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My Pet UK Pet Care Printout - Syrian Hamster

Housing - You will need a large wire-mesh cage with a plastic base for easy cleaning. Also a solid exercise wheel and some toys, houses etc.

Bedding - The base should be covered with a thick layer of wood shavings, with small-animal paper bedding in one corner. Don't ever use man-made fibres (cotton wool, newspaper etc.) as they can't be digested if swallowed.

Handling - Let the hamster settle into its home for a few days before handling. Syrian hamsters must be kept singly, never in pairs as they will fight.

Feeding - You will need a dry food mix such as Harry Hamster as your pets' main food. This should be available at all times. You must also feed greens such as carrot, lettuce, tomato, apple, celery, cabbage etc. daily to provide vitamin C. Fresh water in a sealed bottle or pot must be available at all times. Be careful if you add hay as stalks can poke the eyes and cause injury.

Facts - Young are called cubs. Eyes open at 10 - 15 days;

Oestrus occurs every 4 days. Gestation lasts 16 - 17days;

Weaning age is 3 weeks. Young reach sexual maturity by 6 weeks;

Average life-span is 3 - 4 years.

Checklist - * Always make sure the pet shop is a member of the Pet Trade Association*


  Shiny coat
  Clean, bright eyes
  Clean nose
  Clean ears
  Clean bottom
  Parallel, healthy teeth







  Vitamins   Food Bowl
  Water Bottle   Playwheel
  Wood Shavings   Treats
  Bedding   Chews & toys
  Mineral Block   Book