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Children of the Belair/Robidou Families

Andre Robidou & Jeanne Denot Family

Marie Josephe born about 1666

Marie Romaine born July 11, 1669, Laprairie, Quebec

Marguerite born Nov 10, 1671, Laprairie, Quebec

Jeanne Marie born Sep 19, 1673, married Dec 5, 1690, Laprairie, Quebec to Gabriel Lemieux

Guillaume born Nov 28, 1675, Laprairie, Quebec, married Marie Francois Guerin on Jun 11, 1697, Montreal, Quebec, died Jul 1, 1754, Montreal, Quebec

Joseph born Jan 13, 1678, Laprairie, Quebec

The information for the above names and dates was taken from King's Daughters and Founding Mothers by Peter J. Gagne and PRDH online database

Guillaume Robidou & Francoise Guerin Family

Etienne born Jun 9, 1699, Laprairie, Quebec, married Marie Anne Laroche on Nov 24, 1721, Longueuil, Quebec, died Oct 22, 1723, Montreal, Quebec

Joseph born Mar 20, 1701, Laprairie, Quebec, married Marie Anne Fonteneau on Jan 7, 1721, Laprairie, Quebec
,br> Marie Marguerite Catherine born Mar 1, 1703, Laprairie, Quebec

Marie Antoinette Josephe born Feb 23, 1705, Longueuil, Quebec, married Feb 21, 1721, Longueuil, Quebec, Pierre Serat dit Coquillard

Marie Francoise born Jun 25,1707,Longueuil, Quebec

Francois born Apr 23, 1709, Longueuil, Quebec, married Marguerite Laquerre on Apr 25, 1740 Notre Dame de Laprairie, Quebec

Antoine born Dec 26, 1710, Longueuil, Quebec

Marie Angelique born Dec 7, 1711, Longueuil, Quebec

Laurent Francois born Dec 26, 1713, Longueuil, Quebec

Paul born Nov 12, 1715, Laprairie, Quebec

Marie Charlotte born Nov 29, 1717, Longueuil, Quebec

Charles born Jun 6, 1720, Longueuil, Quebec

Marguerite Madeleine born Jan 11, 1722, Longueuil, Quebec

The information for the above dates and names came from PRDH online database, Kings Daughters and Founding Mothers by Peter J. Gagne, Cindy Gordon research information on World Connect

Etienne Robidou & Marie Anne Laroche Family

Marie Josephe born Sep 21, 1722, Longueuil, Quebec, married Jacques Jalteau on May 3, 1741, Montreal, Quebec, died Apr 3, 1750, Montreal, Quebec

Etienne born Jan 30, 1724, Montreal, Quebec, married Marie Catherine Clement dit LaRiviere Chambly on Feb 4, 1743, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Montreal, Quebec, died Sep 14, 1801, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

The information for the above names and dates was taken from PRDH online database, Cindy Gordon research info on World Connect

Etienne Belair dit Robidou & Catherine Chambly Family

Marie Josephe born Nov 8, 1743, Ste Anne de Bellvue, Quebec, Married May 17, 1762, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec to Augustine Roy

Etienne Pascal born Apr 17, 1745, Ste Genevieve, Pierrefonds, Quebec, died Mar 10, 1746, Ste Genevieve, Pierrefonds, Quebec

Marie Francosie born Jan 14, 1747, Ste Genevieve, Pierrefonds, Quebec, died Jan 16, 1747, Pointe Claire, Quebec

Marie Ursle born Sep 8, 1748, Ste Genevieve, Pierrefonds, Quebec, died Sept 23, 1751, Oka, Quebec

Pierre Amable born Feb 3, 1751, Ste Anne de Bellevue, Quebec, married Jan 13, 1777, Vaudrueil, Quebec to Marie Veronique Ranger

Etienne born Nov 13, 1752, Oka, Quebec, married Marie Therese Dion on Oct 20, 1777, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Jean Baptiste born Oct 13, 1754, Oka, Quebec

Marie Genevieve born Sep 26, 1756, Oka, Quebec, married Andre Paul Henri Barbary on Jun 10, 1782, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Hyacinthe Amable born Oct 23, 1758, Oka, Quebec, died Dec 21, 1760, Oka, Quebec

Elisabeth born Sep 29, 1760, Oka, Quebec, married Jan 13, 1783, Vaudrueuil, Quebec to Louis Amable Perillard dit Bourguegonon

Augustin born Jan 3, 1763, Oka, Quebec, married Jan 6, 1786, Ste Michel de Vaudrueuil, Quebec to Elisabeth Servant

Philbert born Sep 26, 1764, Oka, Quebec, died Jan 19, 1765, Oka, Quebec

Marie Ursle born Oct 25, 1765, Oka, Quebec

Marie Josephe born Nov 26, 1769, Oka, Quebec, died Apr 9, 1770, Oka, Quebec

Marie Agathe born about 1770, Oka, Quebec, married Simeon Seguin on Apr 15, 1793, Vaudrueuil, Quebec, died Aug 20, 1832, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Scholastique born Feb 11, 1767, Oka, Quebec

Jacques Etienne born May 7, 1768, Oka, Quebec, buried May 29, 1768, Oka, Quebec

The dates and names were taken from Cindy Gordon research on World Connect and PRDH online database

Augustin Belair dit Robidou & Elisabeth Servant Family

Augustin born Mar 23, 1786, Oka, Quebec, married Marie Berthiaume

Catherine born Jun 28, 1787, Oka, Quebec

Marie Elisabeth born Jul 12, 1788, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Genevieve born Jan 1, 1790, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Marie Suzanne born Feb 25, 1791, Vaudrueuil, Quebec, married Sep 21, 1818, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec to Bruno Bergeron
,br> Etienne born Oct 7, 1793, Vaudrueil, Quebec

Marie Victoirie born May 1, 1796, Oka, Quebec

Alexis born Nov 14, 1797, Oka, Quebec

Joseph married Theotiste Thauvet on Nov 3, 1813, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec
,br> Jean Baptiste born May 5, 1799, Oka, Quebec, married Louise Lisette Quesnel on Apr 4, 1826, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec, died before 1867 the date of his son, Joseph's,marriage

Hyacinthe born 1803, Vaudrueuil, Quebec, died Jul 1, 1810, Long Sault, Quebec, buried Jul 6, 1810, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec

Pierre born Nov 10, 1804, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec

The information for the above names and dates was taken from PRDH online database, Quinton Publications, Cindy Gordon research at World Connect

Jean Baptiste Belair dit Robidou & Lisette Quesnel Family

Marie Louise born Apr 11, 1827, Upper Canada, died Jul 27, 1827, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec

Suzanne born Sep 15, 1828, Rigaud, Quebec

Andre born Mar 1, 1831, Rigaud, died Mar 13, 1831, Rigaud, Quebec

Jean Baptiste born Jun 24, 1832, Newton Township, Lower Canada, married Louise Danis on Jun 5, 1854, Ste Marthe, Vaudrueuil, Quebec

Andre born Aug 17, 1834, Newton Township, Lower Canada, died May 25, 1835, Rigaud, Quebec

Augustin born May 9, 1837, Rigaud, Quebec

Marcelline born about 1845, Quebec, died Apr 24, 1870, Rigaud, Quebec

Emilien born Dec 1849, Rigaud, Quebec, died Aug 22, 1850, Ste Madeleine de Rigaud, Quebec


The information above was taken from Quinton Publications, Quebec National Archives

Joseph Belair & Salomee Theoret Family

Georgina married to Napoleon Jeneau on Jul 3, 1892, St Alexandre, Lochiel, Ontario

Joseph born Mar 8, 1871, Ste Justine, Quebec, married Arthilesse Decosse on Feb 25, 1895, St. Marguerite, Glen Nevis, Ontario

Melina married Harmond Dugas on Feb 2, 1892, St. Alexandre, Lochiel, Ontario

Roseanne married Joseph Goulet on Nov 19, 1901, St Martin de Tours, Glen Robertson, Ontario

Adolphuse married Virginie Courville on May 2, 1899, Ste Justine, Quebec, died 1951, Glen Robertson, Ontario

Victor married Rose Alba Touchette on Jun 2, 1903, St Anne de Prescott, Ontario

Jean Baptiste born May 24, 1875, St Justine de Newton, Quebec

The names and dates for the above information came from Hugette Deom, researcher in Montreal, Quinton Publications, Personal Documents and Personal Knowledge

Adolphuse Belair & Virginie Courville Family

Adolph Belair born Dec 22, 1901, Quebec, died Apr 10, 1849, Windsor, Ontario

Fleur-Ange born Jul 22, 1902, Quebec, married Ernest Cadotte on Jun 18, 1924 (place unknown, either Windsor or Detroit), died Mar 1968, Detroit, Michigan

Laurentia born Mar 1905, Quebec, died Jan 25, 1907, St Justine de Newton, Quebec

Lawrence Sylvio born Jun 5, 1907, Grenville, Quebec, baptised Jean Baptiste Laurent Sylvio on Jun 6, 1907, Grenville, Quebec, married Florence Larsh on Jul 10, 1930, Windsor, Ontario, died Dec 15, 1965, Windsor, Ontario

Yvette born Nov 24, 1908, Grenville, Quebec, married Harry Usher on Mar 1937, Windsor, Ontario, resided in Detroit, Michigan

The above information was gathered through family interviews and personal family knowledge, Hugette researcher in Montreal, and Quebec National Archives

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