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Owning a... hamster

Hamsters are nocturnal, desert-living rodents found in the deserts of Syria. They have pouches in their cheeks, which they use to store and transport their food. Hamsters are very clean animals and love to be cuddled and played with. They can be very entertaining since they are great acrobats and will often be seen hanging from the bars of their cage.

This site deals only with the Syrian hamster - for information on other hamster breeds go here.

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Hamsterific - This is a great hamster site packed with facts and information.

The National Hamster Council - The oldest hamster club in the world.

The Complete Hamster Site - Care, breeding, showing and more.

The alt.pets Hamster FAQ - Essential reading, this FAQ is excellent.

Caring for hamsters - Brilliant selection of information, plus ideas for home-made toys.

Hamper Hams - Dwarf hamsters, in a hamper.


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Choosing a hamster:- breed, sex, age and where to get it
Cages, toys, bedding, equipment
Taming, handling and exercise
Health and ailments
The cost of a hamster:- initial, monthly and yearly bills