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This page shows the Parish book entries for the various marraiges and baptisms in Quebec for the Belair/Robidou family.

Guillaume Robidou Baptism
November 28, 1675, Laprairie, Quebec

Guillaume Robidou & Francoise Guerin
June 11, 1697, Montreal, Quebec

Etienne Robidou & Marie Anne LaRoche
November 24, 1721, Longueiul, Quebec

Etienne Robidou II Baptism
January 30, 1724, Montreal, Quebec

Etienne Robidou dit Belair & Catherine Chambly
February 4, 1743, Montreal, Quebec

Augustin Robidou Baptism
January 3, 1673, Oka, Quebec

Augustin Belair dit Robidou & Elisabeth Servant
January 6, 1786, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Elisabeth Servant Baptism
April 20, 1766, Nicolet, Quebec

Louise Quesnel Baptism
September 8, 1805, Rigaud, Quebec

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