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Majora's Mask - Moon Dungeon Heart Pieces

After you have gotten all of the bosses' remains, play the Oath to Order on top of the Clock Tower after Midnight on the final day. The Moon will suck you into it and you will reappear on a field inside it. There are five children that play here, and each of them wears one of the five boss masks. Four of them run around the tree and one sits beneath it. Speak to the kid that wears Odolwa's Remains. You will be transported to the Deku Dungeon. Inside it, you will find lots of Deku Flowers. Fly from Flower to Flower until you reach the Yellow Deku Flower on the propeller farthest to the back. Use the flower to fly to the Heart Piece on the ledge in the back-right of the Dungeon.

In the field on the Moon, talk to the child wearing Ghot's Remains to be taken to the Goron Dungeon. As soon as you appear there, turn into Darmani, back up to the wall, then roll straight forward. When spikes protrude from you, release the control stick but hold the A button. If you do it right, you will bounce from chest to chest and roll over platforms with no trouble. Stop when you are about to reach a pair of green jars, then walk straight across the wodden bridge. When you're off the bridge, walk to the left as far as possible without falling over the ledge. There is a faint brown path along the ground. Roll quickly along the line and over the ramp at top speed. Walk along the trail until you reach three green jars. Turn left, then roll straight along the path again until you sprout spikes, then use the same trick as before to bounce straight off the chests and along the trail. You should end up right beside the Piece of Heart.

In the field on the Moon, talk to the kid wearing Gyorg's Remains. He will teleport you to the Zora Moon Dungeon. Swim right, left, left, then left again through the narrow underwater passages of the Dungeon to obtain the Piece of Heart.

In the field on the Moon, speak to the child wearing TwinMold's Remains. He will take you to the Link Moon Dungeon. After you have defeated the Iron Knuckle, the third mini-boss, a treasure chest will appear. The chest holds 10 bombchu. Use one to blow up the crack in the wall. A ladder switch will be revealed. Use the ladder it will produce to climb to the upper level. In the next room, a Piece of Heart sits right in the center of the floor.

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