Prologue to the Xenogears Story
I am Alpha and Omega. The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End.
10,000 years ago...
A gigantic colony ship carrying the last of mankind's hope, was bound for a new place to settle. They had left a greatly overpopulated home world and the future of the entire society was in their hands. This ship, The Eldridge, a gigantic interplanetary emigrant spacecraft, suffered a sudden shipwide systems malfunction during its journey. On the monitors that warned of the ensuing danger, a mysterious shadow flickered for but an instant. Before the spacecraft's crew could respond, someone or something had taken over their ship. These five words appeared all over the screen: "You shall be as gods."
The crew tried desperately to try to bring the systems back to normal, but it was too late. As the passengers and crew attempted to evacuate, the spacecraft's own laser cannons coldly turned and shot down the escape pods. The captain had no choice but to activate the ship's self -destruct mechanism. In a flash of light, the spacecraft fell to a nearby planet.
Born from the fallen wreckage, miraculously a young woman slowly arose, her long hair blowing in the wind as her eyes reflected the dawn's breaking light. "She" stared out into the ocean as the sun slowly began to rise, reflecting the start of the day that "god" and "humankind" fell to the earth.

Developed by-Squaresoft
Release Date-Available Now