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Las Vegas Timeshares

June 26, 2014
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P Katy Linstrum TSA

Interval ownership can make a good deal of sense for a great
many people depending on their goals. In timeshare, as in
anything else, let the buyer beware. Find out the number of
registered complaints before you visit any resort.

Las Vegas Area:

Better Business Bureau 702 320-4500

Department of Labor 702 486-2650

Real Estate Division 702 486-4033

If you attend a timeshare presentation, ask about the future
of what is being offered. Will you be getting actual title in
perpetuity, or just a leasehold of limited duration? If they
won't give you straight answers, don't give them money.

The same precautions should be taken in Northern Nevada.

Reno - Carson Valley Area:

Better Business Bureau 775 322-0657

Department of Labor 775 687-4850

Real Estate Division 775 687-4280

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