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Soulwisdom Energy Transformation
SoulWisdom Energy Transformation penetrates the deeper mind for more permanent and complete releases of unconsciously-held emotional terrors, guilt and unworthiness -- the source-attitudes of virtually every emotional discomfort and physical disease.

Andromedan Holographic Attunments
The Terra Christos (from the Andromedans) and the Grace Attunement (from Core Archangel Gabriel initiated at the base of Mount Shasta) are the vehicle for the holographic codes for a remote healing session that transmute etheric parasites and inverse universe implants (which are portals to other universes, and ET races in the etheric bodies of humans shown to me by the Andromedan's) that may be effecting the balance in your life of your body, mind and spirit and your health, wealth and relationships.

Ramtha - School of Enlightment
To break free is to go beyond into the unknown that is speculative, conjecture, uncertain. And out there, entity, you have all the freedom to take for the first time in your existence your own God-given brilliance that you certainly are and apply it in a way that you deliver yourself from the enslavement of someone else's ideals and create your own. -Ramtha

Paula Muran is the Emissary to Sanatkumara (aka Lord Muruga) Veda Master. In this one of a kindrelationship experience their limitless love through workshops, books spiritual tours, etc

Betty Shine
Betty Shine is known worldwide for her powers as a medium and healer. She is the author of ten best-selling books, including My Life as a Medium, A Mind of Your Own, and The Infinite Mind, and is a regular Daily Mail columnist. A former opera singer, Betty has been a medium, healer, and hypnotherapist for 25 years, and a vitamin and mineral therapist for over 40 years. Betty Shine has encouraged, helped, healed and inspired literally millions of people around the globe.

Maitreya - The World Teacher
This web site is devoted to teaching and bringing messages from Spiritual Realms to each of us. These simple messages and teaching are for everyone and have been brought to us through the ages. Now each of us has an opportunity of (once more) listening to and reading them.

Magnified Healing
The Goddess of Mercy- Quan Yin. In this time of important earth and cosmic energy shifts, mankind now has an opportunity to enter into a creation consciousness. And as Planet Earth is approaching its mutation into a body of light, so too humanity needs to begin its mutation into higher vibratory dimensions. In order to accomplish our ascent into Oneness, we need to heal ourselves at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, spiritual.

Haidakhandi Universal Asham
The Babaji Ashram is located in the beautiful mountains of southern Colorado in Crestone. Haidakhan Baba, also known as Mahavatar Babaji from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, appeared in India from 1970 to 1984. Babaji instructed us to build ashrams around the world where people could come for spiritual upliftment. On our magnificent 40 acres of land we have a beautiful temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, many call it the Lakshmi Temple. Our beloved murti of the Divine Mother, Haidakhandeswari, is life-size and was installed in 1989.

Paramhansa Yogananda
Ananda and Crystal Clarity Publishers are pleased to announce the online publication of the complete first edition of Autobiography of a Yogi. Through this online version, we hope to make Yogananda's spiritual classic freely available to seekers throughout the world.

Comprehensive Web-Site Promoting Spiritual Consciousness Since 1994

Life is a moment to celebrate, to enjoy. Make it fun, a celebration, and then you will enter the temple. The temple is not for the long-faced, it has never been for them. Look at life--do you see sadness anywhere? Have you ever seen a tree depressed? Have you seen a bird anxiety-ridden? Have you seen an animal neurotic? No, life is not like that, not at all. Only man has gone wrong somewhere, and he has gone wrong somewhere because he thinks himself to be very wise, very clever. Your cleverness is your disease. Don't be too wise. Always remember to stop; don't go to the extreme. A little foolishness and a little wisdom is good, and the right combination makes you a buddha.

Letters from Andromeda
This website is about Alex Collier and his two andromedian friend.

The Emissary of Light
"Peace Prevails on Earth"

Tom Kenyon
Inarguably one of the most respected tone healers in the world today...
- dedicated to spreading the teachings of the Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl, also known as the Tibetan.

Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy
- includes homepage of Dr. Joshua David Stone and information on Wesak Celebration.

Temple of The Presence
- provides Internet audio broadcasts, audio and text dictations, the torch bearers of the temple, events, and more.

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Delphi Tarot and Psychic Readings
Delphi, a trained remote viewer and clairvoyant, gives psychic and tarot readings by phone and e-mail.

Natural Born Psychic & Spiritual Reader
Personal Readings thru Email.

Sadhanusari, The Psychic
Spiritual Guidance, Channeling.

Akashic Temple: Psychic Readings/Spells
Psychic, Tarot, Past Life Readings, Love Spells, Soul Mates, Hauntings.

Marie's Psychic Readings!
Marie specializes in psychic tarot readings on jobs and romance, but can help with almost any problem!

El Brujo, Makes Possible the Impossible
El Brujo, Offers course in metaphysical, magick, & psychic. El Brujo does all Spiritual jobs, from readings to Exorcisms. - Advice for life!
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Psychic Email Readings
Psychic Email Readings.

Distant Psychic Healing and Metaphysics
Full metaphysical service and alternative wellness site

Numerology and Psychic
Information on Numerology, with offer of Free sample software, sale of software, and also sale of comprehensive readings.

Cathrine's Angel Readings
Professional psychic and tarot readings.

Adam's Readings
Spiritual Consultant.

Psychic Reader
Psychic reading thru E-Mail.

Psychic Services by Kimberly Angel
Tarot, crystals, tea leaves, dream interpretation, spells.

The Guiding Star Psychics
Home of the most gifted psychics on the web!

The Guiding Star Psychics
Live online Tarot, Astrology and Psychic readings.

kabbala readings
kabbala readings are psychic readings which pre - dates the tarot by hundreds of years, and are far more accurate.

Numerology 2001

Tarot Readings and Interpretations
Esoteric-Cabinet is advising people in their individual situations by laying out and interpreting tarot cards.

A Sign of the Times Astrology
Astrological Horoscopes and birth charts. FREE Astrological Chartwheel for every visitor.

123 Astrology
offers birth (natal) astrology/horoscope charts and Astrology For Lovers compatibility.relationship reports.

Kate Psychic Services
Free Tarot Pages,Dream Analysis,Astrology,Healing Room,Spells and Online Readings.

Marie's Psychic Readings!
Marie specializes in psychic tarot readings on jobs and romance, but can help with almost any problem!


Astrology, Counseling & Self-development
Astrology Charts, Reports & Services by Telephone and On-line.

Crystal Waterfall's Psychic Network
Offering psychic services such as Tarot, Psychic, Rune and Other readings, as well as Astrology and Numerology Charts.

Custom Spells
Custom spells and tarot card readings.

Astro * Logic Insights
Astrological Natal Charts, Chart Services, Solar Return, Rectification Birth Time.

Astrocall Charts
Astrology - Your potential according to the stars.

Numerology and Psychic
Information on Numerology, with offer of Free sample software, sale of software, and also sale of comprehensive readings.

Predictive Sciences
Astrology & Numerology Site.

Personalized & unique horoscopes.
Gain an UNFAIR advantage in life by staying tuned to your personalized horoscopes. Get expert answers to your problems.

Astrology Horoscopes for soul healing.
A Horoscope is more than a Zodiac Sign! Astrology reveals personal traits, Destiny outcomes, your Pastlives afterglow.

Lady Monica's Tarot & Astrology Page
Tarot Readings by email or chat, Astrology Charts done by email .

Forecasting of life's turning points.

Quotes from Western and Eastern Thinkers
Lots of quotes on love, money, wisdom and pertinent topics from famous authors in new E-book. Gain a new perspective.

Embark upon a world of astrology, new age and spirituality. Belief is only the beginning.

Tarot Net
on-line Tarot, psychic and Astrology readings.

Kate Psychic Services
Free Tarot Pages,Dream Analysis,Astrology,Healing Room,Spells and Online Readings.

The Atlanta Oracle
Innovative, Practical Tarot Readings.

Los caracoles de Emiokan
santeria religion and online predictions with the caracoles (snails) ancestral adivination system.

High Priestess Tarot
I provide Tarot card readings at reasonable rates.Free readings, free newsletter and much more! Visit today!

RayFan Readings Tarot and Astrology
Tarot and Astrology Readings.

Divination Station: Intuitive Tarot
Divination Station offers Tarot Readings starting at only $10. In-depth and past life readings also available!