Realm of Mechs


A large (usually 500 to 1100 feet in height, and 1 to an unbelievable number of tons in weight) robotic in nature, machine that allows it's user/pilot to: a) preform tasks otherwise unattainable by humans, b) perform military operations with the intent of being a psychological as well as a physical weapon, c) travel to places unreachable by conventional means, or d) a combination (usually the case) of the prementioned definitions.
Mecha tend to be quick for their size and are almost always destructive in nature.
There are many different mecha structure types a few are: Humanoid, Hover, C-Tread, Spider, and reverse-jointed.
All mechas are generaly equiped with a VRUS(Vision Radar Utility System) usually in the form of a humanoid head which also houses the ARR,IAT, and the Ejector Meese.
A Core which by far is the most important General Part of a mecha housing the generator, MCN, SRRS, MAP, CRAS, LRAS VRC the FCS, SIDS, portion boosters & sometimes high output boosters, all optional advancement equipment, SOD, MSP, and more.
Central Nervous System is wired through a mecha coving ever square inch to carry out all functions ordered by other programs and units.
Mechas are made of a variety of metalic substances and some portions of a mecha even has wood and plactic equipment.
In normal ground travel a Mecha can reach speeds as high as 125 but when the boosters are used speeds as high as 210 but when a mecha uses boosters to just mearly rise 1 foot of the ground speeds of 334 can be reach and when orbiting a high speed of 8575.55 has been recorded.
1. Shoulder Krieg_ 2. Arm_ 3. Lower Limb Joint_ 4. Advanced Reception Radar_ 5. Head_ 6. Core_ 7. Pelvic Krieg_ 8. Legs

General Parts_
1. Advanced Reception Radar
2. Vision Radar Utility System
3. External Audio Pickup

Arms- Shoulder Krieg- Armor unit connected to the arms. SKs serve as a means of protection, Boosters, and orbiting control.
Higher Limb Joint-
Higher Limb Type-

Legs- Pelvic Krieg- Lower Limb Joint-
Lower Limb Type-
Bipedal(Humanoid, Revearse Joint, Streamers) Hover (Legler, Mavv, Terra Zeem) C-Tread (Tank, Terrain Unoroller) Quadral (Spider, Mysticor).

Section Parts_

Generator- part that generates power for all processes by converting electric energy sparked by MSB into a mecha-etheric energy.
HOP-High Output Booster/ HOP is used for orbiting and space travel.
1. High Output Booster Shell- section that covers and protects the HOP.
2. Heat Sinks- section of booster where energy is rapidly released.

Portion Boosters- low energy boosters used for jumping, terrain bursts, and flying, usual two to eight are used at a time. They are usualy located behind the core, attached in the LLJ and the Shoulder Kriegs.(portion boosters recieve their energy from fuel not from the generator.)<
MSB- Minor Sparking Battery/ small battery thatís outputs a max of 28 volts for sparking generators.
SNC- Central Nervous System/ functions as a damage recon(computes all damage into a number form so that a pilot can be aware of how much longer the Mecha and shield can with stand damage), information transmitter(transmits info to and from other portions of the mecha so units, programs, and parts can be allied.) all the works of this part are sent back to the MCN to be convert into a simplified form so they pilot can react.
Nyle Square- an optional attachment that is connected internally of the core so that optional advancement parts can be securely attached.
Attachment Square- attachment that is connected to the sides or lower diagonals of the core so that shoulder, leg diagonal, arm diagonals, and heel protrusion weapons can be securely attached.
SIDS- Self-Inflicting Damage system, program detonates the Mecha, use for Kamikaze mission or to keep certain informations from being breached.
Ejector Meese- pneumonic part that used for ejecting the pilot.


MCN- Mecha Computing Nerve/ most important unit, recieves as well as controling signaling all actions to and from programs and units through to the proper section and computes the information to phyisically react with the proper movements in defending, attacking, charging, reloading, boosting ect. MCN also computes all minor errors and send info to the proper program ordering with the correct info to accurately fix the error. The MCN also computes all general manging task and symplifies advanced information into forms for the pilot to read and react to, but to perform all the tasks a seperate inividual unit or program is needed.
VRUS- Vision Radar Utility System/ completes manual vision control and shows advanced simplified views for pilot and aids in MAP, FCS, VRS, SRRS, MCM, and other various programs through an ARR. This unit is housed in a shield covering called the head.
ARR- Advanced Reception Radar/ radar set in VRUS that controls and aids in all vision and reaction programs.
IAT- Infraterial Explosive Tracker/ unit that works allied with the ARR by detecting and infiltrating concealed explosives.
SOD- Shield Output Device/ unit that converts mecha-etheric energy from the generator into a clear-like light-blue shield.


MAP- Movement Avoidance Program/ program that adds a small accurate avoidance of damage from oncoming attacks misjudgment in movement control through info sent by the VRUS.
SRRS- Signaling Recon React System/controls all auto/manual reaction from movements caught on the VRUS, works allied with the MAP and other various programs.
VRC- Voice Recon Control/ reacts to programmed voice commands by pilot.
FCS- Fire Control System/ system that locks targetís, carries processes to fire and controls specific commands of weapon options, signals orders for internal reloading & ignition control.
CRAS- Close Range Artillery System/ Close range weapon program that increases accuracy and agility.
LRAS- Long Range Artillery System/ Long range weapon program that increases accuracy and agility.
OGIR- Orbital General Information Reader/ program that gathers and controls all task for orbiting.
RVC-Radio Video Communications/ Long range, directional communications system. Range: 600 miles or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite relay.
Combat Computer- Calculates, stores and transmits data to the MCN which then is passed to the cockpit computer screen or head-up display of the pilot's helmet.
LTS-Laser Targeting System/ Range: 3500 ft. A special optic sensor that allows the infrared radiation of warm objects to be converted into a visible image. Enables the pilot to see in the dark, shadows and through smoke.
Nightvision Optics- Range: 3000 ft. A passive image intensifier, meaning it emits no light of its own, but relies on ambient light which is electronically amplified to give a visible picture.
Infrared and Ultraviolet Optics-
EAP-External Audio Pickup/
IOSCS-Independent Oxygen Supply and Circulatory System Heating and Cooling System- Voice Actuated Locking System- device that reconizes voice commands and sends the correct code for each voice command to the MCN.
SDMV-Sensory Detecting Movement Viewer/ device that detects and interprets movements of lifeforms to a degree of viewing the lifeforms thoughts.

Piloting Controls_

BCU- Basic Control Unit

1: MCN Information Monitor and Selectable Head Up Display.
2: Main Command Keyboard. Control all Monitors screen display.
3: Stick(LR) Control Mecha General Movements.
4: Ball Controling device. Control Detail Mecha Movements and also the pointer on Main View Monitor. 5: Foot Panel. Three of then. L-P Left-Panel. R-P Right-Panel. More commands can be use In combination with the C-P center panel and the L,R panels.
6: Ejector Meese

If you see something wrong or know of something I should add to section feel free to email me. I'm looking for pictures of each part and maybe more types of legs, cores, arms, parts etc.