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as you walk into the room large clouds of smoke surround you, and almost instantly you become entranced… You feel at home at once as you sit on a large cushiony chair and someone passes you a cupcake, which you greedily chomp down on. As you finish up your munchies you are passed a “Cigarette”, Not able to refuse this gracious gift, you puff on it twice, deciding that it would be good to give the gift to another, and you pass it to the person next to you, remembering that it will return soon… You stare blankly at the Television in front of you. You are in a state of dream, as you silently think about getting another Cupcake… WELCOME TO MY GREEN ROOM… feel free to doddle around a bit while I munch and try to get everything up and running… I was amazed.. i found someone as normal as me.. You need to go to her SAFE HAVEN for normal people like her and I.... you do understand that I'm not suggesting that you go there... that I am demanding that you go there... ::smiles sweetly:: CLICK THERE NOW! ::smiles again:: thank you... :-)I'm in school and stuff and my computer is being repaired and shit.. so keep checking back while, I revamp my site... thank you very much...!


P.S. If you have matches.. why not light it up… take a few puffs and pass it on like a good little boy or girl… and don’t skip me...!

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I'm happy right now.. I am SO SO happy why doesn't everyone get to be as happy as me you ask? B/c i am the happiest person in the whole damned world... so HA!

the mist is Smokey… no?