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Owning... gerbils

Gerbils are rodents from the deserts of Asia and North Africa. They are not nocturnal, so will be out and about most of the day. Gerbils are very friendly and inquisitive and are easily tamed. They like to burrow and dig, since they live in underground tunnel networks in the wild. Gerbils will stand up on their long hind legs to have a good look around, and can jump very long distances, using their tails as balancing rudders. When they are scared, they will thump their back feet on the ground as a warning.

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Choosing your gerbils:- breed, sex and age

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g e r b i l- l i n k s


The National Gerbil Society - excellent gerbil site covering all aspects.

The Gerbil FAQ - essential reading for all gerbil owners.

The Gerbil Information Page - another great site, lots of information.

Bdewman's Gerbil Page - more good gerbil literature.

1001 Ideas About How to House Gerbils - make a cage for your little rodents.

Gerbil Behaviour - - just why do gerbils...? Your questions answered.

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