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Bincette dit Jolibois
aka Bensette

Jean Baptiste Peincette dit Jolibois was the first man to New France in this family line. The name has changed drastically over the years. Originating in Germany according to Drouin (II4), it found its French version through spelling mistakes in Parish Registries in Quebec and eventually Ontario where the name becomes Bensette in the Assumption Parish of Windsor. Jean Baptiste was the son of Jean Baprtiste and Marie Marguerite Fortier of St-Pierre d'Isse, Nassau, Germany. He married Marie Louise Bourdeau on October 5, 1767 in Laprairie, Quebec. Mare Louise was the daughter of Pierre Bourdeau and Amable Elisabeth Brault Pominville born September 10, 1752 in Laprairie, Quebec. PRDH has only 6 children in their database. Two of their sons families found their way to Essex County, Ontario. I will first follow Jean Baptiste their oldest son.

Jean Baptiste Bincette dit Jolibois (1) was born in Laprairie on January 26, 1768. He married Marie Anne Theirry dit Quessy, a woman of Indian descent. On their marriage certificate from PRDH her mother is listed as residing in Laprairie, Quebec and of Sauvagesse origin (Indian), her name is not given. Julien Theirry of Montreal is listed as her father who resides in Montreal. According to a family story passed down from my grandmother there was a Jolibois who was a fur trader and married an Indian woman. Jean Baptiste and Marie Anne Theirry had at least 6 children one of whom, Julien, moved to the Windsor area. Another, Jean Baptiste, moved to Pembina, North Dakota and married Louise Versailles and a third son, Joseph, married Florence Payant and stayed in the Laprarie area.

Julien Bincette son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Anne Theirry married Elizabeth Brouillet at Assumption Parish on February 7, 1832. She was the daughter of Maurice Brouillet and Elisabeth May. They lived in Essex County Ontario and had at least 8 children.

Louis Bincette dit Jolibois (2) the 5th child and 3rd son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Louise Bourdeau also moved to Essex County. He was born July 23, 1784 in the Parish of Nativite de Notre Dame, QU. He married Angelique Poisson dit Lassaline daughter of Paul (Hypolite) Poisson dit Lassaline & Therese Leduc on June 21, 1814 at Assumption Parish. They had at least 10 children five who were boys and married with families. He built a log house early in the 1800's on his farm where his children were all born. Louis died September 19, 1837 in Assumption Parish and Angelique died April 22, 1848. His sons Joseph and Louis took over the farm on what is now Grand Maris Road and more specifically Remington Park. Joseph and Louis married in the same year. Louis married Cesaire Poupard/Poupart/Poupore on September 11, 1849 and they had 10 children. Their boys moved to the United States. Joseph follows below.

The descendants of Louis and Julien
are now named Bensette and live in the Essex County area and beyond.
If your last name is Bensette it is likely that your roots will be found in Essex County, Ontario. The surviving last name in Quebec is Bincette and in Western Canada and the United States it is Jolibois.

Joseph Bensette the younger of the two brothers who farmed their fathers land was born on September 13, 1820 and was married to Olive Robert, daughter of Pierre Robert and Esther Roy on January 9, 1849 in Assumption Parish. A family of 11 children helped run the farm. Five of their boys would raise families of their own in Windsor. By 1881, a year after Joseph died, a map of the Essex County farming community shows Joseph as the sole holder of the farm that his father had begun. Louis's sons had moved to the United States as did at least one of his daughters leaving Joseph's sons to work their grandfathers farm.
By the time of Joseph's death on October 24, 1880, his three oldest sons had moved out on their own. Joseph Nils was married (see below), Victor became a carpenter and married Josephine Graveline and Ralph married Sebra Odette and became a jeweller. This left Paul, age 19, at home with his mother. Paul took over the farm and married Alphonsine Fortier between April of 1881 and October of 1887. Paul and Alphonsine had 10 children. The youngest boy of Joseph and Olive, Frederick married Aladie Marentette in 1892. Olive died December 31, 1899.

Joseph Nils Bensette was the oldest child of Joseph and Olive. Joseph was a carpenter born on May 30, 1850 in Assumption Parish he married Matilda Poupard, daughter of Leon Poupard and Marie Lemieux. Matilda is listed as a weaver in both the 1881 and the 1901 census. They married on February 6, 1872 at St. Alphonses Church, Windsor. This would be the parish where they baptised their family of 11 children. Only four of these children reached adulthood and only one would have children of his own.
Louise was born first on June 11, 1873 and lived to be 30 years old. She was living with her widowed mother in the 1901 Census, her occupation was a dress maker and died on January 21, 1903 never having married or having children. Charles was born August 1, 1874 and died August 18, 1874. Alexandre was born February 6, 1876 but died between April 1881 and April 1901 Census. Henry was born October 31, 1877 but died at the age of 4 on September 22, 1881. Jean Baptiste was born March 28, 1880 but died just two days later. In the spring of 1881 Emile was born on April 1, the only son to live to adulthood and have his own children. Albert Arthur was born January 31, 1883 but is not living in the 1901 census. Joseph Julius was born November 12, 1885. He was a widower at the time of his enlistment in the services in February 1918 from Manitoba listing his next of kin as his sister Delphine. His first wife who died before his enlistment has not yet been found. He married Esther Emilie Welstead from England about October 1918. Esther died between 1920 and 1924. Julius married Harriet Alpin in Hamilton and had three daughters and a son when he died. It looks as though the oldest daughter of Julius was Esther's daughter and the remaining children were with Harriet. He died October 26, 1940 in Hamilton, Ontario. Alma Florence was born on October 1, 1889 but is not living in 1901. Delphine, the last child of Joseph and Matilda, was born on May 12, 1891 and died October 7, 1961 never having married or having children. On March 29, 1895 after 23 years of marriage and the heart breaking loss of seven children, Joseph died at the age of 45. Matilda continued to live in Windsor with her children until her death in 1915.

Matilda Poupard Bensette (right)

Delphine Bensette d/o Joseph & Matilda

Emile Bensette was born April 1, 1881, the 6th child of Joseph & Matilda. Emile was a plumber and married Genevieve Menard daughter of Louis & Sophie Duchene. They married sometime between 1901 and 1902. Emile & Genevieve who was known as Jane had nine children. Nellie married Walter Slusser and lived in the Detroit area with their 10 children . Florence married John Burns and had 3 children in Windsor. Alfred married Margaret and had 7 children in Windsor. Eugene died as an infant. Marie married twice, William Westlake first then Thomas Brothers and had 5 children in Windsor. Rose married Walter DeLisle and had 2 children in Windsor. Emile married Marguerite (Gay) Robinet and had 5 children in Windsor. Norman married Lorraine and had 5 children. Genevieve (Jen) married John McNally and had 3 children in Stratford, Ont. Emile died on January 25, 1947 in Windsor. Genevieve would live to the age of 89 and died on July 22, 1971 in Windsor. They are buried in St. Alphonses Cemetery.

There are many Bensette's now living in the Windsor area and throughout Canada and the United States. The Bensette name spelled in this way is unique to Essex County, Ontario. It came to be spelled in this manner through phonetic spelling errors between the French and English translation.

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