Real Name: Myra Ellen Amos

Date of Birth: August 22, 1963

Place of Birth: Newton, North Carolina
(She now lives in London, England, but has a house in New Mexico.)

Marital Status: Married to sound engineer Mark Hawley

Actual Hair Color: Brown
(Pictures of a younger Tori reveal she's actually a brunette. In a on-line interview on Prodigy, Tori revealed the number and brand of hair dye she uses.)

Ellen Amos graduated in 1981 from :

    		Richard Montgomery High School
   		250 Richard Montgomery Drive
    		Rockville, Maryland 20852

She is spoken of at times. During an English assignment to recite poetry, one kid recited the lyrics to "Silent All These Years" and mentioned that she was a 1981 RM graduate. A foreign language teacher once reminisced in class that she used to annoy everyone by singing all the time.

Her senior year, she was voted:

		Homecoming Queen
       	Most Likely to Succeed (female)
        	Most Talented (female)
       	Best All-Around (female)

TORI'S FATHER is Reverend Edison Amos, a second generation methodist minister of Scottish decent
TORI'S MOTHER is Mary Ellen Amos, granddaughter of a full-blooded Cherokee man
TORI'S BROTHER is Michael Amos (he did some guitar work on 'Baltimore')

TORI'S SISTER is Marie Amos, a "tone-deaf" internist

TORI'S GRANDMOTHER used to write young Tori letters with a heroine (named Annie) who was saving her virginity for her husband.