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The Larcheveque dit Promenade Family

Claude Larcheveque came to New France and married Marie Simon on February 6, 1645 in Quebec City. Marie was a "file a marier" or marriage girl sent here early in the days of New France to marry men and settle the land. The had 8 children. Claude was the son of Guillaume Larcheveque and Jeanne Alere of Normandie France and Marie, the daughter of Francois Simon and Louise Armoine of Poitou, France.

Jacques Larcheveque dit Lapromenade, was the second son of Claude and Marie. He was born on February 15 and baptized on the 16th, 1648 in Quebec City. On June 3, 1669 he married Fille du Roi, Marie Madeleine LeGuay the daughter of Jean and Madeline Guay. Madeleine was born around 1640 in France and came to New France one year before her marriage. She was about 28 years old. The couple lived in Quebec City then later moved on to Guardaville, and Sillery where Madeleine died after the 1691 census. They had 10 children. Jacques lived until January 14, 1727 and was buried on the 15th in Montreal.

The name Jacques is sometimes replaced with the name James throughout the records. This is the legacy of making French names, English.

Joseph-Nicolas Larcheveque dit Lapromenade is the third child of Jacques and Madeleine. He was born on May 15, 1672 in Quebec City. He married first Marie-Renee Marsan dit LaPierre on August 8, 1707 at Pointe-aux-Trembles, Quebec. This was Marie-Renee's second marriage having previously wed Jean Baptiste Dufresne. She was the 10th child and the daughter of Pierre Marsan dit LaPierre an Infantry Captain with the Chambly Company of the Carignan Regiment and Marie Francoise Bizelan, a Fille du Roi. Pierre and Francoise were married in Quebec City on September 22, 1670. Joseph-Nicolas and Marie-Renee settled in Pointe-aux-Trembles and had 4 children there before moving to Montreal where a fifth child was born. Marie-Renee died just two years after her fifth child was born on October 19, 1716 in Montreal. Three years later Joseph-Nicolas married for a second time to Helene Anne Bardet, daughter of Pierre Bardet and Marie Moucheron on November 7, 1719 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. Joseph-Nicolas died on July 13, 1754 in Hopital general de Montreal.

Joseph Larcheveque dit Lapromenade was born September 11, 1708 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. The eldest child of Joseph-Nicolas and Marie-Renee. He first married Marie Anne Langlois dit Sansoucy Jacques Jamme on October 29, 1731. Marie Anne was the daughter of Guillaume and Catherine Limousin dit Beaufort. She was born on June 24, 1712 in Pointe-aux-Trembles. The couple had 2 children in Longue-Pointe, Quebec. On June 16, 1745 Marie Anne died in Longue-Pointe. Joseph remarried a year later on November 3, 1746 to Elisabeth Barbe Marie Simon Leonard dit Bosseron, daughter of Francois and Suzanne Marie Chapreron.

Jacques Larcheveque was born September 23, 1738 in Longue Pointe, Quebec, the oldest son of two for Joseph and Marie Anne. He married Marie Francoise Morin on October 11, 1771 in Longue-Pointe, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Marie-Josephe Hale. They had 7 children.

Jacques Larcheveque was born about 1786 in St. Michel, Isle de Orleans. Second child for Jacques and Marie Anne married Marguerite Drouillard daughter of Simon Drouillard and Marie-Archange Laforest of Assumption Parish, Essex County, Ontario. They were married on August 19, 1782 at Assumption. Jacques at some point before his marriage travelled to the south of Ontario. He married into the Drouillard family, one of the largest and oldest families of the area. They lived in the Montreal area for a couple of years before moving back to Ontario to the Tilbury, Kent County Area.

At this point in history the name Larcheveque is shortened to Larche and later to Larsh.

Joseph Larche was born September 22, 1810 in Montreal but grew up in Tilbury, Ontario. He married Sophie Brosseau, daughter of Pierre and Sophie Phaneuf natives of Quebec. Sophie was born on November 23, 1821 in Ontario and she married on January 28, 1839, at St. Peter's Parish in Tilbury, Ontario. The couple had 6 children, with at least one being born in Raisin River, Monroe County, Michigan in 1857. They must have returned to Tilbury at some point because you can find their children's marriages in the Tilbury area.

Olivier Larche born in 1857 in Raisin River, Michigan, married Josephine Roy on February 20, 1882 in St. Francois Xavier, Tilbury, Ontario. The couple raised their family in Tilbury, Ontario and had 8 children.

Laurence Larsh was born on August 13, 1893. He is the father of Florence Larsh who married Lawrence Sylvio Belair. See the Robidou/Belair line for more information on this couple.

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