An Evening With Bruce Campbell.

"It's good to know that in these troubling times, there will always be room for an Elvis Vs. Mummy movie."

Truer words could not have been spoken by anyone less than Bruce Campbell. These are troubling times we are in, and an Elvis Vs. Mummy movie is exactly what the doctor perscribes.

One of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, occured last night at the famous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. I was able to attend a screening of the now infamous Bubba Ho-Tep! Starring non other than the man himself, Bruce Campbell. Was the movie good? Well, you'll just have to visit the movie review link to answer that quandry. This article is in the celebration of what is probably the most exciting experiences I have thus far been a part of.

Surrounded by good friends (Which is already making the evening great.) we are about to see and behold Bruce Campbell. Star of such films as The Evil Dead Trilogy, Congo, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Serving Sara, and McHales Navy The Movie. He's already a living icon on to himself.

Before the movie starts the director of the film, Don Coscarelli, makes his way to the front of the theater to say a few words, and to introduce the main reason why we're all there in the first place. BRUCE CAMPBELL! The audience, went, NUTS! Me included. There is no combination of key strokes on a computer that can describe seeing one of your personal heroes only ten feet away from you. He has very little to say before the film, saving all he could for afterwards.

The lights dim, and someone's goddamn cell phone starts to ring. Erupting from the section where Bruce and Don were sitting comes, "Turn it off!" How can you hate a star who hates cell phones in movies?

As the last bit of end credits roll, we all realize that we have just been a part of something special. That non of us will probably ever have the oppurtunity to see another movie like this again, in an audience so electrically charged as this. Bruce and Don make their way to the front. They own the place, and they know it.

One Lady, whom I assume is a director of some sort fo the Egyptian begins asking questions about how the whole Bubb Ho-Tep concept came about, and how Bruce Campbell ended up being a part of it. Very interesting stuff. It made for a whole lot of insight as to how this film came together.

Looking back, I now realize why that Lady was asking about the film before turning it over to the audience for some Q & A. Because the audience has very little insightful questions to ask. Oy! It's as if every single of them make it a personal vendetta to upstage Bruce Campbell. Which is impossible by the way. He is as quick as he is funny. This is a man who reverse the tables faster than you can realize they've been turned.

FIRST QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: Did you have to beat Stone Cold Steve Austin to wear that Elvis belt?

TRUTHBRINGER: (Aside to myself) Good God why?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Yes I did beat him, and that was a stupid question, so you don't get another one.

AND IT'S GOOD! Bruce completely put that guy in his place. Slam! More and more questions like this continue.

SUPER FAN: Did you film this movie at a real Old Age Home with people living there?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Ssshh. Don't tell him, it's fake! (Laughs to himself sneaky like.) What are you kidding me? Yeah, we filmed around real patients. Excuse me lady, I have to film a fight with a beetle in here.

Occassionally some really insightful ones pop up. During the end credits, there was a claim made by the film that Elvis would return in "Bubba Nosfuratu. Attack of the She-Vampyres." When a curious audience member asked about that, Don and Bruce put a vote out to the audience. Should Elvis return in Bubba Nosfuratu? Or Bubba Sasquatch? It was unanimous. People would love to Elvis return in Bubba Nosfuratu.

I look over at my friend C.C. Why has he got his hand in the air? Why is he standing up? Why is he speaking to. . . .OH MY GOD!!! He's going to ask a question! I'm so excited I think I'm going to crap myself. (I don't.)

During the movie there was a certain grain to the film that was really only predominate during night shots. C.C. is a rather accomplished director with enough education and experience to back himself up in pretty much anything technical concerning film. Through-out, C.C. would tell me that this wasn't shot on 35 millimeter, but rather Super-16. Which I guess is a film stock just below the supreme quality of 35mm. So C.C. stands up to ask.

C.C.: Was this shot on Super-16?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Uh. . .NO! 35 millimeter.

Defeated by one of the most powerful movie actors around, C.C. took his seat again. Loving the fact that he spoke with one of his idols, but red in the face at the same time.

But it just wouldn't be an evening with Bruce Campbell without and Evil Dead 4 question now would it? As soon as the question left the man's lips you could tell that Bruce was expecting this. He probably gets this question, NO MATTER WHAT! NO MATTER WHERE! Evil Dead will forever haunt him.

MAN: What are the chances of ever getting Evil Dead 4?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well, for Evil Dead 4 to be made, you'd have to convince Sam Raimi to not direct Spider-Man 2.

Later, a very valid question came about.

FAN: Is there going to be a part for you in Spider-Man 2?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Well I don't know if there is going to be a part for me in that. Let's ask Sam Raimi, he's here tonight.

Oh sure. Yeah right. Sam Raimi here? My luck isn't that good, I don't believe for a sec. . . .OH MY GOD!!! SAM RAIMI'S HERE!!!!

Sam Rami stood up, and again the audience, went, NUTS! Me included. This is the icing on the cake folks. Nights just don't get any better than this.

Sam complemented the film, and Bruce's performance.

SAM RAIMI: Having seen the film I'd like to reconsider my offer.

BRUCE CAMPBELL: I can't I'll be doing Bubba Nosfuratu.

I'm in Heaven. I never made it to the theater that night. I must have died in a car crash on the way there. There's no way I heard Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi banter with each other in front of me. No way. Stuff like this never happens to me.

A really cool bit of info got out that night as well. Bruce Campbell is in the process of releasing another book entitled "Make Love To Bruce Campbell." Well, I ain't gay or anything, but if that's the only way to get his next book, suit me in Coach. I'm ready to play.

One of the last questions of the evening is another one I'm sure Bruce gets quite often.

LADY FAN: If Sam Raimi can't direct Evil Dead 4, what about you directing it?

BRUCE CAMPBELL: Oh sure! That would work. Let's see, what would Sam do to me now? Well, he'd probably throw me down some stairs. (Bruce falls to the ground. HARD!) And then, he'd probably shove a wide angle lens in my face over and over again. (Bruce pretends to shove a wide angle lens in his face over and over again.)

After the Q & A the audience was released back into the wild. To mingle with all the other people waiting for the next show. My friends and I hung out in the lobby, hoping to meet one of our heroes, until Security came and chased us out. There will be no verbal humping of Mr. Campbell tonight I suppose. Drat.

In the end, this was a FANTASTIC night that I would not have missed for anything. Just catching a glimps of two of my heroes was more than I ever expected, and to hear them talk, and carry on was just completely out of this world. It really is the small things in life that make this life worth living. That, and Elvis Vs. Mummy movies.

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