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My Pet UK Pet Care Printout - Dog

Housing - You will need a bed and blanket and a garden for toilet& exercise.

Feeding - You will need cans of meat and/or complete food / puppy food. Biscuits for treats.

Equipment - Collar, lead, ID tag, food bowl, water bowl, vaccinations, microchip. Garden.


Males are called dogs, females are bitches;

Gestation lasts 58-63 days;

Average life-span is 12-16 years.

Checklist - * Always buy from a reputable breeder or rescue centre*


  Shiny coat
  Clean, bright eyes
  Clean nose
  Clean ears
  Clean bottom
  Lively and playful







  Food bowl   Shampoo
  Water bowl   Vaccinations
  Collar   Microchip
  Lead   POO BAGS!!
  ID tag   Grooming equipment