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Q. How come there are only six different pets featured on this site?

A. These are the only pets I have experience with. I can only post information about what I know, so I stick to pets that I actually own, or have owned in the past.

Q. Exactly how many pets have you owned then?

A. Two cats, a dog, three Syrian hamsters, four gerbils, four guinea pigs and many many goldfish. Of these, at the moment I have a cat, a dog and a guinea pig.

Q. What if I want to find out about a pet not featured on this site?

A. There are lots of other websites dealing with pets - if there are enough requests I will add a new section with links to these sites. Also, you can read up about a specific pet in your local library or visit a rescue centre and ask for some information.

Q. I have a dog, but would like to get a cat - will this work? (and vice versa)

A. It worked for me but both were very young when first introduced. It may not work if your existing pet (cat or dog) is older and not used to having another animal in the house.

Q. I would like to get a second dog to keep mine company. Any advice?

A. If you have a large dog it is often better to get a smaller breed as a companion for him (and vice versa) When choosing the second dog, take your dog with you and see how he gets on with his prospective companion before making any decisions.

Q. Do female cats spray?

A. Male and female cats, both neutered and not, can spray. In some cases excess pressure on the back end, from jumping, landing or running upstairs, can cause spraying.