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Self Spells

To Rid Yourself of Negatives

BEST TIME: Waning Moon Set an empty cauldron or goblet on your altar between 2 lit white candles. Burn a good protection or blessings incense. Robe yourself, preferably in white, and stand or sit before the altar. Breathe slowly and evenly until you are calm and centered. Take the cauldron or goblet in both hands; hold high over the altar in salute to the gods. Lower to chest level and slowly breathe into the cauldron, silently naming each habit, person or experience you wish removed from your life. hen finished, turn the cauldron or goblet upside down on the altar, saying: The Contents of this vessel, I give to thee, Great Ones. Exchange these experiences for better. Place an offering of herbs and milk outside. Or at least burn the herbs in your censer.

To Break A Bad Habit Spell

With water colors or chalk, draw or write the bad habit on a piece of paper. Immediately take it out into the rain. Let the rain dissolve and disperse the watercolors or chalk. So shall your habit dissolve, cleansed by the sanctifying rain.

Spell for inner peace and patience

Light and anoint two green candles and place them behind a rock of your choice. Light some of your favorite incense...take a white candle and right your desire for patience and calm on it with your name, anoint with oil. Light this candle and place in front of the two green ones but behind the rock. Take the rock tell it all your thoughts and pass it through the incense three times. Hold the rock and meditate for sometime. Feel the rock comforting you. When your finished you'll know. Allow the candles to burn themselves out. Take the rock and through it into a stream, brook or any body of water. When you throw it repeat the following: Mighty rock of strength and courage so fine Contain this day these fears of mine Hold fast and encourage the negative to cease And as the waters do flow and your state is sore fined make peace from this worry and return it to thine. Thank-you. You can add your own little poem here this is one my girlfriend wrote and I like to use it. But remember to say thank-you.

Self Confidence Spell

To help you gain self confidence in all areas of your life. Stand before your magick mirror or bathroom mirror if you have no magick mirror. look at your self in the mirror. What do see? Do you see yourself self assured?, successful?, talented?, worthy of love and friendship?, prosperous? If you say no to any of these, why. Look honestly at why you feel that is so. I sit realistic, are your negative feelings about yourself based in reality? what can you do to change those feelings about yourself? When you have finished your self analysis. Light a red candle (if using the bathroom mirror you can place the candle on the basin, if the magick mirror hold the candle in your hand; preferably have the candle in a candle holder) and concentrate on the flame for about thirty seconds or so before looking into your eyes. Tell yourself something along these lines: "I am beautiful and special. I love you. I'm perfect and I can do anything I want to. Next go to your altar and burn an incense of three parts wood aloe, two parts frankincense and one part nutmeg. Light a blue candle for inner peace and harmony, and a white candle for outer peace, and balance. On a piece of parchment paper, write down all the things in life you want to achieve. Read over it and affirm in your mind that can achieve these goals, and will achieve them, visualize them having already happened. As you visualize each goal coming to fruition tick off the goal, like you do with a list of things to do. Then fold the paper in two, and set it on fire, one half from the blue candle the other from the white. Toss the paper into a fireproof container or cauldron then concentrating on the two candles, say these or similar words: Mother Goddess and Father God (You may use your patron deities if you wish)You have created me out of love, a perfect being, a reflection of your love, your wisdom, strength, and virility. You have infused within me, your spark. Your divine presence. You have filled me with the potential to do great things, the ability to achieve whatever I will to do in life. I call forth this potential, my inner strength, my inner wisdom, my inner beauty, my inner confidence, my inner self-assurance to manifest itself in my life to create a harmonious balance with my outer self. I call up on my inner resources, to manifest into my life, to create for me a state of self-confidence and successful assurance within myself. May it be reflected in my everyday workings, through confidence to speak openly, through tactile thinking, through knowing the right action to take at the right time. I banish from myself shyness, introversion, and awkwardness. >From this time on, I will always know the right words to speak, the right actions to take, the ability to converse freely with no inhibition. Through your power Goddess and God, which is manifest in me, I will it to be so for the good of all and the harm of none, So mote it be! Let the candles and incense burn themselves out. This spell is best followed by working with your chakras, removing any blockages from them that you might find.

Heal Thy Heart Spell

This spell is to be cast on Saturday, the day symbolizing death and endings. Cast a protective circle and light a white candle to commence the spell. Use a circle of blue cloth filled with drops of essential oil of feverfew and myrtle, the petals from one white rose, one ivory leaf and one yellow poppy. Take a white felt heart, cut in half, then sew it together with blue thread as you empower the charm with this verse” Universe I call to thee To kill this ache inside of me. By all the power of three times three Please heal my heart and set me free." Lay the heart among the herbs, adding a copper coin (this will help to draw new love). Bind everything together and wear near to your heart for nine days. On the tenth day, burn the herbal charm as you repeat the verse. Allow a further nine days for the spell to begin to take affect.

A Spell of Self-Love

Sometimes the best Witchcraft path to take when you wish to attract love and good fortune is to increase your self-love. This weeklong spell will change the way you view the world, reinvesting it with magik and beauty. It is especially recommend if your energy is down or if you are feeling cynical and jaded. This life-refresher is guaranteed to make you feel wonderful. Every morning for seven days awake alone. Upon awakening repeat these words seven times. I allow my beauty to shine I respect this body which my Divine Mother gave me I will keep my mind healthy And my spirit strong And know that I am beloved of her now and always.

Morning 1 Walk to a sanctuary. There, pray to the Mother. Allow yourself at least two hours silence in the early morning. Do not speak: this will allow the Mother to come into your thoughts and manifest herself. It will also allow your Higher Self to begin communicating with you far more directly. Pray to the Goddess before retiring.

Morning 2 Awaken early. Pray to the Goddess. Remain silent. Take a love bath in lukewarm water steeped with rose petals-add essential oil of lemon to invigorate you for the day. Bathe for 15 minutes, meditating on the wonders of being alive. Examine your body and cleanse it with reverence. Stretch your limbs and admire the beauty of your body. Appreciate how it works for you, the pleasure it brings you and the myriad of functions it performs. Be assured: you are beautiful.

Morning 3 Cast a circle, and meditate within it for 20 minutes. Call forth your' wild woman' (the spirited, untamed side of your Higher Self, who speaks honestly from pure instinct and is a valuable friend). Listen to her and let her guide you. After this, write down on parchment her instructions to you, and begin to act on them today. Wear rose geranium for self-love and rebalancing of hormones. Allow yourself several private moments throughout the day to meditate on the message of the morning.

Morning 4 Time to get physical! Put on some invigorating wild and freezied music and shake, dance and leap around to it, allowing energy to move through your body and loosen up your chakras (energy channels). Let your wild woman dance for you-get completely loose and wild; yell, scream or whoop if those feelings come up. Experience the joy of being a physical person, and as you slowly calm down focus on your breathing. On the in breath repeat: I am beloved of the Mother All that is mine shall come to me. Repeat this affirmation until you feel ready to take on the day.

Morning 5 Plant something-a tree, a shrub or herb-to symbolize the growth of your new self, and the success of your new endeavors. (This should encourage you to take care of your plants!) Plant this living symbol barehanded-don't wear gloves. Get your hands deep in the dirt-go all the way and get your feet into the dirt, too. Getting your hands dirty and planting your feet right into the ground will remind you that you are of the Earth and that the Earth is your Mother. Remember this as you go through your day. This is an extremely valuable exercise for people who tend to work and live in their heads. Uni students take note!

Morning 6 Today you will rise early enough to watch the Sun rise. Think of all the wonderful things, which are coming to you. Use path working to add power to this ritual. After glorying in the birth of the day, pick some flowers (from the wild, or a park or garden). Keep these with you on your desk or at home throughout the day, and remind yourself of the miracle of the sunrise, and of the magick you too can work through your lifetime. This evening, take yourself to the same place and witness the sun leaving the sky. Again do your affirmations and path working. This is very simple as it reconnects you with nature and your dreams in a very powerful way. Be prepared for change! Morning 7Perform a wish spell with special significance for you. Stay in bed all day if you wish, and if possible take a mental health break from work in order to focus on your inner self. In our culture, being 'selfish' is heavily criticised, especially in women-but time spent contemplating your own nature in an honest and wise manner is never a waste of time. Spend this day doing this, and celebrating your power and refreshed energy. Drink one glass of red wine steeped with cloves as the evening star comes out. Toast to your new beginnings.

Feelings Spell

To connect with your feelings when you feel confused over an issue in your life, regardless of the issue. Go to your alter. Burn some lavender incense or lavender essential oil and light a blue candle. meditate for however long you need on your problem and why it confuses you. Look at the feelings it evokes in you, and why that is so. When you are done, gaze into the candle and say these or similar words. Banished is the confusion, aware I am of my feelings. To come freely, knowledge of what I feel. Come to me love (if the issue is about love) Come to me anxiety (if the issue is about money, or anything that evokes anxiety in you)Come to me sadness (if the issue is grief or loss)Come to me anger (if the issue evokes anger)Come to me vengeance (if the issue evokes vengeance)Come to me retribution (if the issue evokes retributory feelings)Come to me hate (if the issue evokes hateful feelings)Come to me jealousy (if the issue is about being a jilted lover, or friend)Come to me envy (if the issue evokes envy)(you may use as many feelings as you like that describe your situation)Speak to me, of your grievance, and concerns, open up to me, let me feel your force. (be aware this is very powerful, and if you are not careful you can bring up feelings you were not aware of, or a response you were not prepared for!)Let yourself feel the full force of your emotion/s allow yourself to cry, yell, scream, stomp about, punch a pillow etc ( please resist the urge if you need to punch to lash out at walls or break things). Let the emotions run their full course. When you have calmed down concentrate on your breathing. On the in breath say: I am cleared and cleansed of confusion. I am cleansed of my negativity. I am whole and balanced. Meditate, for awhile breathing in the scent of the lavender. Allow it to calm you, and feel its calming influence flow through you. Let your higher self speak with you, and you will find the answer to your concerns.

Headache Relief

Soak in a warm bath using 5 drops of these oils: Peppermint, Lavender, and Chamomile. You can also make a compress using 2 drops of each oil.

Beauty Spell

Light one orange candle, and one rose-colored candle. Sit before a mirror and concentrate on all your best features, allow your flaws to diminish. Continue to focus as you recite this rite. When you are done with the rite, put out the candles (but do NOT blow them out! Try muffling o ruse water.)Continue the ritual nightly until both the candles have burned away entirely. "O Lady of Shimmering beauty, For whom the stars are shining jewels And the Universe Her creation and plaything, Weaver of destinies And protectress of things wild and free. Make me now, I do ask To be thy daughter. Make me one with thee And grant me thy far-flung power. Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress Strength within and without As eternal as the boundless sea; The calm assurance of my powers To make any do my bidding And the winds, waters, and fires, The hills themselves Lend willingly themselves to me, Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark. Grant me beauty ever more perfect That I may reflect thee better. Build magick within me, Build power within me. Power be drawn, and power come, And make me one with thee Make me greater, make me better. Grant me strength and grant me power. O Goddess who is my friend and mother, I give you love and thanks O Beautiful One. May the magic I have summoned Return the stronger when I have need of it. May wisdom, strength, comeliness and compassion Remain with me, growing ever finer. So mote it be!" Remember when choosing the candles for this ritual, find ones that will burn long enough to last you at least 3 days of repeating the rite

Skin and Acne Healing Spell

This spell is specifically for someone who has a skin problem that is persistent and makes them feel insecure or causes them irritation. This includes but is not limited to rashes, acne, bruises, and swelling. Best if performed on a new or waxing moon, even better just before going to sleep. Following a bath, make yourself comfortable somewhere in your bedroom. You must be able to easily reach the problem area on your body or face. Place a hand over the skin. Close your eyes and imagine something calm and serene, specifically, a scene where there is water. This could be an ocean, a quiet lake, or rain in the tropics. Chant three times: "Goddess heal me So mote it be!" You can replace Goddess with the name of a healing deity if you wish. Move your fingers slowly over the infliction. Now imagine it is smooth, flat, and healthy. As you slowly pass your hand over the skin, it should feel almost as if it is already healed. Thank the Goddess or the deities invoked. This spell, if successfully performed, will cause the skin problem to disappear within a few days.

External Beauty Spell

1 wine glass of water 1 pinch of salt 1 red candle 1 light blue candle 1 red rose (no scars or imperfections for best results) 1 round hand-held mirror Procedure: Drop the pinch of salt into the glass of water saying Beauty be within me. Beauty now set me free. Carve the symbol of sex into the red candle. Carve a mirror symbol into the light blue one. Light the two candles, first the light blue one and then the red. Lay the mirror between the two candles and scry into your reflection. Drop the rose petals, one by one onto the mirror. After this is done, drink the water and say, Beauty, beauty come to me. Beauty, beauty set me free. Let the candles burn down all the way.

To Lose Weight Spell

Take: One tbsp. juniper berries One tbsp. damiana One tbsp. dandelion leaves One tbsp. red clover tops One tbsp. skullcap herb One tbsp. wintergreen herb To these ingredients add: Twenty drops of peppermint oil Twenty drops of strawberry oil Bind it all together with: One tsp. gum mastic One tbsp. myrrh Mix all the ingredients together and catalyze the intentions of your spell. Say out loud or to yourself, "This spell will help me achieve the weight I desire, maintain my good health, and bring to me always a good mental attitude. I ask that this be correct and for the good of many people. So mote it be." Carry the philter in a green, pink, or copper-colored magick bag to draw in the energy of Venus and self-love.

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