Sponsor's Ads!
I would like to thank our gracious sponsors for their generous deep-sea thoughts and for supporting the Lookn’ Good Pal Website. The following are ads from Various products mentioned in the SpongeBob TV show.

Goofy Goobers Seanut Butter Treats!
Delicious Seanut Butter filled ice-cream cones, candy bars, and lollypops. Enjoy one today at Goofy Goober, home of the dancing peanut.

New Boomerang Pet Ball!
It’s a Pet, a toy for a pet, and your lifelong friend. Spend countless hours on the lagoon tossing this ball at your pet or play fetch with yourself.

Neptune’s Tartar Sauce!
Deadly to fish. Sold by the barrel. Call 1-800-NEPTUNE for more info.

Kelp O’s!
Flavorful cereal! Just add clam milk. Featuring 1 out of 8 essential prizes for a limited time only!

Try on any of your favorite foods. Very economic. Only available at participating Barg N’ Marts.

Salty Spitoon’s Original Salty Drink!
If you think your tough enough try this salty salt drink today. Just $.05 a mug.

Shrimp Recycling Center
Offers the finest and most up to date recycling techniques. Save the world and save a shrimp all in a day's work.

Krusty Krab Coral Bits!
Crunchy and addictive! Mr. Krab’s original secret recipe. Satisfaction not Guaranteed!

Bikini Bottom First Nautical Bank
Bikini Bottom's only bank! Do all your banking here and get a free 'Underwater Clock'! Our Checks come in 7 colorful flavors.