Various Locations
Adult Learning Center- This is pretty much a community college. It only offers a few courses. Squidward once taught an Art class here but he didn’t do very well.

Bikini Bottom- This is where SpongeBob and his friends live. It was founded in 1330 by Fishito Fisshoi. The town is packed with things to do and is one of the busiest cities undersea with a population of exactly 10 million critters.

Bikini Bottom Zoo- Patrick’s favorite place to go. The zoo offers many events including; Oyster Shows, Gift Shop, and a sign.

Bikini Bottom Jail- This is where Mrs. Puff is locked up when she’s gone crazy but everyone else is locked up at the BBPD.

Bikini Bottom Airport- The only airport ever featured on the show. It was only shown for a few seconds.

Bikini Bottom Police Department- Officer Nancy and the rest of the BBPD keep things running smoothly in Bikini Bottom and when someone been bad this is where they go.

Bikini Bottom First Nautical Bank- Bikini Bottom's only bank.

Bikini Bottom Theater- Umm... It's the only theater in Bikini Bottom.

Boating School- A 2 building educational facility with a driving course on location. Mrs. Puff teaches the classes. The school also has a small chicken egg as its pet and is stocked with 100s of light bulbs.

Chum Bucket- Offers a wide variety of flavorless foods. Plankton lives in the restaurant’s rear.

Emergency Office- This is where most Bikini Bottom’s residents go to when they need quick medical attention.

Flying Dutchman's Pirate Ship- A ghost ship that floats above Bikini Bottom inhabited by the spooky Flying Dutchman himself.

Flower Arch- A huge flower shaped structure. Almost for times taller than the Krusty Krab sign, its located between downtown Bikini Bottom and Mussel Beach. This Arch has not yet been shown in the TV show but it was on a early map of Bikini Bottom back in 1997.

Fast Food Coliseum- home of the Fry Cook Games. They’re fish sticks are to die for!

Goo Lagoon- A surfer's dream beach. There’s always something going on such as; daily volley ball games, surf competitions, kite flying, and when you need a rest take a break at one of the may Snack shops located right on the beach.

Goofy Goobers- An ice-cream and candy parlor featuring a Undersea Peanut that dances for your entertainment.

Grandma Squarepant's House- A cozy, round straw hut where SpongeBob's Grandma bakes her sweet cookies.

Jelly Fish Fields- Home of over 5000 jellyfish. Also a recreational hunting field where jelly fishing first originated as a sport.

Jelly Fish Stadium- Host of the Jellyfish convention and other various jellyfish events.

Krusty Krab- A hoppin’ little Burger joint featuring the famous Krabby Patty.

The Krusty Krab is the restaurant where SpongeBob and Squidward Tentacles work. The Krusty Krab was opened in the 1970s, by ex-sailor Eugene Krabs.

The recipe for the world-famous Krabby Patty served there was stolen from an old friend's recipe, the Quahog Burger. Eugene Krabs had recently fallen out of a depression after a long, hard war. He remembered Quahog's old burger. Since he hadn't seen Quahog in years, he stole his recipe and came up with the Krabby Patty. He purchased a failing retirement home and turned it into the sea-themed Krusty Krab fast food resturant.

In the 1990s, Squidward Tentacles became head cashier at the booming Krusty Krab. In 1999, the eager, playful SpongeBob SquarePants filled in the recently vacated fry cook job, and business has been even better since then. However, something that has always gotten on Eugene Krab's nerves is his arch-rival, Plankton. Ever since the 1970s, Plankton has been trying to steal the secret recipe.

Krabby Land- A sorry excuse for an amusement park, it’s best attraction is Krabby the Clown.

Mega Bucket- Not yet under construction. The future site is located at the Goo Lagoon.

Mamma Krabs Home- A pink anchor. Mr. Krab’s room is just the way he left it. This is where he stays when his mamma grounds him.

Muscle Beach- Home of the Bikini Bottom's annual Anchor Toss Competition.

Oyster Stadium- Located at the Bikini Bottom Zoo, it’s the home of Clamu the famous performing oyster.

Patrick's Home- A rock, sometimes covering nothing but sand and yet at other times a well furnished 5 room home.

Palace of Pranks- Frank owns this large shop full of gags, gross stuff, and magic tricks.

Rock Bottom- It’s a scary place to be. Foreigners with odd accents and rude bus drivers seem to run wild in this area.

Rusty Krab- A retirement home owned by Mr. Krabs which was later remodeled and turned into the Krusty Krab.

Shell City- Home of evil tyrant, King Neptune. Considered by many as the capital of the undersea World.

Shell Shack- Great food and a show! Now Showing for your culinary entertainment, "The Singing Dog"! This shack was once the Krusty Krab's only competition.

Shady Shoals Rest Home- The home of the retired superheros, MermaidMan & BarnacleBoy.

Super Weenie Hut Jr’s.- A very babyish hot dog stand for nerds.

Salty Spitoon- A rough motorcycle joint where only toughest punks hang. Ice cubes here are know to be slippery.

Squidward's Home- A 2 story totem pole style, blue statue. Squidward usually practices his clarinet on the top floor as he overlooks his finely reef blown yard.

SpongeBob's Home- Umm… it’s a pineapple. Its been destroyed once but was regrown when SpongeBob planted a small seed in its place.

Thug Tug- Pool hall with the dirtiest salty drinks around. This place is the hangout of all the meanest thugs and thieves around.

Tough Tavern- This is a bar where the Tattletale Strangler usually hangs out.

Treedome- This is Sandy’s home. It’s a huge dome filled with air with a nice oak tree in the center. For safety precautions it equipped with 2 water locked doors.

Weenie Hut Jr’s.- A hot dog stand for nerds. The waiter is a robot.

Weenie General- Bikini Bottom's premier hospital.

Mr. Krabs Home- A huge anchor where He and Pearl lives. It is said that Mr. Krabs has hidden the Krabby Patty’s secret formula underneath his mattress.

Mrs. Puff’s House- Its shaped much like all the other houses and building in Bikini Bottom only its pink. If she’s not being annoyed by SpongeBob this is where she is.

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