Kira sighed and continued down the trail, encouraging her chestnut mare on the steep slope. She knew she shouldn't have stormed out of the house like that, but she was sick of being told what to do all the time. She was sixteen years old and didn't need to be bossed around like she was three.

Kira stopped Belle, her horse, on the ledge so she could take in the breathtaking view of the Colorado mountains at sunset. Suddenly, she saw a glint of gold on the horizon and descending quickly. Curious, she urged Belle down the ledge and at a quick trot, her eyes never leaving the unidentified object.

About fifteen minutes later, Kira had lost track of the golden thing and Belle was exhausted. Kira patted the slightly dampened neck and pulled her to a hault by a small, natural spring. She dismounted and crouched beside the small, pure pond to drink. Belle nickered nervously and nudged Kira slightly with her head, eyeing a cave opposite the spring.

Kira cocked her head and listened past the cool night breeze and chirping crickets to hear soft voices from the cave. She tied Belle to a nearby treebranch, reassured the horse, then slowly entered the cave, jumping at every movement in the cave.

Just as she was getting paranoid from the darkness, she saw a glimmer of light reflecting off the cave walls. She turned around a corner to see a vast, swirling portal that seemed to beckon her. Without further thought, she entered, and was lost in a world of colour.

When Kira awoke, she was on dew-dampened grass. She sat up and glanced around her wildly, wondering how long she could have possibly been uncontious for; it was dawn here despite the fact that when she had entered that portal, it had been dusk. She sat up and braced herself for an attack of dizziness, but, she didn't feel nautious at all. She stood and checked her body for bruises, but stopped suddenly as she felt her back. She brushed at it frantically, but what she was feeling wasn't moving, and it brought her pain to try and pull 'them' off. She found a reflective pool and peered into it, then lept away as she saw the truth: She had wings.

It's not possible, she thought, backing away from the pool. I can't have wings...where am I? She remembered being in the portal, remembered following something gold in the sky with her horse...but that was all. She remembered her name, age, hair and eye colour...the fact that she should NOT have wings...but other then that, she couldn't remember a thing. Not her past, where she was from, not even the name of her horse.

Kira sat down hard on the ground, staring ahead with unfocused eyes. She felt as if she belonged here. Wherever here was. What she had just remembered was drifting away already. Her name was now gone from her memory. Her age was still there...but everything else about her had been stripped from her mind. Suddenly, there was a great rush of wings above her head and a dragon, yes, a beautiful golden dragon settled on the ground beside her.

Selena reguarded the girl curiously. What do you make of her Nisa? she inquired of her dragon, who looked at her rider, confused. There were many winged humans in Taka, their realm, but this girl stood out. She dismounted Nisa and crouched beside the bewildered child and placed a hand on her arm. "Hey, are you alright?" she asked gentley.

The girl blinked at her, as if just realizing the dragonrider was there. " think so." Selena didn't believe her. "What's your name?" she asked. "I...don't know," admitted the girl. "Where are you from?" "I...just...I don't know." Selena extended a hand to the girl and helped her to her feet. "C'mon, I'll bring you back to the Cove." Before the girl could protest, the Flightleader and slung her onto Nisa's elegant neck. She mounted behind her, gave Nisa the command to lift off, and they flew to Nebula Dragon Cove.

It had been almost three months since Selena had discovered her and already Nimia, as she had named herself, was to Seek for a dragon egg. It was a great honour to even Seek, and if you happened to discover an egg, you would become the dragon's rider. Nimia had become a very restrained and quiet girl, staying in her chambers most of the day unless she was required by the Covehealer. She was his apprentice, one of the only things she liked about being at the Cove, well, besides the dragons.

The dragons fascinated her, as did their smaller cousins, the flits. She hadn't been able to Impress one yet...there had been a lot of traffic to the Cove and many strangers were claiming the eggs for themselves before Nimia had gotten a chance to secure one.

She was the only one in Nebula that had wings, and this still puzzled her because she hadn't any idea as to how she'd received them. She dressed in the normal attire at Nebula now, feeling more comfortable in it then her own, past clothing.

Her past was just a haze to her now and she really didn't think on it much...whenever she did, she got a peculier headache that made her blackout for a few moments. Nimia heard footsteps and within moments her room was full of flits.

Nimia held her hands over her head protectivly until their excitement had subsided. She reconized Brillan's fair of three, which appeared to be much more when in flight. Her friend collapsed on the bed beside her. "Aw Nimi, you couldn't begin to guess at the day I've had...Hey, what's wrong? You're not gonna black out again are you?" He put an arm around her shoulders to hold her in case she fell. She reluctantly pushed his arm away, for she loved his touch. "No Brillan, I'm fine. I was just thinking."

Brillian laughed and poked her between the ribs. "Now isn't that, thinking! Wow!" Nimia glared half-heartily at him and shoved him off the bed. Brillian laughed again and stood, brushing himself off. "Well, Timilla tells me that I'm wanted in the horse stables, I tell ya Nimi, my work is never done around here." His three flits flew to his arms and shoulder, white Timilla chittering on about how the stablesman was going to be furious with him if he didn't get a move on. Nimia smiled and bid in farewell.

She watched Brillian run through the Covebowl to the Stables, where the solid figure of the stablemaster could be seen glaring at him. She looked away as he began to scold Brillian, grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him until it looked like his head would fall from his shoulders. Nimia sighed lightly. Brillian wasn't that bad a person...he just had a tendancy to forget about certain things...generally things that involved work. In fact, she'd grown quite fond of him she realized.

Nimia shook the thought from her head and stood. Maybe she should go find something constructive to do...Her eye caught the glint of the sun as it settled below the horizon. Maybe a little bit of nighttime flying would cure her of romantic thoughts. She slipped on her boots, grabbed a cloak, and nearly ran out of her room.

Nimia soared over Nebula, enjoying the sights and sounds that drifted up to her. She glided smoothly in the night air, there were enough updrafts to keep her aloft without much wing flapping. She spotted Selena in a heated discussion with Nimor, her mate and Flightthird. She looked away with embaressment and the two suddenly began romancing, and changed her course for the Stableyard. Perhaps Brillian would like some company.

Nimia landed quietly behind the stable and heard Brillian's whistling coming from inside, accompanied by the saprano whistles of his flits. He looked up at her with a grin as she entered, wings stretched out. Brillian struck an admiring pose and said, "Y'know, you remind me of an angel with your wings out like that."

Nimia blushed and suddenly remembered why she'd gone NOT think of Brillian. He continued to grin as he swept off a bench for them to sit on. "What're you doing out in this stinky old stable?" Nimia tickled his side. "I came to visit you goof." He batted at her hands. "Couldn't wait five minutes for me to finish eh?"

Suddenly, Brillian became serious and he took her hand in his. "Y'know Nimi, I knew you were special the first time I saw you. Not 'cause of your wings, not 'cause of your mysterious appearence, but 'cause of you." Nimia found herself looking into his soft brown eyes. Brillian moved closer to her on the bench, then leaned towards her and placed a kiss upon her lips. Before she knew what was happening, Nimia found herself responding and kissing him back. She encircled him with her wings and had a fleeting thought: Perhaps life wasn't so bad in Taka.

Selena smiled with pride as she watched Nimia set off on Seek. She hoped desperatly that the girl found a dragon's egg. She would have been able to stand for one of Nebula's...if she weren't an outsider. The rule was an ancient one and could not be broken. Outsiders from other realms were not to be trusted with a fragile Cove dragon egg. She sent her hopes with the girl as she dissapeared over the horizon.

Nimia set off with high intentions. The night of passion with Brillian had left her happy and fullfilled. Even if she returned without a dragon egg, she knew that Brillian would be happy for her no matter what. With Nebula now far from site, she lept skyward, beating her wings in the chilly morning air and searching for possible places where a dragon mother might hide her egg.

There were many other types of dragons in Taka besides those that were bred in Coves. Covedragons were preferred for riding because they were made to be loyal. She sighed lightly, wishing that she could have been a true Takan and Bonded a Nebulan dragon. Well, she was lucky that she was being set out on Seek at all. Not everyone was allowed to do so. Only Elder Flightleaders could give permission to an outsider to Seek an egg; that way no one with evil intentions got their hands on a dragon egg.

She heard the flapping of great wings before she saw the approaching dragon. She wheeled in the air to see that this dragon was riderless and very angry. You've come to steel my child haven't you? a feminine voice demanded. " mean...yes...but..." The dragon mother roared angerly. Outsider! You will not bond with my children!! With that, the dragon took chase of Nimia, who knew she was no match for the experienced mother. Before she knew what was happening, a bright light blinded her, and she had entered the void of Transportation.

The beat of her wings echoed dully in the swirling, empty tunnel of magic. Nimia was relieved to see that the dragon mother hadn't given chase into Transportation. Perhaps wild dragons didn't know of the place. It suddenly occured to Nimia that she didn't know how to use Transportation. She only knew how to enter it.

She thought of an opening in the Transportation that was perhaps by a dragon's clutch of eggs. The opening visualized before her and she darted into it to soar into rainy skies. She circled to the ground before her wings became to heavy to fly with. She landed near a clearing and ran for cover under the treetops. She became aware that she wasn't in Taka anymore.

Nimia sat down heavily under the tree, hoping that she wasn't going to be struck by lightening. Well this was great. Sent out on an honourable Seek and she was lost. Perfect. The scent of campfire smoke hit her nose and she cautiously went towards it, preying that its occupents were friendly.

As she entered the clearing, she saw that the fire was abandoned. Curious, she inspected for tracks, but any sign had been washed away by the rain. Wearily, she sat down on a boulder and warmed her hands over the dying flames. Suddenly, she was on the ground, the weight of someone or something pushing her into the mud. A lightening flash revealed a dagger and a handsome face, then it was dark again.

"Please! I was only curious! I...I...don't kill me!" She heard male laughter and felt the man get off her. He extended his hand and helped her up. "Forgive me. I saw you land and wasn't sure whether you were friend or foe." Nimia frowned and inspected her wings, now sticky with mud. "This is going to take hours of cleaning to get out..." she mumbled, and heard the other laugh again. "When the rain lets up, I'll take you to some warm springs and help you clean. I'm Tarkan by the way."

Nimia nodded and cautiously extended her hand. He took it in his and brought it to his lips, planting a kiss on it. "I'm...N-nimia." She fought to control the waver in her voice. "It is the greatest of pleasures to meet you, Nimia. Tell me, what brings you to Bushen?" Nimia sat back down on the boulder. "So that's where this is?" Tarkan chuckled and nodded. "I'm led to believe that this wasn't where you intended to go."

Nimia explained about everything, from Seek to getting lost in the Transportation. "Well, I might not be able to get you back to your realm, but I can get you that dragon's egg." Nimia looked up, hopeful. "Really? Where is it-" Before she could finish, Tarkan held up a green egg that was spotted with yellow circles.

"Oh no! I can't...I mean...I'm suppose to find the egg...not have it given to me..." Tarkan sat the egg in her lap, amusement on his features. "You found your way here, you found me who just happened to have a dragon's egg on hand." He leaned back, stretching. "Although, that egg was supposed to go to a paying customer..." "You stole this egg?"

"Well, to call it 'stealing' is rather harsh...Besides, isn't that what you do when you're 'Seeking' an egg? You steal it from a dragon mother, don't you?" "Yes, but, it's expected from the mother..." Tarkan shrugged. "In any case, you found your egg. And the rain is cleared up. So now you can get back to Taka and leave me to find another egg for my customer..." "Why can't I stay here with you?"

The question suprised Nimia. What was she saying? She couldn't stay here. Selena was expecting her and Brillian was waiting for her... Tarkan looked up at her, his dark brown eyes glittering at her from across the fire. "I never said you couldn't." What was it about Tarkan that attracted her so? He had been ready to kill her moments ago after all. She felt her attraction to Brillian fading each time she looked at Tarkan. She was going insane!

What a wretched person she would be if she stayed here, with a total stranger, when she had family waiting for her at Nebula? Well, the closest thing to family she had... But then again, what if she could never find her way back to Nebula? She could get lost in the Transportation in her would be safer to just stay here. Once her dragon egg hatched and she could ride him (Tarkan had told her that the markings on the egg's shell meant the dragonet was male), she'd go back to Nebula. That was a promise.

Tarkan looked up at her again. "Are you alright?" he asked with genuine concern. "I...yes. I was just thinking about something. So, if I stay here, can I travel with you?" Another unexpected question that Tarkan seemed to readily answer. "Of course you could. I wouldn't let you just wander around unprotected, and with a dragon's egg." He grinned at her, flashing a set of nearly perfect teeth. Nimia returned the smile and flushed slightly, although some part of her mind reminded her of her promise: She'd stay in Bushen until her dragon could successfully fly through Transportation and bring them back to Nebula. Or so she hoped.

Nimia awoke to the cries of the Bishen fauna. She stretched stiffly and accidently elbowed Tarkan. He mumbled and swatted at her wings, which tickled his nose, then awoke. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, then blinked at her. "Not my idea of a nice awakening but it will do..." Nimia rolled her eyes and stood, grabbing her cloak and wrapping it around herself to fend off the chilly air. Tarkan stood as well, rolling the bedding up and tying it to their packs. They had slept side by side the night before because it had been bitterly cold and they needed each others warmth. Nimia's egg had been between them, wrapped securely in layers of fabric.

Nimia cradled the egg in her arms now, testing to make sure that it was warm. She tapped lightly on the shell and was suprised at its hardness. She looked up at Tarkan, who was prodding the fire back to life. "How long d'ya think it'll be until it hatches?" Tarkan warmed his hands over the flames and shrugged. "I'm no genious when it comes to dragon's eggs, but I'd say any day now." Nimia nodded lightly and secured the egg in her pack, which Tarkan had made for her a week ago from the skin of a young deer. The inside was lined with the soft down of three birds he had caught, while the outside was made of the tough deer hide.

They had been travelling together for almost two weeks, and already Nimia knew that she adored him more then Brillian. She had no idea if Tarkan returned the feelings, but by not shunning her intentional carresses at night, she presumed he was at least slightly interested in something more then friendship.

Tarkan handed her some berries and smoked rabbit meat. "This is the breakfast of champions, I assure you," he said with a grin, as she reluctantly chewed it. "You'll get used to it, if you haven't already." Nimia swallowed and had to admit that it was at least filling. Tarkan shaded his eyes against the rising sun to observe the clouds. "We'd best be getting moving soon, there'll be a storm around mid day. Lucky for you, I know of a cave a few miles to the south-west."

They set off after breakfast, Tarkan slicing a path through the thick trees and Nimia gathering what she could for fire wood. Tarkan's weather prediction had been correct, for a downpour began just as they entered the stank cave. They slid their packs from their backs and sank down against the clammy stone walls, and Nimia swung the dragons egg into her lap to check on it. To her suprise, she discovered hair-line cracks all around the shell.

"Tarkan! The egg is hatching!" He crouched down beside her as she carefully removed the egg from the pack and held the rocking orb carefully in her hands. It shattered audiablly to reveal a blue worm-like creature.

"Wha..what is this? I thought this was supposed to be a dragon's egg..." Tarkan laughed and patted her on the shoulder as the creature looked up at her with bright black eyes. "It is a dragon Nimia. This is it's wyrm, or hatchling stage." Nimia sighed with relief and giggled as the wyrm crawled up her bare arm, winding his body around it to stay on.

They decided to stay in the cave until the next morning, for the rain refused to let up. Tarkan glanced across their small fire at Nimia, who cradled the blue wyrm in her arms, smiling with maternal pride. "What are you going to name him?" Nimia looked thoughtful and tickled the wyrm, who made a noise similar to giggling. "Juea," she decided. Tarkan nodded with a smile. "It suits him."

Tarkan poked Nimia awake from a nap one afternoon. She groaned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then blinked at Tarkan. "I'm sorry...did I fall asleep again?" Tarkan nodded with a grin but didn't say anything. "Where's Juea?" Nimia looked around for the little blue wyrm, who had a tendancy to dissapear when she was sleeping. "That's partly why I wanted to wake you..." began Tarkan. Then, with a hidden grin, he dashed off into the forest. "Tark! Wait!!"

Nimia ran after him, leaping logs and ducking tree branches. "Where...are...we...going?" she managed to ask between breaths. "You'll see!" was the reply Tarkan yelled over his shoulder. They finally came to a hault at a beautiful waterfall. Nimia doubled over and tried to breath between her legs. " very nice place Tark..but hardly worth all that running!" Tarkan laughed and put an arm around her shoulders as she stood, then guided her towards a sunny ledge, where a blue form lay curled.

Nimia gasped with astonishment. Why, her little Juea, who she could have sworn was the length of her forearm yesterday, had wings and was, well, huge! She sat down next to the dragonet, hardly a dragonet now, who blinked awake and laid his head into her lap, flaring his new wings proudly. Nimia stroked the nearest one. "You look very handsom with your wings," she cooed. Tarkan sat down next to them. "This is his shrape stage. He is full grown right now, Nim." Nimia nodded lightly, smiling. "Well, if he got any bigger..." Tarkan laughed and continued. "As you can see, he is of the arboreal type. He will soon attend the Shantel, and receive a magical item that will determine his breath weapon."

Nimia nodded again, still stroking Juea. "And when he gets his breath weapon, will he be a full-grown Bishen?" Tarkan nodded to her. "You might want to begin aerial training with him Nim, so that he can out show his aerial cousins at the Shantel." Juea stood at that, or, to be technical, supported his body with folded wings, much like a bat when it walks. Can we begin training today? he asked, body nearly vibrating with excitement. Nimia looked up at Tarkan, who looked back at her with grinning eyes. "I don't see why not..."Woooohooooo!

Juea and Nimia drifted through the air side by side; Nimia carrying Tarkan aquardly in her arms. It had only been an hour of training with Juea and he was already flying like a pro. Tarkan looked up at Nimia impatiently. "I think we should test Juea's ability to fly with a passanger now..." he mumbled. Nimia laughed. "You just don't like being flown around by a girl." Tarkan gave her a wicked grin but said nothing. I can handle a passanger, Nimi! Put him on my back!

Nimia helped Tarkan onto Juea's back, right between the dragon's wings. Tarkan held on tightly to the shrape's neck, although Juea fervently promised he wouldn't drop him. Nimi, I'll race you... began Juea, but he was cut off by Tarkan's loud, "NO!" Tark blushed slightly as he received strange looks from dragon and caretaker. "I shouldn't push yourself too far in one day of flying. Let's go back now..."

They landed on the same ledge they had left from and decided to make camp there. Juea flew off to gather some wood, which he returned with shortly, the lumber stacked in his mouth. They built a rather large fire and ate what little they had in a small feast of Juea's shrape stage. Tark, when will the Shantel occur? Tarkan looked thoughtfully across the fire at Juea, who was curled around the sleeping form of Nimia. "Well, it depends on a few things. First, all your clutchmates have to grow to their shrape stage. Then, the caretaker at Bishen has to decide who deserves what magical item and what breath weapon...I suspect the Shantel should occur sometime this week, maybe a bit later." He shrugged. "You really can't predict that type of thing."

Juea nodded, his question satisfied. He lay his head down on the ground beside Nimia; his eye about the same size as her head. Tarkan smiled lightly at the two of them, then realized that he'd only have himself to keep warm tonight. He was also suprised that he knew he would miss the absense of Nimia's thin frame and feathery wings beside him at night. Juea, not quite asleep, mumbled, You can have her back when I find a mate..., at which Tarkan laughed and went to sleep.

Nimia flew alongside a very excited Juea. They were on their way at last to the Shantel, which took place at the eldest dragon's, Kailan, cave. Tarkan had stayed at the camp, saying that he'd seen many events like this and that someone needed to watch their things. What do you think I'll receive Nimi? asked Juea, trying to contain his eagerness in polite conversation. Nimia smiled lightly at him. "I haven't the slightest idea Juea, but I'm sure it will be special." The dragon nodded. Look! It's Kailan's cave! And my brothers and sisters!!

Juea and Nimia circled to the ground so that the blue shrape could talk to his relatives. Nimia smiled politely at the other dragon owners and steadily made her way to the near back of the crowd that had gathered. Soon, the shrapes began to line up in front of Kailan's cave. The four that were there fidgeted back and forth. Where was Juea? Panic began to overtake Nimia, but no, the little goof was doing aerial loops above the celebration, too full of energy to just stay on the ground.

Suddenly, a hush fell over the gathered dragons and people as the Kailan stepped from his cave. He was an old arboreal dragon. His once red hide had faded into a deep mahogany color with years of wind and sun. His wings showed proud battle scars from his years of leading his clan. He sailed slowly and gracefully over to a tall rock outside the cave and perched there, looking carefully at the young shrapes before him. Raising his head, he began to speak.

Shrapes, you have gathered here today for a very important step. Today you will receive a magical object and receive your breath weapon. With this, you will become full Bishen, and take your place among our proud clan. The Kailan paused as if listening to a far off voice. Ryo-tsu, come forward! A strong, blue marine male moved across the ground carefully to sit before the Kailan. The Kailan examined him for a few minutes before issuing him his magical object, a Water Gem.

The next to receive an object was a blue arboreal female came forward, who was very nervous for she shook all over. The shrape's name was Fire-Wings, and she received a Heat Globe. She took the gem proudly and stepped back into line.

Juea, come forward! Nimia's heart pounded with excitement as Juea leapt into the air and twirled a loop before settling down in front of the Kailan. Nimia chuckled nervously to herself, wondering if this was appropriate behaviour. Apparently, it wasn't, as The Kailan seemed to smile to himself before continuing. To you, energetic one, I give a rare stone called the Slip Quartz. With this magical stone, you can travel in and out of the very fabric of reality. Beware, however, for this stone is very powerful. Use it with caution.

Juea took the brilliant stone in him mouth and, turning up into the air, gave a joyus spin to Nimia, who waved happily to the new Bishen. Two more green terran female shrapes were given their weapons, then the Kailan said loudly, Congratulations, for you are all now Bishen. Go, live and grow, both wisely and well! With that, the Kailan slowly sailed back into his cave and the Shantel had ended. Nimia ran and launched herself airborn towards the still circling Juea.

Look at my gem, Nimi! Isn't beautiful? Juea held it up for Nimia to see. "It is beautiful Juea!" she said, joyful tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "But we must get back to the clearing. Tarkan is probably going insane wondering what happened!" Juea nodded enthusiastically and led the way towards the forest.

Tarkan ran out to greet them the moment they landed. "So? What happened?" he demanded eagerly. Juea held up his precious Slip Quartz for Tarkan to carefully inspect. "Great job Jeua! I don't think I've ever seen one like this before." Juea grinned proudly and asked, May I have something to keep it in? It's kinda hard to eat with this in my mouth... Nimia laughed and emptied her pouch that was on her belt, slipped it off, and opened it for Juea to tenderly place his gem in. She then tied the belt around Juea's neck; the pouch hanging in the front.

Juea frowned slightly and stood, looking alert. "What is it?" Someone approaches... Nimia frowned and looked at Tarkan, who had already drawn his dagger. Suddenly a woman burst from the underbrush, panting and doubled over. Tarkan approached her stiffly. "Who are you? What do you want?" " have something..for...Nimia," she said between laboured breaths. She held up a gold necklace that had a star pendent on it. She handed it to Nimia so she could read the inscription: Bishen Realm Gold Star Parent

The woman gathered her breath. "We've been watching you and Juea and feel that you make a model parent for other dragon owners here in Bishen. Please accept this award as our thanks." Nimia was speechless. "I...thank you..." The woman nodded with a smile and turned without another word to dissapear into the forest.

It had been nearly a week since Juea had received his special jewel and he had learned how to use it properly, more or less. Nimia, where are you from? he asked her one day while they were scouting for berries. Nimia thought the answer over. "Well...I...I'm from Nebula Dragon Cove." Juea cocked his head at her. Where's that? "It's in a realm called Taka..." Don't you miss your family? Nimia nearly dropped from the sky as she remembered her promise to herself that when her dragon was old enough, she'd fly him back to Taka. Nimia? What's wrong? "I...nothing, Juea. Go back to Tark. I have to be along for a little bit." The dragon nodded slowly to her and changed directions, soaring back towards camp.

Nimia landed by a small waterfall and stared into the pool, deep in thought. She knew that now that Juea was full grown and had undergone the Shantel, they could return to Nebula, as she had promised herself they would. But what about Tarkan? They had grown to become lovers, and she knew she couldn't just leave him here. Would he be willing to return to Taka with them? And what about Brillian?

She sighed and dipped her toes into the cool water, at a loss as to what to do. I guess I can't do much until I ask Tark if he'll come along, she finally decided, standing and launching herself airborn. She flew fast and sure back to the clearing just as the sun was setting.

Tarkan had a good blaze going when she landed and smiled up at her, then frowned when he saw the seriousness on her face. "What's wrong?" "Tark, I have to talk to about something." He stood and walked over to her, taking a hand in his. "What is it?" " know how I came here right?" He nodded. "Well, I promised myself that I would return once Juea was full grown and could fly me there..." Tarkan's eyes fell to the ground. " have to leave..." "But, Tarkan, I wanted to ask you if you'd like to come with us...?"

Tarkan looked up at her hopefully. "Really? I could? But what would your family say..." Nimia shrugged. "They'll be so happy to see me, I'm sure they won't mind. And, you'll be accepted because without you, I wouldn't have found Juea or survived out here." Tarkan smiled and nodded. "We'll leave in the morning."

The trio glided silently through the Transportation; Tarkan on Jeau's back. They finally arrived over Nebula Dragon Cove and almost colided mid-air with a dark blue dragon. "Nimia? Nimia, is that you?!" the rider cried, and he flew his dragon so that it was alongside Nimia in the air. Nimia immediatly reconized Brillian, who looked more mature then the last time she'd seen him. "Brill!" The dragonrider reached across his mount to give Nimia a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "We thought you'd died! And..." He paused as he saw Juea and a very shy looking Tarkan.

"Who do we have here?" Nimia backed away from him to do introductions. "The dragon is mine, his name is Juea. The person riding him is my...friend, Tarkan. They're both from a place called Bishen Realm." Tarkan gazed at her steadily at the use of the word 'friend'. Brillian nodded in greeting to the both of them. "Come on, we gotta go find Selena. She'll be thrilled that you're alive!!"

It was later that night. Nimia was in her old quaters, staring up at the ceiling, Juea curled up at her bedside. She heard a soft knock on the door, and then, "Can I come in? It's Tark." Without waiting for an answer, he entered. "I've been talking to Brillian," he began. Nimia sat up in a panic. "Tark, it was so long ago...I didn't want for you to find out this way..." Tarkan blinked at her and sat down beside her on the bed. "I was going to say that he seems like a nice guy, but apparently there's something else about him that I don't know."

Nimia took a deep breath and began nervously creasing her dress, then uncreasing it. "Well...Brillian and I...the night before I left on Seek, we had...intercourse and...but, I just wanna be friends with him now Tark! I want to be with you..." Tarkan took both of her hands in his. "You were younger then, I understand. And I think Brillian has married anyway..." "Married?" "Yes, to a...a...Krysnys somebody..." "Oh..."

Tarkan looked at her steadily. "You seem dissapointed." ", I just wanted to be there at his wedding, that's all." Tarkan smiled at her and ran his fingers through her hair. "If it makes you feel any better, he can be at ours..." "What?" "Nimia, will you, will you marry me?" Nimia hugged him tightly and Juea woke up, blinking at them in the dim light. "Of course I will!" The blue dragon, excited at the happiness in the air, flew out the window and did happy circles with the fairies in the night air.

Nimia and Tarkan were married and lived to have two healthy children, one winged, one not, and Juea taught the winged one how to fly and took the other along with them when they had lessons. Juea was popular with the other dragons as he looked different from any of them except for dragonrider Nelana's crystal dragon from Keltic Dragon Weyr. They lived out their lives happily on Taka, and to this day, a mural of them can be seen hanging in the main hall: Nimia and Tarkan standing side by side with Juea doing crazy aerial loops behind them.

Name: Juea
Sex: Male
Age: Adult
Color: Blue
Type: Arboreal
Breath Weapon: Teleportation(?)
Magical Object: Slip Quartz
Mate: N/A

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