What Makes a Sponge a SpongeBob?
Scientific Facts-

Sponges are sessile animals (which grow attached to shells, stones or any solid object on the bottom). The living animal consists of organized cells supported by a skeleton of fibers (spongin), calcareous (lime) spicules, silica spicules, a combination of these, or perhaps no skeletal structure at all. The fact that in the theme song of the TV show SpongeBob is characterized as being porous is hard prove that SpongeBob is indeed a sponge. The outer skin is usually tough permeated by tiny pores through which water is pumped into the sponge in order to filter out the microscopic-sized food. The water is discharged through larger holes. This is proven is the episode where SpongeBob becomes sick with the Suds and infections fluid bubble are releases from these tiny pores. There are about 15,000 kinds of sponges, about 150 of them live in fresh water.

Most sponges are hermaphrodites, that is, they produce both male and female cells. Sponges do not produce eggs until they are at least three years of age. Some sponges reproduce by budding, a process whereby a tip of a branch is constricted off by the sponge, or broken off during a storm. As far as I know the SpongeBob has no offspring but this doesnít necessarily prove he is fictional.

Sponges like SpongeBob or "Commercial sponges" have been cleaned and bear little resemblance to the living sponge, because all the living tissue has been removed and only the skeleton remains. Once again we have been provided tangible prove to support the existence of SpongeBob by the episode in which Hans (the German hand) washes SpongeBob.

Sponges have few enemies. A few species of fish, hawks bill turtles, and even plankton are a spongeís natural predators. Sponges provide habitat for wide variety of animals. As many as 16,000 different species of animals have been found in one loggerhead sponge which can grow to be nearly six feet in diameter! Once again we find supporting evidence in favor of our case when we consider that SpongeBob also provides housing for his pet Gary.

My Thoughts-

A sponge does have the ability to, with time, evolve into something that can both make intelligent decisions and react using its own freewill. Many people believe that SpongeBob is a fictional character but in reality he is actually based on a real sponge that existed 43 years ago. Although many of the characters on the TV show are clearly fictional some however are in fact, based on creatures that SpongeBob did interact with, including; Patrick, Squidward, and even Plankton. So remember that everything you see on TV is real.

The Life-Changing Question-

The facts have been provided above but Iíll let you decide for yourself. Is SpongeBob Squarepants Real?

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