amherstburg, Ontario and the couple settled on a farm in Malden Township. They had 5 children of their own and adopted one who was born in England according to 1891 Malden Township Census. Richard died on December 29, 1894 after a lengthy illness at the age of 46 years. Marie married a second time to John Webb, date unknown at this time, and died on December 15, 1930.
The name Deriger, Derigea or Derige is not found today in phone book of Amherstburg or Windsor where this family lived. The surviving last name today is usually Laplante or simply Plant(e) with or without the "e".

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