By Henrik Ibsen


Adapted by Denis Cannan from

William Archer's translation



Alan Bridges



Royal Shakespeare Company

This production opened the RSC's new London season on 14 June, 1967.


Regina…. Chloe Ashcroft
Engstrand…. Clifford Rose
Pastor Manders…. David Waller
Mrs. Alving…. Peggy Ashcroft
Oswald…. John Castle

 The action takes place at Mrs. Alving's country house beside one of the large fiords in Western Norway.

Henrik Ibsen born Skien, Norway in 1828. After years of failure and poverty, he emigrated at the age of thirty-six to Italy, and there wrote Brand, which brought him immediate fame. He remained in self-imposed exile for twenty-seven years, living in Rome, Dresden, and Munich. In 1891 he returned to Norway, and spent the last fifteen years of his life in Christiana (now Oslo). He died there in 1906 at the age of seventy-eight. Ghosts was written in 1881 but was not licensed for public performance in England until it was presented, under the patronage of the King and Queen of Norway on 14 July, 1914.

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